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Chapter 318: Bai and Yumu's Fight


Seeing the foam's leisurely look, the face of You Dou showed an unexpected expression.

This guy doesn't know whether his lazy and laid-back character was born or developed by himself.

Although the bubble also noticed the arrival of the right fight, it was not like the other ninjas in the hidden mist village, still relying on the branches of the tree, blowing bubbles from time to time, with a pleasant face.

"You seem very relieved to that little girl Fu, you let him run away secretly."

You Dou Tan opened his hands, with a helpless expression on his face.

The foam put down the long bubble blowing tube in the mouth, and when the body moved slightly, it fell gently from the tree branches.

Foam stood beside You Dou, and spoke casually but seriously:

"Seven-tailed Renzhuli has three-tailed surveillance. I think there will be no problems. Even if something really happens, Sanwei can tell the nearby Bai and Gui Deng Shuiyue as quickly as possible, and use their strength to block a period of time. It can still be done."

Having said this, the bubble yawned and continued weakly:

"And my main purpose is not to monitor Yumuren?"

You Dou smiled slightly, and it really was easy to chat with smart people.

Although he never said what to do with the bubble, he just put Fu and Yugi on the bubble, but the bubble is still clear and understands his intentions.

This is why You Dou is extremely optimistic about bubbles.

"Where is Yumu?"

You Dou smiled slightly and asked directly.

"In the training ground behind."

"Speaking of it, knowing what environment I am in, I can still train hard, which is really amazing."

After the bubble finished talking about the location of the wooden man, he suddenly let out a sigh.

"is it."

Right Fight was noncommittal, turned and walked towards the training ground behind.

It's just that when you turned around, a sentence fell into the ears of the bubble:

"Those with hope in their hearts, the more they are in a harsh environment, the more they can explode with amazing power. This is the case with Yugi people now."


The foam froze for a moment, but soon, his face returned to a leisurely look.

The more you know about Lord Right Dou, the more you can feel the horror of Lord Right Dou. This horror does not only come from Lord Right Dou's strength.

It also comes from the unpredictable sense of Lord You Dou.

This is what really makes people feel terrifying, as if whatever you do is in the plan of Lord You Dou.

For the enemy, this is not a sorrow.

For Wuyin Village, this is not a good luck.

I don't know why, there is always a feeling in the bubble, that is, You Dou seems to be planning something, and once this thing is completed, it is enough to change the entire Ninja World.

Although the bubble is a bit curious, but he doesn't want to find out. For him, life is still quite good.

Looking at the direction where Right Dou had left, the foam yawned, and with a slight force under his feet, the whole person jumped back to the branch again.


In the training ground.

Yugi, with straight beige hair and a tall stature, is fighting against Bai.

"Although it is not clear why you are fighting with me, I will not show mercy."

You Mu Ren stared at Bai with wide eyes, with a hint of seriousness in his tone.

"Even if you don't say it, I hope so, even if it is no longer a tool, as a member of the village, I also hope that my own practice will yield certain results."

Bai quietly stood on the spot, with a gentle smile on his face, and said softly.

Looking at the expression on the white face, the wooden man's expression remained unchanged, but there was a hint of inexplicable tone in his voice.

"You are not suitable for being a ninja."

Shiro still had a smile on his face, but he didn't answer Yugi's words.

The atmosphere between the two tightened slightly, and Bai took the lead in the next moment.

Instant water!

Accompanied by a whoosh, the white figure disappeared directly, and only a puddle of water remained at the original location.

When Bai's figure reappeared, he was already standing in the direction of Yu Mu Ren's left.

Bai Weiwei squatted his body, his hands were filled with thousands of books for unknown time, and he threw it in the direction of Yumu Ren.

In the instant that several Qianben left Bai's fingers, at an extremely fast speed, a layer of sharp ice crystals formed on Qianben's surface!

Qianben, who was originally not highly lethal, not only increased his speed under the influence of this layer of ice, but the damage he suffered when attacked was also increased several times.

Without the slightest hesitation, Yumujin drew out from his ninjutsu pocket while jumping to the back to resist the shot Chibon.


Kuwu and Qianben collided in the air, making a rapid collision.

However, just knocking out two thousand copies, Yu Mu Ren's expression changed slightly.

I saw that the suffering of the collision with Qianben actually formed a layer of ice, and it spread to the direction of the nomad's wrist at a speed visible to the naked eye.

"this is……"

The Mu Ren's pupils shrank slightly, and he quickly threw out the kunai in his hand, colliding with one of the thousand books and falling to the sides.

Unexpectedly, you all looked a bit ordinary, with a soft white look, and even possessed the Bingyue bloodline of the Shui Wuyue clan who had been exterminated in Wuyin Village.

After realizing this, the wooden man naturally did not look down on him in the slightest, controlling the slight surging of Chakra in his body.

Between the wooden man's hands, cat-shaped claws formed by chakras quickly poured out.

The wooden man crossed his hands and waved to the front, all the thousands shot from the air were shot down to the ground by the wooden man.

Taking advantage of this short time, Bai held a thousand books in one hand, and had already finished the seal with one hand in the other, and pressed it to the ground.

Bing Dun-Bingyantang no!


Along with the activation of the technique, there was a sudden loud noise around the wooden man, and immediately on the surrounding ground, ice walls began to rise, which would be surrounded by the wooden man.

After doing all this, Bai quickly rushed towards the ice wall.

And Yugi, who was trapped in the ice wall, seemed to perceive a trace of danger, and naturally would not give him any chance.

"Lei Dun——Go!"

The wooden figure quickly formed the seal with both hands and pressed it on the ground at the same time.

The galloping blue lightning burst out from Yu Mu Ren's hands, centered on Yu Mu Ren, and ran quickly toward the surroundings.


Under the influence of thunder and lightning, the surrounding ice walls surrounded by wooden men were directly shattered by the bombardment and turned into ice crystals of different sizes in the air.

At this moment, Bai's figure had appeared in Yu Mu Renfu's current Yu Mu Ren's vision.

"Fire rat jade!"

Yu Mu Ren's eyes flashed slightly, his mouth swelled fiercely, and a mouse-like flame spurted out of Yu Mu Ren's mouth and shot in the direction of Bai at extremely fast speed.

The speed of this blow was extremely fast, even if it was white, it was too late to react.

I only felt that the blue light flashed in front of me, and I could only hold the Qianben in my hand on my chest, barely blocking the fire rat jade that came.


The fire rat jade exploded on Bai's chest, blasting Bai directly into the air.

"It's a bit careless..."

Feeling the sharp pain in his chest, Bai muttered to himself, but Bai's face didn't show the slightest defeat, but the corners of his mouth turned slightly!

The secret technique of ice escape-burst ice crystals!

In the midair, Bai quickly finished the seal in his hand.

With the completion of the Indian style, the ice wall that had just been smashed by the Muren's thunderous escape seemed to have received some kind of traction.

Ice crystals of different sizes suddenly hovered in the air, and then shot from all directions at the location where the wooden man was.

Each ice crystal was no less than one shot out of kunai, and under such an overwhelming ice crystal, the original calm face of the wooden man changed color rarely.


The wooden man was instantly covered by the overwhelming ice crystals, making a huge roar, and the dust was flying for a while.

However, in the next moment, a terrifying wave of air and chakra burst from the location of the wooden man, blowing away all the surrounding dust.

Bai Weiwei clutched her chest and looked at the unscathed Yumu man with a coat of tail beast on her body. A look of pity flashed in her eyes.

Sure enough, with his current strength, it was not enough to hurt Yumu, who was a helper.

The wooden man slowly put away the tail beast coat on his body, and looked at Bai with a surprised look in his eyes. He didn't expect that the other party could force him to use the tail beast's power.

Moreover, there was a faint guess in Yu Mu Ren's heart, although Bai in front of him seemed to be injured, he absolutely did not use his full strength.

This is the instinct of being a ninja!

The fog hides the seven swordsmen, the white of the ice escape, the six human pillars, and the tailed beast Sanwei Jifu!

It's just the power displayed by Wuyin Village.The strength of Wuyin Village has already reached the level before the Three Wars.

Not to mention the existence of that man!


A soft applause suddenly sounded in this tense atmosphere.

The movements of the Mu Ren and Bai both paused at the same time, and looked over in the direction from the applause.

I saw that, at some point, You Dou had already appeared on the edge of the training ground, watching them both quietly.