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Chapter 320: Changes in Withered Trees

Right Dou approached the enchantment, reaching out and quickly forming a few special seals.

With the completion of Jie Yin, a portal that was enough for one person to pass through suddenly opened above the barrier.

You Dou stepped out at will, walked into the barrier, and the corresponding barrier was closed again.

The moment You Dou entered the enchantment, a chakra aura exuding violent and gloomy breath rushed into his face.

I saw that a peculiar dead wood that was nearly two meters away and bound by the diamond blockade was located at the center of the entire enchantment.

The violent and cold Chakra breath radiated from this dead tree.

And this dead tree is exactly the truncated body of the outgoing golem that You Dou obtained from Uchiha Madara.

You Dou walked to the dead wood that was bound by the diamond blockade, looked carefully, and couldn't help but raised his eyebrows slightly.

"It seems to be bigger."

You Dou murmured to himself, if he remembered correctly, when he left last time, the length of this dead tree was only about one meter.

And now it has expanded to two meters!

This can't help making You Dou feel a little dumb and surprised. After all, dead wood is not considered Huo Wu, it is obviously a dead thing, but it can grow bigger by itself.

Sure enough, none of the things that can be related to the ten tails are normal.

"It's just a truncated body, presumably there is no way to self-generate chakras, so if you say that, it should be to absorb the natural energy in the air."

You Dou thought about it for a while, and then roughly guessed the reason why this piece of dead wood swelled.

Thought of this.

A sharp light flashed in You Dou's eyes, so it seemed that his original speculation might not be wrong.

As for whether there would be any problems with this piece of dead wood, You Dou didn't have much worry.

The power of King Kong's blockade is not just talking about it. In the entire Ninja World, there is something that can suppress the tail beast to a certain extent.

I am afraid there are only the wooden escape between the thousand hands pillars and the diamond blockade of the whirlpool clan.

These two powers not only have a certain sealing effect, but can also absorb chakras from the tied beast to continuously strengthen their own seal.

This is also the fundamental reason why You Dou didn't worry about whether there would be any special changes in the dead wood.

"At the beginning, it was only injected with the chakra with six tail beasts. I wonder if there will be any other changes if the two tail beast chakras are injected?"

With an interesting look on your face, You Dou walked to the side of the dead wood.

The next moment, the aura on You Dou's body slightly changed, and a chakra aura that belonged to the tail beast diffused out of You Dou's body.

Immediately afterwards, You Dou will be transformed into the power of the two tails traveling to Chakra, directly injected into the body of the dead wood through the diamond blockade.

Along with the infusion of this chakra, the originally calm deadwood shook obviously, and the chakra aura that was a little violent at first became even more violent at this moment.

At the same time, the whole dead tree expanded again at a speed visible to the naked eye under the gaze of You Dou.

In just a moment of effort, the dead wood that was originally only about two meters has expanded to about three meters at this moment.

The Diamond Blockade tied to the dead wood did not appear to be overwhelmed by the sudden expansion of the dead wood.

Instead, the Diamond Blockade absorbed the chakras in the dead wood, and then it became bigger and thicker, still firmly binding the dead wood.

"Is the injection of the seven different tail beasts Chakra just getting bigger?"

You Dou stepped forward to observe the state of the dead wood, and raised his eyebrows slightly.

You Dou originally thought that after injecting the seventh-stranded tail beast Chakra, there would be any obvious changes in Withered Wood. At the beginning, he was a little cautious about this, but now it seems that he thinks too much.

Right Dou squinted his eyes slightly and kept moving, directly injecting the Chakra of the eighth-tailed beast into the dead wood.

Except for the four-tailed Monkey King's Chakra, You Dou has not yet obtained it.

At present, You Dou has injected all the eight-stranded completely different tail beast Chakra into the dead wood.

After a while.

You Dou looked at the unchanging dead wood in front of him, his eyebrows frowned.


It stands to reason that the more the tail beast Chakra gathers, the greater the change caused by the dead wood.

The result is just the opposite!

Silently staring at the dead wood for a moment, a sharp light flashed in your eyes, and he stretched out his hand to grasp the diamond blockade that bound the dead wood.

Right Dou arbitrarily stretched out his hand and pulled, and the original strong Diamond Blockade collapsed directly with the action of Right Dou.

And with the disappearance of the imprisonment of King Kong's blockade, the dead wood, which had not moved, trembled fiercely.

In a moment!

As the dead wood successively absorbed the tail beast Chakra, it suddenly cracked at the position of the ten protrusions that grew on the surface.

Ten unusually thick branches quickly extended from these protrusions, turning into unusually flexible long whips similar to tree roots.

The roots of these trees seemed to be enveloped in the direction of the right bucket at a speed that could not cover their ears!

"So, is it because of King Kong's blockade?"

You Dou looked at the ten sturdy tree roots that swarmed towards him, with a smile on his face.

The voice fell off.

You Dou took a step back slightly, and easily felt that he had avoided the strangulation of these ten strong roots.

At this time, the appearance of the whole dead wood has changed drastically, if at the beginning, the appearance of the dead wood in front of you is still like a piece of wood!

So now, I am afraid that no one can see the dead wood in front of him, it used to be just a piece of wood.

Ten sturdy tree roots danced behind the dead wood, and the body became a beast and not a beast, the color and body just like dry bark.

After attacking You Dou, Withered Wood did not continue to attack, but took the ten sturdy roots back, and quietly crawled on the spot.

Although Withered Wood didn't make any movement next, but the cold, terrifying Chakra breath continued to fill his body.

This chakra breath always gives people a sense of chaos and killing!

I am afraid that if I stay here for a long time, ordinary ninjas will definitely be affected by this chakra.

Seeing that there was only one attack, there was no more deadwood moving, and a thoughtful look appeared on the face of You Dou.

With a thought in his mind, You Dou moved a step backward again.

In the process of the right fighting movement, the ten huge tree roots that were originally dancing behind the dead wood suddenly moved again.

The huge roots of the ten roots once again turned into ten shadows, and shot in the direction where You Dou just moved.


The ground in front was hit by these ten sturdy roots one after another, and there was a muffled noise!

As the smoke dissipated, there was no right-fighter in the place where the roots were concentrated.

And the right fight at this moment, I don't know when it has appeared not far behind the dead wood.

"Is there no sense of self? It seems that the enemy's position can only be judged by the sound."

A trace of disappointment flashed in your eyes, and he muttered to himself.

You Dou originally thought that after continuously injecting the Chakras of the Eight-Tailed Beast, the dead wood might be able to produce some kind of abnormality, and even awaken part of the power of Ten-tailed beast.

In any case, the piece of dead wood in front of him was also cut off from the Golem of Outer Dao.

But the current results have made You Dou a little disappointed.

After injecting the chakra of the eight-legged beast, the dead wood in front of him is now completely different!

Tailed beasts are not like tailed beasts, and ten-tailed beasts are not like ten-tailed. To be precise, the state of deadwood at this time is not as good as tailed beasts.

Perhaps it was because the dead wood was cut off from the outer golem after all, so the chakra of the tail beast has a natural suppressive power.

But even so, You Dou can still feel the chaotic breath of Chakra emanating from the dead wood.

Inside the deadwood, the eight-legged beast Chakra was not completely absorbed by the deadwood, but still existed separately.

"From now on, I can only hope that after gathering the Nine-Tailed Beast Chakra, the dead wood in front of me will be completely ten-tailed."

Right Dou reached out his hand and rubbed his temples, and said softly.

Even so, there is a feeling in You Dou's heart that his initial assumptions may be too idealistic.

In the dark, You Dou felt as if he had overlooked the most important point.

But no matter what, first find the four-tailed man Zhuli Lao Zi, and inject the four-tailed chakra into the dead wood to see the result, before you know what to do next.

After all, for most things, there is no point in thinking too much.

When Right Dou pressed his temple, this little movement seemed to be felt by dead wood.


The sound of breaking through the air blasted from the air, and ten sturdy tree roots came from all directions!