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Chapter 321 Scorpion Bai Jue, Coming to Yuyin Village

The speed of these ten tree trunks was extremely fast, and even a few of them deliberately encircled an arc, intending to completely encircle the right bucket.

If it is said that the first two deadwood attacks were straightforward, then this time there was a slight change.

And this change was easily discovered by You Dou.

"This speed seems to have also become a little faster."

You Dou raised his eyebrows lightly, with an interesting tone in his voice.

In this way, the dead wood that absorbed the eight-legged beast Chakra was not as unbearable as he had imagined.

Through this brief observation, You Dou almost figured out the state of the deadwood at this time.

It's over!

Facing the ten surrounding tree roots, Right Dou stretched out his arm, and his five fingers moved slightly.


The five diamonds blocked the five fingers of the right fighting and shot out, making strong bursts of air.

As soon as these five diamond blockades appeared, they shattered all the ten tree roots shot at a speed that was about twice as fast as the roots!


Withered Wood also seemed to feel that the state at this time was extremely unfavorable to him, and the chakra aura that was originally chaotic all over his body became even more violent.

Unfortunately, without waiting for the dead wood to make the next move, the five diamond blockade struck from five angles, instantly binding the dead wood again.

Each diamond blockade plunges directly into the body of the dead wood, so as to absorb the chaotic tail beast Chakra in the dead wood body, making the diamond blockade more tough.

After a while.

The chaotic aura on Withered Wood began to fade quickly, and his irritable movements stopped, and he was once again blocked by the King Kong in place.

"Simply injecting the tail beast Chakra can only make the deadwood more chaotic and violent, and there is still some difference from expectations."

"It's just a piece of dead wood cut off from the outer golem to be able to absorb the chakras of different tail beasts without hindrance. It is really terrifying."

"I have to say, it's worthy of ten tails!"

You Dou muttered to himself while looking at the dead wood that was still blocked by the King Kong blockade.

As far as you can feel right now, although the nine big-tailed beasts are all separated from the ten-tailed body, the chakras of each tailed beast are exceptionally independent.

Even if You Dou possesses the ability to convert the Tail Beast Chakra, every time the Tail Beast Chakra is converted, only one kind of Tail Beast Chakra appears in the body.

It's not that two different chakras with different tails cannot be converted at the same time, but when two different tailed chakras appear in the body at the same time.

The two tailed beasts, Chakra, are bound to conflict, as if they were extremely at odds with each other.

This point may be disastrous for ordinary Ninja, but for You Dou, it is not a big problem. It only takes a part of the effort to limit the two chakras.

But that's only the case. You Dou may be able to limit two and three different tail beast Chakras.

But once the nine different tail beasts Chakra appeared in the body, even if you were confident in the right fighting, I am afraid that he would not be able to control it with full confidence.

At that time, let alone fighting, I am afraid it will be very difficult to act!

If this were not the case, You Dou would have directly fuse the Nine-Tailed Chakra directly from his body.

There is no need to trade with Uchiha Madara for a piece of dead wood from an outside golem.

Thinking of this, You Dou not only sighed in his heart.

Sure enough, he is not as good as his son.

To know that Naruto in the later period, but received the approval of all the tail beasts, I am afraid that besides the ten tails, he is the only one who can freely use these tail beasts.

As for the identification or something, for You Dou, forget it.

Although You Dou was confident that he could defeat any head and tail beast, it would be harder to get these guys to agree than it would be to reach the sky.

No matter how these tailed beasts have lived for thousands of years, how can it be so easy to gain recognition like Naruto.

What's more, instead of trusting others, You Dou trusts himself more.

Throwing away this unrealistic thought in his mind, You Dou regained his mind and moved with the thought in his heart.

In an instant, a black ghost appeared beside You Dou.

"Maybe it's time to study you."

You Dou stared at the ghost beside him and muttered to himself softly.

While you are staying in the enchantment and conducting various researches, the other side:

Yuyin Village

A patter of rain dripped from the sky.

As a village that spends most of the year in the rainy season, such rainy days are too common.

Although there are not too many pedestrians on the streets due to the rain, they are not many.

Of course, there is no way to compare with the prosperity of the Five Ninja Villages.

But from the unhurried footsteps of the pedestrians on the street, it can be seen that Yuyin Village at this moment may not be another kind of prosperity.

Although there are not many pedestrians on the street, there are many guests in the pubs on both sides of the street.

On such a rainy day, a sip of warm wine is a good pastime for civilians or ninjas in Yuyin Village.


On the edge of the street, in an inconspicuous tavern, the curtain was opened randomly.

Immediately after that, two figures wearing hats walked out of the tavern slowly.

Due to the rain, the pedestrians on the street usually wear hats on their heads. When the two people walk into the street, they seem to blend in on the inside, making people indistinguishable for a while.

"You are really cautious, Scorpion."

"You can't drink, and you squatted in the tavern for so long."

Under the hat, Bai Jue made a boring sound.

At this moment, Bai Jue's appearance was an ordinary civilian's dress, apparently specially used to pretend to be changed.

The scorpion on the side did not speak, obviously not wanting to reply at all.

Seeing the scorpion who didn't respond, Bai Jue stretched out his hands and patted his face, pretending to be painful.

It is indeed an extremely painful thing for a conversational tubercle to be ignored.

"Hey, you know that Nagato doesn't have the reincarnation eye now, presumably the "Rain Tiger Freedom Art" can no longer be activated."

"The two of us appeared in Yuyin Village. I'm afraid Nagato may not be able to find it until now."

After a moment of silence, Bai Jue let out a nervous chuckle and spoke again.

However, this time Bai Jue didn't speak loudly, as if he was speaking to Scorpion, and as if he was talking to himself.

Just when Bai Jue thought he would not get any response from what he said, the scorpion who was walking in front suddenly stopped.

"You underestimated Nagato. Being able to become Akatsuki's leader is not just because Nagato has reincarnation eyes."

The indifferent voice came from the mouth of the scorpion in front and fell into Bai Jue's ears.

Bai Jue first showed a surprised look on his face, and then he became nervously happy.

Obviously, Bai Jue didn't even listen to what the Scorpion said, but was just a little surprised by what the Scorpion said back!

"If it wasn't because you couldn't find the location of Nagato and Xiaonan, why should I go to that tavern."

Scorpion spoke again, only this time with coldness in his flat voice.

Bai Jue couldn't help shaking when he heard Xie's cold words, and muttered softly, "It's really fast to change your face!"

There was a slight pause.

Bai Jue looked at the scorpion who continued to walk forward, and hurriedly followed, and couldn't help but curiously said:

"Only an ordinary spy, how could it be possible to find Nagato and Xiaonan."

The reason why Scorpion stayed in that tavern for a period of time was precisely because there was a spy who had been planted in Yuyin Village a long time ago in that tavern.

It's just that this spy is just an ordinary Zhong Ren.

In Bai Jue's eyes, even he couldn't find Nagato and Xiaonan accurately for a while, not to mention this ordinary Zhongren spy.

Although Nagato is the shadow of Yuyin Village, the real chance of appearing in front of the ninjas in the village is completely pitiful.

Nagato usually entrusts Xiao Nan to do most of the things in the entire Yuyin Village, and even Xiao Nan also rarely shows up, and usually delegates the task to a close ninja.

So the people who really know the location of Nagato and Xiaonan are probably only the high-levels of the entire Yuyin Village, and these high-levels can be counted with one hand.

Perhaps if you want to know the whereabouts of these two people, you can ask these senior leaders.


This kind of thing, in the eyes of Scorpion, is completely unnecessary, and his mission this time is not to fight Yuyin Village.