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Chapter 322 Abandoned Pawn

For Bai Jue's face full of curiosity, and full of doubts.

Scorpion didn't intend to answer at first, but when he saw Bai Jue eager to try.

Xie Sheng was afraid that Bai Jue would annoy him endlessly, so he could only speak coldly under Bai Jue's curious eyes:

"Do you really think that I intend to rely on this Yuyin village's Zhongren to find out the position of the two Nagatos."

After speaking, Scorpion raised his head again and looked at the street ahead.

The successive light rains have shrouded the distant streets in a haze.

It has been discovered now!

The reason why Scorpion found this Yuren was not really asking the spy to find the location of Nagato and Xiaonan.

After all, even Bai Jue couldn't find two people for a while, let alone just an ordinary Zhong Ren.

Although Nagato's lost eyes of reincarnation may have reduced its strength a lot, Xie didn't think that Nagato's control over the entire Yuyin Village would be weakened.

Xie and Bai Jue stepped on the street in the rain, splashing circles of water under their feet, scattered outside their feet.

There were people walking on the street from time to time, but at some unknown time, the whole street suddenly became quiet, leaving only the two people walking on the street, Xie and Bai Jue.

The scorpion, who was originally walking, paused, then suddenly raised his head to look towards the sky.

next moment.

Scorpion flashed quickly, and his figure moved directly to one side.

Although Bai Jue's reaction was slower than that of Scorpion, the moment he saw the movement of Scorpion, he quickly jumped to the rear and took a few steps back quickly.


A sound of breaking through the air sounded from above, followed by a black figure, which fell directly from a high altitude, and the direction of the fall was exactly where the Scorpion and Bai Jue were.

This black figure fell from the air to the ground, making a scream and a heavy muffled noise.

At this time, Bai Jue, who had just avoided it, could see exactly what this black shadow was smashed down from the air.

It was the Zhongren spy who was placed in Yuyin Village in the small tavern just now.

"Oh, has it been discovered after only a while?"

Bai Jue shook his head, and said strangely.

From just falling down and still screaming, it can be seen that this Zhongnin spy is obviously not dead.

"My lord, save me..."

Zhongren spy was lying on the ground in the muddy water covered in blood, with a look of fear and hope on his face, very weakly raised his hand and grabbed it in the direction where the scorpion was.


With a sound of breaking through the air, the Zhongren spy just spit out these words, and was directly penetrated by a paper spear shot from the air, and he was nailed to the ground!

Seeing the beheaded Zhongren spy, Scorpion only glanced at it, then regained his gaze, without the slightest unexpected look on his face.

But even if it did, as it was now completely a puppet's body, there would be no change in expression on the scorpion's face.

What's more, this Zhongnin spy was originally a chess piece thrown by the scorpion.

Now the task of this chess piece has been completed, as to whether it is alive or dead, Scorpion doesn't care.


There was the sound of wings waving in the air.

Xiao Nan waved his wings made of paper behind him, and slowly landed from the sky, staring at the scorpion and Bai Jue below with cold eyes.

"It has been abandoned like a pawn from the beginning, which is really sad."

Xiao Nan took his gaze back from the dead Zhongren spy, stared at the location of Scorpion, and continued to speak indifferently:

"As a traitor of Akatsuki, she dared to appear in Yuyin Village, so...have your consciousness to be killed?"

Xiao Nan stared at the scorpion coldly, and an undisguised killing intent filled Xiao Nan's body.


Pieces of paper scattered from Xiao Nan's body, forming a paper spear with a sharp ray of light behind the back!

In an instant, murderous!


"I don't think so. We are not so much as Akatsuki's traitors, but as Akatsuki's losers."

Scorpion watched Xiao Nan's movements without the slightest surprise. He still stood quietly and said flatly.

With the sound of the scorpion, the entire air suddenly quieted!

"What do you think of "Xiao", a tool!Or is it just a simple name!"

Xiao Nan's fist clenched fiercely, and his face showed anger.

The name "Akatsuki" is pinned on her. Nagato and Yahiko share the dreams of the three, and for Nagato it is all!

Even the eyes of reincarnation are not enough to compare Akatsuki's position in Nagato's heart.

Style Paper Dance-Paper Spear!

Xiao Nan raised his hand and swung his force downward, and the large number of paper spears condensed behind Xiao Nan, like a shower!

Toward the location where the Scorpion and Bai Jue were located, they shot across the sky.

"Such an attack will kill you if you are not careful!"

Bai Jue let out a weird cry and quickly activated the floating technique and went directly into the ground.

Scorpion's body didn't move, just stretched out his hands and pointed at the dead Zhongnin spy, and moved his fingers slightly.

Several chakra threads shot from the fingers of the scorpion and penetrated into the body of the Nakanin spy.

next moment.

The Zhongren spy, who had completely lost his voice, bounced directly from the ground, and he was in front of the scorpion in the blink of an eye.

Drill-personal attack!

"Sorry, I can only temporarily resist your body."

Scorpion spoke plainly while controlling the body of Zhong Ren spy to block Xiao Nan's attack.

It's just a pity that the Zhongren spy could no longer hear what the scorpion said, otherwise he would be able to resurrect with anger.

Seeing the scorpion playing with the corpse, Xiao Nan's face not only became colder.

Although the name Zhong Ren was a spy who had been planted in Yuyin Village by the scorpion, he still belonged to Yuyin Village anyway.

Even if it's just a corpse now!

Xiao Nan didn't mind putting her to death for betraying her village, but now Scorpion's behavior is equivalent to taking civilians from Yuyin Village to resist her attack.

Just as Xiao Nan was about to continue his attack, a soft footstep came.

Step, step!

Nagato walked out of the street behind the figure and stood in the middle of the road.

"It seems to be surrounded."

Scorpion randomly tossed the already riddled corpse in his hand, glanced at Xiao Nan in front of him, then glanced at the long gate that blocked the way behind him, his voice still flat.

"Get me out of the ground!"

Nagato stared at the flat ground with indifferent eyes, lifted his foot and slammed on the ground.

Earth Escape-Crack the earth!


With the foot of Nagato as the center, the ground in front of it cracked and cracked at a very fast speed!