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Chapter 323: Purpose?


As the ground cracked, Bai Jue, who had just drilled underground, was helplessly shaken out and stood on the ground again.

Before Bai Jue could stand firm, Nagato's eyes flashed with cool colors, and his hands were already on the ground.

Lei Dun——Go!

Pentium thunder and lightning erupted from Nagato's hands and quickly spread forward.

Since Yuyin Village is still raining lightly at this moment, and the entire ground is wet, Nagato doesn't need to find the target.

Facing this scene, Bai Jue, who had just been shaken out of the ground, had no time to react, and was struck by the thunder and lightning, standing stiffly on the spot.

The scorpion on the other side saw Nagato's attack, with a serious expression in his expression.

It's not that the scorpion is afraid of Nagato's attacks, and possesses a puppet's remodeled body. It can be said that the scorpion possesses a considerable level of resistance to the forbearance techniques such as Thunder Dun.

But nothing is absolute!

Especially in the weather like this, his Fei Liu Hu has already been wetted by rain, and once hit by such a thunder, Fei Liu Hu may not suffer much damage.

But the precision machinery in the many branches of the Fei Liuhu, I am afraid that all will be destroyed, this is not what the scorpion wants to see.

Almost at the moment when Nagato released Thunder Escape, Scorpion had jumped up from the spot, and at the same time his body jumped into the air, he quickly retreated to one side in a weird posture, avoiding the attack range of Thunder Escape.


The clothes on the back of the scorpion were pierced, and a scorpion-like tail stretched out from the back of the scorpion, and slammed it to the rear, making a crashing sound like metal intersecting.

What collided with this tail was a spear made entirely of paper.

This was Xiao Nan's attack, but compared to the scorpion that easily escaped the two attackers.

Bai Jue, who was temporarily stiff due to thunder escape, was directly pierced by Xiao Nan's spear and nailed to the ground.

"Oh, it's a terrible combo. It seems that there is only Scorpion left. I don't know if I can complete the mission that Master Uchiha Madara has explained."

Bai Jue looked at the spear that pierced him, and said, vomiting, the next moment, there was no breath.

The scorpion on the other side saw Bai Jue who was killed by Xiao Nan, and his emotions did not fluctuate.

The Bai Jue who followed him was just a clone, whose purpose was to help him find Xiao Nan and Nagato.

Now that Xiaonan and Nagato have appeared, then this Bai Jue clone is almost useless, and it is only natural that such a weak strength was cleared out by the first one.

"Is it really necessary to fight?"

Scorpion stared in the direction where Nagato was, and said flatly.

Nagato looked indifferent, Wanhua Hitomi unknowingly opened her eyes, her voice coldly said:

"Perhaps we are indeed losers, but since we dare to appear in this village, we must be conscious of being killed!"

As soon as Nagato's voice fell, Nagato and Xiaonan moved at the same time, and the two went from two directions to the location of the scorpion!

Watching as they approached the two quickly, Scorpion did not move and stood still, but suddenly said:

"Since you have admitted that you are a loser, why do you need those eyes of Itachi Uchiha?"

"You are not reconciled, Nagato."


Two air-breaking sounds sounded at the front and back of the scorpion at the same time, almost in the blink of an eye, Nagato was already standing not far in front of the scorpion, and the original attack movement had stopped.

Xiao Nan appeared behind Xie, and as Nagato stopped, he also stopped.

A worried look flashed in Xiao Nan's eyes, and he glanced at the opposite Nagato.

As Scorpion said, even though he said he was a loser, how could Nagato really be willing in his heart!

Xiaonan knows Nagato too well. With Nagato's inner pride, he may allow himself to fail, but how can he allow himself to be played like a clown by Uchiha Madara!

From the establishment of Akatsuki, to when the eyes of Samsara were taken away by Uchiha Madara, Nagato felt like a puppet being led by someone!

It wasn't until the last moment that I realized that this kind of being treated as a pawn and manipulating everything, how could Nagato not feel angry!

It would be fine if Nagato was just an ordinary ninja, but Nagato is not!

God can be defeated, even killed by the enemy, but he will never live like an ant!

Even without the eyes of reincarnation, to Nagato, he himself is still a powerful ninja.

It is precisely because of this. Similarly, not many people understand the horror and power of the reincarnation eye better than Nagato. Faced with Uchiha Madara who possesses the reincarnation eye, Nagato knows that he has absolutely no chance of winning.

This is also why Nagato let his life pass after being taken away by Uchiha Madara.

For Nagato, death may be a relief.

If it weren't for You Dou to resurrect Nagato with the forbidden technique of "Reincarnation of Oneself," Nagato would really be dead.

However, the real resurrection of Nagato is not the forbidden technique of "reincarnation of oneself," but the words of Youdou:

"The reincarnation eye evolved from the kaleidoscope writing round eye."

In addition, through the right fight, Nagato learned the secrets of the Uchiha clan about writing round eyes.

And the appearance of Uchiha Itachi's eyes made Nagato see hope again, even if this hope is extremely slim!

Nagato still stared at the scorpion in front of him coldly, but compared to the murderous look just now, it was obviously restrained.

"State your purpose."

Nagato glanced at Xiao Nan who was standing behind the scorpion, and gave Xiao Nan a look that he didn't want to use for the time being, and said indifferently.

Through what Bai Jue's clone said before he died, it was possible to know that Scorpion appeared here with a certain purpose.

And this purpose has something to do with Uchiha Madara.

But even if Bai Jue didn't say anything, Nagato and Xiao Nan were also very clear that Scorpion's presence here was definitely not a reminder of the past.

Hearing Nagato's words, Scorpion couldn't help letting out a sigh of relief deep in his heart.

If it is not necessary, Scorpion does not want to fight a meaningless battle.

"Uchiha Madara intends to take action against a man from Sagakura Village."

Scorpion spoke plainly, as if to say something insignificant.

Before Nagato could speak, Xiao Nan, who was standing behind the scorpion, frowned first, with a cold tone:

"Uchiha Madara intends to attack Sain's human force. What does it have to do with us, and the person in charge of Sain Village now should be the acting grandma Fukage Chiyo."

"If I remember well, the thousand-generation mother-in-law should be your grandmother."

Xie naturally heard the taunt implicit in Xiao Nan's tone, but Xie still stood quietly in place, not caring at all.

Facing Xie's ignorance, Xiao Nan couldn't help letting out a cold snort with an expression of dissatisfaction on his face.

Nagato also frowned slightly, but did not speak, and continued to look at Scorpion, waiting for Scorpion's next words.

"Among the people going to Sagakura Village this time, Sasuke Uchiha."

Xie continued to speak plainly, but when he said this, he looked at Nagato, and seemed to want to see Nagato's emotions.

Sure enough, hearing the words Uchiha Sasuke, the expression on Nagato's face moved, and his eyes flickered clearly.