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Chapter 324 Heartbeat Information, Growing Naruto

At this moment, not only Nagato, even Xiao Nan was clearly aware of something.

Is this Uchiha Madara's plan?

He really thought that with the strength of Sasuke Uchiha, he could escape from Nagato's hands?

Xiao Nan frowned slightly, and for a while, she didn't understand what the purpose of Scorpion's intelligence was, and what Uchiha Madara was calculating behind it.


Suddenly, Xiao Nan seemed to have thought of something. If she remembered it correctly, Master You Dou once said that there is an eternal kaleidoscope eye above the kaleidoscope writing wheel.

To do this, it is to use the kaleidoscope between brothers to write the round eyes and merge with each other.

Is that so?

In other words, the current Uchiha Sasuke is just three gouyu jade round eyes.

A coldness flashed across Xiaonan's indifferent face, Uchiha Madara intended to use Nagato's eyes and the death of Uchiha Itachi.

To stimulate the current Uchiha Sasuke, let him write round eyes with three-gou jade, and evolve a kaleidoscope round eyes in a short time.

"It's really a... exciting information."

Nagato looked at the scorpion opposite, and after a short pause, suddenly spoke.

Whether it is for Sasuke Uchiha or for Nagato, it can be said that it is a win-win thing for Sasuke Uchiha's eyes to evolve into a kaleidoscope.

From Nagato's point of view, if he could take away these eyes at the moment when Uchiha Sasuke evolved a kaleidoscope to write a wheel.

Then, the long-cherished wish in his heart can be said to have taken a big step directly.

Scorpion still stood in place, did not speak, and seemed to agree with what Nagato said, because this was something that Nagato could not refuse.

"So, Uchiha Madara's purpose is to hope that Wuyincun will not make a move, or you will not make a move."

Nagato's tone changed slightly, and there was a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

It sounds like there is no difference between these two passages, but in the eyes of Nagato and Scorpio, they have two meanings.

"Since the words have arrived, I should leave too."

"The weather in Yuyin Village is not a good environment for the puppet master."

Xie didn't answer Nagato's words, but turned and walked towards the outside of Yuyin Village.

Within a few breaths, the scorpion's figure had disappeared in the patter of rain.


A wind blew past Nagato's side, and Xiao Nan put away a pair of paper wings behind him and landed beside Nagato.

Xiao Nan frowned slightly, staring at the direction Scorpion was leaving, and said in a cold voice: "Just let him leave like this?"

Nagato retracted his gaze and shook his head gently:

"I won't let any of Akatsuki's traitors be spared, but killing him now will not do any good to the entire Yuyin Village."

Having said this, Nagato's voice paused slightly, and raised his hand to touch the writing wheel's eyes in his eyes, and an inexplicable expression flashed in his eyes:

"Uchiha Itachi used this pair of eyes too frequently before his death. If it is not necessary, I don't want to use the power of these eyes for the time being."

As a former companion, Nagato naturally understands the strength that Scorpion possesses.

If you just want to defeat the scorpion, it is not difficult to do this, but if you want to keep the scorpion here, it will probably take a lot of effort.

What's more, the location here belongs to Yuyin Village. Once the two sides fight, the surrounding area may have to be destroyed. This is not what Nagato wants to see.

"It seems that Uchiha Madara is still a little afraid of You Dou, otherwise, Scorpion and Baijue will not come to Yuyin Ninja Village, but go directly to Wuyin Village.

"But now we are planning to use the hands of Yuyin Village to let us disclose this news to Wuyin Village."

Xiao Nan suddenly let out a chuckle, with a hint of helplessness in the laughter.

Ninja world always depends on strength, it used to be, and it is now!

"To be precise, both sides should be jealous of each other, and Konoha's Senjujuma."

A deep gaze flashed in Nagato's eyes, he shook his head gently, and continued to speak:

"However, this balance can only be maintained for a short time. The day when the balance is broken is not far away."

"Tailed beast?" Xiao Nan was startled first, then whispered to himself softly.

After Nagato finished speaking, he raised his head and looked at Xiao Nan next to him, revealing a soft color on his indifferent face.

"Since the intelligence tells us so bluntly, then tomorrow we have to leave for the Wuyin Village."

"Xiao Nan, do you want to go there together?"

With a gentle expression, Nagato asked suicide.

Hearing Nagato's words, Xiao Nan's face moved slightly, but soon, Xiao Nan shook his head again:

"Recently, the ninjas of the land of the land seem to have made a lot of small actions. Until this matter is completely figured out, the village can't be left unattended. I'll stay in Yurenin Village."

Facing Xiao Nan's answer, Nagato didn't speak any more, just nodded gently, and at the same time turned and walked towards the inner direction of Yuren Village.

"Actually you have done enough, Xiao Nan, you should also think about it for yourself."

Nagato stopped suddenly before taking a few steps and couldn't help but speak.

"Perhaps." Xiao Nan stunned slightly, and then a smile appeared on his face, raising his heels.

With this smile, I don't know if Xiao Nan is laughing at Nagato who cares about such things, or is laughing at himself.


Konoha Village.

On a training ground near the death forest.


The violent breathing sounded from Naruto's mouth, looking at the ball that almost burst in his hand.

Naruto took a deep breath, a disappointed expression on his face.

But soon, Naruto rubbed his cheeks vigorously, and was replaced by high morale again, picked up a brand new ball from the side, and continued training.

On the top of a big tree not far from Naruto.

Tsunade stood quietly on a thick branch, leaning on the tree while silently watching Naruto below.

At this moment, a faint sound came from the side.

"When did Master Naruto be so leisurely, would he observe the training of a Shinobu?"

A teasing voice came from one side and fell into Tsunade's ears.

Tsunade didn't need to look back to know who this guy was suddenly appeared.

"I'm just curious, why would Grandpa fancy such a kid."

Tsunade rubbed his wrist lightly, and said flatly.

Naruto is really a bit like Rope Tree.

Seeing Tsunade's calm look, Jiraiya's eyes flashed softly, but he still laughed and said, "Perhaps Naruto has a personality that matches the appetite of Master Zhujian?"

Hearing Jiraiya's words, Tsunade remembered what had happened some time ago, and the corners of his eyes twitched slightly.

I don't know where Naruto heard that Sasuke Uchiha was taken away by Madara Uchiha and taught, and Neji Hyuga was accepted as a disciple by the first generation Mizukage Uto.

Naruto had promised Sakura that he would bring Sasuke back, and as for Neji Hyuga, this asshole, Naruto has never been able to understand.

And now the people who teach these two guys are the strongest ninjas in the ninja world, how could Naruto be willing?

He definitely doesn't want to lose to these two people!

So, Naruto didn't know where he got the news that Senju Junama was Grandpa Tsunade, so he went directly to Tsunade who was correcting documents in the Naruto office.

Obviously, even with Naruto's head, he thought that the success rate of directly finding Senjujuma and requesting to become a disciple was not high, so he planned to make a detour.

After all, Mother-in-law Tsunade has a good relationship with the horny immortal, and it seems to be called "three things".

In addition, even if Naruto was killed, he wouldn't say that the news came from that little brother Konohamaru.

Faced with Naruto's sudden approach, even without evasive request, Tsunade was a little confused at first.

However, seeing Naruto yelling, Tsunade quickly stretched out his fist.

Become a disciple of Grandpa?

What a joke!