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Chapter 326 Self-intelligence, pretending to be stupid!

I saw the aperator left, and I was gently smiled and turned back to the head and poured the niece puffed on the grass.

In particular, when it is also noted that the number of Naruto's hands is wounded because of the strong tear force generated by the spiral pill, and the eyes flashed in the eyes.

It is also gently moving at the foot, and the whole person has disappeared on the big tree.

Step, step!

Step on the footsteps on the lawn, pass it into the ears of the nun.

I was actually called "big" glyph, the celebrity resting on the lawn slightly smashed, followed by turning the head to see the direction of the footsteps.

"Good color cactus?"

Naruto looked at him, first, first, quickly got up, and shouted to our own:

"Good color cactus, you taught me the endurance, just I have been practicing!"

"Today is just a week, I have passed the test, you can make the Qianli union teaches it!"

I also walked to the side of the body, and my face was a yawn with a lazy look, and I didn't have anything else, while I didn't have anything.

"Yes, I didn't see it?"

I didn't seem to believe in the tone, and the Naruto was reversed. At the same time, it was ready to stand up and intended to demonstrate it.

However, I haven't waited for the niece to get up, a lunch box has appeared in the hands and handed the Naruto.

"Take a meal first, and tell me is not too late."

The face is still with a lazy expression, and the casual opening.

" - -!"

At the same time, Naruto's stomach also coincided with his own scream.


A gentle view of the vision.

A small house, alone, is close to the side of the sea with a small house built with wood.

The entire house looks not to break, even some details, it is obvious that the time to build this house is not too long.

Just at this time.

On the quiet sea surface, suddenly dozens of black spots from all directions, followed these black points, quickly flew in the direction where the wooden house is located.

As these black spots are gradually close, these black dots are slowly clear, and the original dozens of black spots are bats!

When these bats are about to close to the wooden house, the door of the room is gently opened.

One has a dark skin, the ink is short, it looks a bit deep ninja, and I came out of the room.

The man appeared, and the surrounding dozens of bats were quickly surrounded by this deep man.

Shen men seem to have learned some information through these bats, followed by gently point, turn around and returned to the wooden house.

When I walked into the wooden house, the deep man was directly half slammed on the ground, and a respectful opening:

"The big snake pills, the surrounding seaside has been explored, did not find any traces."

In this wooden house, in addition to this deep man, there are two stranches to stand quietly.

The big snake pills with a little interesting look, casually sitting on a wooden bed in the wall, flashing from time to time, flashing a thinking gaze.

At the position of the big snake pill, the pharmacist is stationed there, slightly lower his head, can't see any expression on his face.

This deep ninja is a lot of red lotus, with the ability to manipulate bats, and use the bat to explore the ability, is a quite excellent perceptual ninja.

"Does anyone have any messages there?"

A hoarseman has some creepy sounds from the mouth of the big snake.

"The big snake pills, others should still search, there is nothing specific news."

Lin Chung is still respectful, when it comes to here, the voice is slightly tap, followed by the cautious opening:

"Take the speculation that the four-tail column should leave here in advance, this area does not have anything that can be hidden."

"Analysis is good."

The big snake pill picks the eyebrows and makes a weird laughter.

I heard the praise of Big Snake, Lin Liner's face, just wanted to continue to say something, suddenly, he felt a familiar look.

This eyes, let Linner can't help but tighten.

Pharmacist! !

Lunner flashed a murder, but soon this killing disappeared, at the same time, the original originally wanted to say, and also re-swallowed.

After finishing your information, Lin Xia turned his head and left the wooden house.

I took the direction of Lin Xia left, and the eyes of the pharmacist flashed a context, self-motivated idiots!

The saying that Joined the big snake pill is not a praise, do you do it in your own?

Sometimes it is smart, but it will be dead!

The big snake pill licks his lips, and there is a smile in his mouth with a smile:

"You, you are really heart, he wants to kill you!"

The pharmacist is changing, and it may be unclear about the enemy of Liner.

However, the pharmacist is not concerned about it.

"The big snake pill is laughing, and Lin Xia has a quite excellent perceptual ninja, which is a big role in this time."

"If you die, if you die, it is a small loss."

The pharmacist pushed the eyegles and low-eyed open mouth.

The big snake pills slowly looked up, with a pale skin, between the trees, and the entire wooden house was tranquilly.

However, this is quiet, did not last long, didn't have a long time, the people around the search started to return, like the big snake pills to tell the information they searched.

After a moment, there were only two of the big snake pills and pharmacists in the wood house.

"What do you think?" The big snake head does not return, obviously in the brocket.

"This search seems to be really looking for four tail column, or this time, the big snake pills, is not targeting four tail column, but what is determined."

A slightly silent moment, the pharmacist pushed the eyegles, respectfully open the mouth.

"This, did you already see it from the beginning?"

"Pocket, although it is very stupid, but pretending to be sluggish, it is also a very stupid thing."

The hoarse voice sounded in the wooden house, let the pharmacist take a little cold sweat.

Now the big snake pill can be used as the original, and the corpse seal two arms, plus the resurrection of the red bean with the mantra, and the horrible ability to show it.

Therefore, whether it is its own strength, it is still deterrent, and the big snake pill is far from the original.

The pharmacist has recalls the intelligence you have heard, and I have organized it in my mind.

The pharmacist's understanding of the big snake pills, the big snake pill really wants to know, nothing more than determining his own guess.