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Chapter 327, the sorrow of the weak

This thing is not difficult.

The reason why the pharmacist has not said that he guesses it, it is because he is not sure.

The four tails column is old purple. If it is really so good, I am afraid I have been giving it up.

This wooden house should be the place where the four people have lived, although there is no one, but the breath belonging to the beast is not so easy to remove.

Therefore, when the big snake pills and pharmacists came to this wooden house, they had already guessed the four-tailed column, I was afraid that I have left for a while.

Since the big snake pill is still waiting here, it is enough to explain that the purpose of the big snake pill is not just a four-tailed person.

In this case.

The pharmacist has to do, nothing more than telling his guess.

"About the four-tail column, the intelligence of Xiang Ling, heavy, Honglian, etc., if it is correct."

"In addition to us, find four tails, people, people in the village, people in the village, and people in Yinyin Village."

The pharmacist flashed in the light of the light, but when he said here, the voice paused, pushing a push eye mirror, and the tone became uncertainty:

"No, it should be the four forces, and the people in Rocky Village have come twice, and these two come people are not the same."

After listening to the pharmacist, the big snake pill made a low laughter, reach out of his tongue, licking his lips, showing a exciting expression on his face.

"Is there two people from Yan Yin Village? So, how do you see this?"

The big snake pill sound slightly with a small hoarse.

The pharmacist did not open directly, but it was slightly sorry.

"Since Ji Yin Village sent two team ninja to find four people, this is enough to explain the problem of four people, the high level of rocky village should have some difference."

"Or, the high level of rocky village!"

The pharmacist said that he stopped here, and about these two speculations, the pharmacist pilked more to the latter.

But it is because of this, the pharmacist is full of uncertainty or to be confused.

The three generations of Si Shado, the three-generations of the mountains in Yinyin, can be said to be the full-time shadow of the whole endurance, even with one person to create a full day of rocky village.

The existence of Dashewa is completely the custom sea of ​​rocky village, and there is a high level of rocky village, how can I have problems?

The pharmacist is also suspected, is it a three-generation Tang Shanto? Of course, this is just a kind of conjecture.

After all, once a village is out, the whole rocky village should not be as calm like now.

Have you had a problem?

The action is really fast, after all, the fog hidden village has also happened!

Compared to the guess in the heart of the pharmacist, the big snake's mouth flashed a inexplicable look, followed by some low laughs.

"It's really can't afford it."

The hoarse voice of the big snake pills slowly sounded, and it was lamented in the tone.

For the sudden praise of the big snake pills, the pharmacist pocket a little bit, and there is a special spirit of a special look.

This is a prize, and the big snake pills want to come to him.

So, Yingshen Village seems to have problems.

"Our action should be accelerated." The big snake pill got up and walked toward the wooden house.

The pharmacist is also followed.

the other side!

"Earth - the heart is in the heart!"

A Chakra wave suddenly came from the foot of the long door, and the long door was directly pulled into the ground, only the head is above.

After seeing the Ninja who suddenly broke into this, I walked out of the three movements from the secret.

"I didn't expect it to be a waste, I thought it would have a lot of trouble."

A middle-aged ninja, looking at the long door that was buried in the ground, as if everyone slaughtered, and the open mouth.

"Is the ninja of the rain, the ninja in the small village, kill it, and kill it." The brunette ninja next to itself did not have an expression of the mouth, but the sound took a disseminated kill. meaning.

Although this is said, these two wandering ninja did not immediately hand, but waited anything.

Just a moment, another wandering ninja next to the two suddenly opened his eyes, relaxed:

"There is no perceived other Chakra at the surroundings, it seems that only him alone."

With this opening, the two companions next to him, have a slight breath.

"Before this, there is still a small trouble."

The voice fell, perceived that the Ninja has disappeared in the original place, only a moment of kung fu, the perceived ninja reappeared in front of everyone.

At this moment, his hand is holding a part of the old people who have some ragged, panic fear.

Perceive the ninja to throw this old man on the ground, with a ridicule look:

"I want to come, this old guy brings him, did not expect your village, now I can invite the endurence, it seems that this time is not complete."

Two ice-cold confession contains the attention of the look at the same time.

"Three ninja adults, our village is really no money, please spare our village!"

The old man's face with panic fear, even busy fell to the ground, and shake the three to the ninja.


The pleadings of the civilian old people did not let three stray ninja gave the throic pity, but let the three people laughed.

"I only know that killing, plundering residue is really a unfortunate thing."

"The mourning of these civilians, is it so happy?"

At this moment, it has been low, no opening, no opening, lifting the head, calmly watching the three rushes of Haha laughing.

For a while, the sound of the original haha ​​laughed suddenly, and the atmosphere at the scene was quiet. Only the people just looked at the head, the amount of blood dropped low in the forehead.

"How is it, are you not in the illusion?"

"And both hands were buried underground, there is no way to print at all."

Middle-aged God's face with incredible look, look at a quiet long door, can't help but send out.

However, the next moment, the three stray ninja were moved at the same time and rushed over to the position where the long door was.


With a sulf, the entire ground is blown directly, and the door is the first step in the ground.

"Earth - Soil!"

The long door is painless, press it on the ground.

A large number of sharp rocks rise from the ground from the ground with a very fast speed, and there is already the feet of the three rushes.

The one who perceived Ninja took the lead, but the rest of the two wandering ninja movements were slow, the brunette rushed was not reacted, and the sharp rock pierced directly litter.

Another middle-aged ninja, the reaction is better than the brunette wandering ninja, but the whole left arm is almost abolished, and the scream is sent.


The blank sound rang in the middle-aged rushedr, and the middle-aged rushedr has not reacted, and the long door holds a bitterness, directly piercing into the neck of the middle-aged rushed.

Blood and four splashes!

Middle-aged wanderer directly in the bloody, the sound is all.

At this moment, the name of the ninja just landed, seeing the scene in front of him, the whole person couldn't help but glaze, and the horror of his face.

Just a moment of Kung Fu, the two companions are directly killed, how can the guys in Yuyin Village in front of me!


There is no hesitation, and I feel that the ninja turned and escaped in the opposite direction.

Unfortunately, I haven't run a few steps, I feel that the ninja is sweating, and the whole body is slightly stiff, and the next moment is also in the blood.

In the back, a bitter does not penetrate its body!

Easily solve the three rigors, the long face is not looking at the face, and several jumps have come to the old people.

"Your village is almost ok, this stray ninja does not have the rest of the companion, I will not have anyone to find you."

The long door looked at the head of the blood was the blood of the civilians, and the tone was still moving.

Compared with the village with various ninja guard, some people are the most existence of the endurance, and these villages will be robbed, even the attack of the roughness.

And this is the sorrow of the weak!

If it is usually, it may be better, but unfortunately, the small movements between the big rivers are constantly moving, although it seems calm.

But for some sense of smell, this is a sign of wind and rain.

It is precisely because of this, some civilian villages who have no ninja have begun to suffer the robbers and the wandering ninja.

From Yuyin Village, I left to the way to the fog in the village, the long door naturally met a similar thing in front of him.

If ordinary people say the robber gang, the long door will not intervene, but if it is like these three wandering ninja, the long door will solve it without a loss.

"But ... but the Ninja adult, we did not pay the payment."

I looked at the three rigors that were solved by the Ninja adults in front of the eyes, the open mouth of the civilian old voice trembled.

Although there are not much contact with these ninjas, the civilian old people know that these ninja people do things, but to charge a certain amount of money remuneration.

"You have already paid."

The calm open road, in the eyes of the civilian old, and there is no disappearance between several jumps.

Not long, the long door appeared in the nest of these three rushes.

Have to say, although the strength of these three rushes is not very good, there is something that the book collects money.

All the three wandering ninja in the nest of the necklace packaged, after the sealing reel, the long door turned and left.

Look at the familiar movements of the long gates, obviously doing similar things on this way, the long door is already mature.

Yu Yin Village will still develop, and the more money is naturally, the better.

Of course, this is also the remuneration said in the long door!