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Chapter 328 reaches the mist and preparation.

As a ninja, kindness is relatively, there is no interest in interest, even if the ordinary robber will not do.

And like now, it can also receive a money, but also help these weak people, why not?

Along the way, I made a few money after making a lot of money.

The long door arrived in the misty village, no proven, the ninja on the door of the hidden village, let it pass after seeing the long door.

The long-door and smart in the eyes of many ninja in the misty village, and they also have a very popular person.

Specifically, but all the Ninja who can take the relationship with the right battle is a celebrity in the fog hidden village.

You can don't know, but you must know!

The long door walked on a street in the fog village, and when there was a civilians from him, and the eyebrows had no observations of the civilian face of Yuyin Village.

The misty village at this time is under light rain.

If you don't care about the iconic buildings around, it is actually very similar to the rain of the rain.

But even if you close your eyes, you can clearly know that this is not, the biggest difference is the atmosphere flowing in the air.

This feeling will open at this moment of the village of the moment, distinguished from the rain.

The long door seems to be strolling, but the speed is not slow, and it has been opened to the spoal office building.

And a familiar figure has been standing there.

"Mooney, blue."

The long door looks like it seems to wait for his blue, there is no unexpected look on his face.

At that moment I entered the fog hidden village, I have received an information on the beauty.

"Hello, the long door, the ginema has been waiting for a long time."

The green face with a faint smile, slightly squat, then turn around with the long door, walking toward the direction of the spoal office.

The long door is a shadow of Yu Yin Village, not to mention one person in person, and there is natural to give it.


With the sound of the door opened, you will slowly retreat after watching the long gates into the spoal office.

As for the safety of the ginema, as long as the long door does not suddenly go crazy, it will not be able to do it, and there is no reason to do.

What's more, the strength of the spoachet itself is not weak.

"I didn't think that you will come over, what is it?"

Looking at the genk, there is a doubt and serious in the face.

It is obvious that this thing is like this.

"Yu Zhibo spheres are intended to do the tail of sandy village. And this news is also the Sui Zhi Bao Pai tells me."

The long door looks indifferent, direct opening, and there is no nonsense.

According to Meitu, it's a good one, and it's completely serious.

Whether it is about sandy villages, or Yisi Bao, it is considered serious things, and it has to be cautious.

"The Unecheo gang will be such an important news, tell you what?"

According to Meimei, I'm smilling, my eyes are slightly flashing, and the doubt is self-contained.

The rain, the village and the fog hidden village are already in cooperation, this news should not be a secret to Yishibo.

So Su Zhibo spots tell Yu Yin Village in this important news, essentially tells them.

"What is the purpose? Only Yisi Boss is clear."

"According to the programs that have previously grabbed the tail beast, they will send two people under normal circumstances, but this time there is three people, one of them is Yuxi Bozuo, as for the remaining two people ..."

The door said that the voice suddenly turned down and shook his head gently.

The current tissue has been taken over by Utti spots, and who arrested a tail to help, I am afraid that I will not be the same as the previous plan.

In the plan of the original, the long gate was originally arrested, and the arrest of the column of the tail was is responsible for the two people and Didara.

These two people, one of them was the rebellion of Sandy Village, and there was a certain understanding of sandy village.

And another Didala, the ability to have air action, whether it is a probation intelligence, or retreat is definitely a certain advantage.

But now, in addition to Uzecho Sasuke, the long door cannot determine that Unexpected speckle will not send two people.

However, in the style of Yuxi Bao, the long-door heart guess I am afraid I don't have the original plan.

"Is Zhi Zhibo?"

Look at the genery, revealing a moon in the eyes.

The idea of ​​Yuxi Bo, can't guess between Meimei, but I plan to use the long door to stimulate Uzecho Sasuke, let it awakening the kaleidoscope to write the eyes, it is really a bright and open body.

This is probably the reason why you are in the village, you will be able to wake up the horoscope to write the eyes, and it is a good thing for the long gates.

Therefore, in any case, this matter will participate in it anyway.

"This thing can't be dragged too long, Yu Zhibo spheres I will not give you too much time."

Looking at the beauty of the beauty, the gentleman is indifferent.

Like the beauty, I looked into my head, and the door said, although I didn't listen, but it was a fact.

But this matter is involved in the five major rivals of sand hidden villages, and now the two sides have a lot of cooperation, more importantly, the fog hidden village secrets also have some plans to be in progress.

Suddenly, I thought of the right thing I used to say that I didn't help my eyes, this may be the opportunity to say in the mouth of the right.

"Need to identify a few things, you can wait a moment first."

Looking up at the beauty, I told the door, I reopened the head, quickly pick up a special paper next to it, and write it.

I saw the action of Mercanture, the long door was slightly flashing, nodded, and then found a position where it was free.

After the original long gates walked into the village, did not feel the familiar horror Chakra, so I thought the other party is not.

But now, the other party should still be in the village, but there are some hidden in the place, and there is a little secret, let yourself not feel.

Not long after!

The action written on the beauty is stopped, and the paper on the table is folded several times with a special method.


Almost in the instant of the tablet, the door of the spoaches is directly opened, and the green is respectful from the outside: "Molding adult!"

"Will this information, send the right fight, the movement is fast."

Illuminate a bomb, throwing the paper that is folded into a special shape into the hands of the green.

The pasta nodded and left the water shadow office.

In the sense of the long door, the blue Chakra's breath disappears after moving a moment in a certain direction, which clearly has a long-term sense of perception.