Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 329 Senders

"There is a result soon."

"Even if there is a speed than us, it will not be much faster, after all, now for Saha Yin Village, Yu Zhibo spots are enemies, but we are not."

Looking at the genk, showing a smile in the corner, and the look of a stunned look undoubtedly.

Unfortunately, the long door seems to have not seen it at all, still sitting there.

Facial paralysis!

I couldn't help my Tucao in the United States.

After leaving the spoaches, you rushed to the position of the neighborhood located near the edge of the village in the mist.

The more you rely on the position where you are in place, and you will get a desolate, and there is almost no residence of the villagers.

Like these desolation, it is generally used as a training ground as well as some special places.

The right fighteps sold a place to himself, and arranged in the surroundings, it was said to study something.

As for what, young, I don't know, I have not intended to explore the idea.


At the same time, the two stories rushed out of the darkness and appeared in front of the green.

"Qing, you."

Two dark ninja saw the blue, respectfully opening.

Seeing this scene, there is no unexpected look on the green face, and it also stopped, and the two secrets of the Ninth did not say anything.

But their appearance, it means that the front is not allowed to pass, even if he is a spiked guard.

Justice is preparing to open, the purpose of this trip will let the two dark ninja in front of him.

A lazy voice suddenly sounded from the front.

"Olympics, is you young, is there anything?"

The right fight stretched with lazy waist appeared in everyone's vision, and the face hanged a little lazy and exhausted.

After all, whether it is the study of the Tailo Krakara, it is still a matter of consumption of the ghost.

"Right"! "

"Right"! "

"Right"! "

Along with the appearance of the right fight, the three respectful sounds also sound.

Two dark ninja pairs in the right bumper, turned into two black shadows, and returned to the original hidden place.

"Right fighting, this is the content written by the ginema."

The green belonging with respectful look, pulled out a good paper in the arms, and the paper handed over the past.

Right to pick up the eyebrows and folded such a formal, let the right felt a weird, but this special folding method also proves that there is no one in the middle.

I took the paper folded with special techniques, glanced at the contents of the top, and the right fighter appeared on his face and a weird look.

Yuxi speakers have a doctive action, and one of the tail of sandy village.

This makes the right trumper. After all, Yuxi Bao pointed recently, there is no action, quiet, so that the right is a bit unhearthed.

Sometimes the enemy is quieter, but it is not a good thing, because no one is clear about what the other party is sneak.

As for why the right to reveal the weird look, in addition to writing the relevant information sent by the long gates, I finally drew a face expression.

The portrait of this ghost, there is a seventeen points with the right bucket.

This kind of thing is the beauty of the beauty, after all, in the whole misty village, I dare to do this, I only have the beauty.

It is so serious that it is afraid of seeing others.

I took a moment in the corner of the right fight, and the paper was colored.

"How to do it like Meill?"

Right, I looked at the eye, and I asked in an interest in interested.

Qingyou, followed by the opening: "The ginema did not make any decisions, let the right to ask the right trick."

"However, the sponsors seem to take into account the relationship between our villages and Saha Yin Village, no decision between the time."

When you hear yourself, the right bun is slightly lazy on the face.

It seems that I will think of it with myself.

Just with this matter, interfere with those refugees inside the sand hidden village.

Catching a tail, this is obviously not in person, then the right bucket is naturally too lazy.

"This thing makes it a good idea."

The right to open the mouth, finished, as if I think of what I think of, my mouth is a smile:

"Right, this dispatch personnel let the day followed by Ning, since Yuxi Bozhu wanted to use the long door to stimulate the writer of Unecheo Sasuke, evolved into a kaleidoscope bloody eyes."

"So the genius of the same fault wood, this scene, the day, Ning, can not be absent." "

Green nodded and turned into a residual shadow, and quickly disappeared.

Looking at the gods of the green, the inexplicable look of the right fight.

Right, I never believe that Yuxi Boss is a guy who guards himself. So, this time, Yu Zhibo sphere is doing something ...

Is it the same as you guess?

The development of things, I have long been with the original plot, but I have not been nervous. Is this not more interesting?

"More interesting."

The righteous mouth smiles slightly, and the eyes flashed in a very excited look.

Water shadow office.

If you say what you said, you will report it over and over again. Of course, you haven't avoided your long.

Sure enough, what plans in the fog hidden village want to be implemented in Sandy Village.

The long door is slightly flashing, and the heart is secretly thinking, but this thing has nothing to do with him. His purpose is just with this opportunity, let Sasuke evolve into a kaleidoscope writes the eyes, and then take it directly.

"Right fighting adult, except for these contents, is there anything else?"

After the Qingjian report, dragging the chin, with a shit, and some curious inquiry.

Youth, carefully recalls it, then shook his head.

When I was preparing to respond like this, I suddenly saw that I was watching his gaze, it seems that it is not cool.

Qinglian will just arrive at the mouth, and then swallow back, re-recall the things that have taken contact with the right of the right.

It turned out to be the paper!

Qing is not stupid, remembers the small movement of the sponsors, quickly find the key points, flashing a look at a look.

In other words, the age of the ginema is indeed a bit big, and you should find someone to marry, and you can destroy the gurt of the water and shadow, I am afraid that only the right fighter is.

Although you think so in your heart, you can't show any ideas in your heart at this moment. Otherwise, he will die very miserable.

"Although the right tricks did not say anything, it seems that the paper is seriously received."

Blue is out of a look, then makes light open mouth.

However, in the heart, you can't hurt the vomiting, what is solemn, but it is just a random reception.

"is it!"

Illuminated with the beautiful eyes, it seems to be satisfied, and then waved the green.

Seeing this scene, the blue did not hesitate, quickly turned and left the spoaches.

"Is there Ning for Ning? It should be the little ghost of the rebellion."

The long door frowned slightly, and the tone was confused.