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Chapter 330 You are two! Are you looking for death!

If you have a long door, let's go back to a god, take a little brown crossing your forehead, and a smile on his face.

"Yes, in the wooden leaves, he is the ninja, which is a genius, and now is still the disciple of the right."

Look on the beautiful face on the beautiful face.

Two have met the scene, and they must be very interesting.

Of course, if you are seen by the people of the leaves, I want to be more interesting, and I don't know what the woods will think.

I can't help but laugh even when I think about the interests of the United States.

Looking at the inexplicable laugh, it seems that there are some neurotic photos of the beauty, the pole mouth can't help it, but the tone remains flat:

"I will not look at such a little ghost for your village, and when I fight, don't die, I don't care."

In the face of the long door, it is not a bit uncomfortable to Niki, and it is clear that the long gates feel uncomfortable, but it can only be unknone.

This is the decision of the right trick, and the long door can be unchecked.

"Who is the ninja that you sent hidden in the day?"

After the slight silence is a moment, the long door is asked.

"It's coming soon. It should be an old friend for you." Like the beauty and smiled and didn't say a name directly.

Old friend?

The long gates have been moving in the mind.

It didn't wait for a long time in Men's and the long gates, and the door of the Watercladings office was gently ringed in three or four minutes.

Follow it.

On the day, the figure of Ningjun appeared in the vision of the two.

The day of the coming in Ning, and took the lead in seeing the long door that did not have an expression on one side, and I couldn't help it.

Swirl head!

On the day, Ning is naturally seen. When the rebellion is the long door, if there is a long door and Xiaonan timely appearance, I am afraid he has been caught by the people of the leaves.

However, why will he appear here?

If there is no mistake, this person should be the talent of the rain.

Moreover, thinking of the name of the whirlpool head, the day, Ningxue can't help but think of a crane tail in the leaves of the leaves - swirls.

Also called vortex, will two people do nothing? This idea is just an instant, and there is a flash of my mind in Ning.

"Water Shadow!"

On the day, I would like to converge my mind and look at the beauty and respectful opening.

On the day, there is a little confused in Ning, why is the water shadow suddenly summoned him.

"There is a task about sandy village, and the right trick indicates to let you participate."

It seems to see the doubts in the heart of Ningxing, with a gentle look and soft open mouth on the beauty.

I heard the command of the right fight, the day, Ning, todded, and then nodded.


At this time, the stepped footsteps again outside the spatant office.

Feel this familiar Chakra, I was originally sitting on a long door, and my eyes suddenly squatted!

A dark blue long hair, there is a figure with shark image face, and walks from outside the door.

Seeing this person, the day of Ning's eyes showed a serious serious, and the body could not help with slightly.

The fog is hidden in the mouth of someone from the people!

On the day, Ningxia is mostly in the next day, although it is trained in the resident of the seven knives, but in addition to the orchid, white, Jun Ma Lu, and the ghost lights are familiar.

Several other, the day, Ning, rarely see, even if you see it, the personality is a little lonely, not the kind of good contact.

Although there is a bit of personal problems, if it is the strength, it is a feeling of horror.

At least in the day, it seems that if you face them separately, you have a lot of probability that it will be killed by each other in a short time.

"Oh, the white eyes."

Cartry ghosts came in and took the lead in seeing the day where to stand there, Ning, slightly.

In the next moment, I turned my gaze to sit on the side, and my face had a long door, my mouth couldn't help it.

"It's really a long time, I don't know what to call you Payne, or call you long, the leader!"

"There is no round look, don't you know if the strength is as strong as before?"

The corpse ghost cracks to open the mouth, the sharp teeth, send a low laughter, and the tone is excited.

A strong breath and battle desire, from the mortar ghosts rise!

"As a traitor, you can not qualify the name of" Payne ". "

The poor language is low, and the body still lives there, but there is a strong killing.


Two horrible breath, out of the two men's two people, fight with each other!

On the day of the day, I will take the lead in feeling this pressure, and the surrounding air seems to be visually viscous.

In such a situation, the day, Ning, feels that his breathing began to become heavy, and the body has a short stiffness in an instant.

"Is this the breath of the strong!"

On the day, I went to the forehead of Ning, and I didn't know why. The temperature suddenly felt suddenly increased in Ning.

Is it an illusion?

On the same day, I prepared a resistance to Ning.



Looking up with the beautiful long legs, directly smashed on the office desk in front of it, issued a loud noise.

"You are two! Is it looking for death?"

It is a dangerous ray, and there is an overbearing and strong in the sound.

Between speaking, the temperature of the entire split office suddenly begins to grow.

Not a sense of perception, but the real temperature rises!

It hangs a smile that is universal, spit out a white high temperature fog, let the temperature of the spoaches, increase the temperature again!

The breath of the martial artifacts and the door of the door slightly, followed by the rapid disappearance of the momentum disseminated.

And the day to beide to Ning, only feeling a light, heavy and heavy.

"I haven't interested in what you have happened before, I don't want to know."

"But at present, the two villages in the fog hidden village and the rain are all invested, and I have disappeared such provocation in the spoaches. I think you can't get up."

Like the beauty of icy looks at the long door, the tone is indifferent.

The long-eyed eyes flashed slightly, no opening, and the face was calm and there was no change.

Seeing that the long door did not speak, I showed a satisfactory look on the beauty, followed by turning the head.

"Cartry ghosts, I will not mind if you replace the" big knife · muscle ", there are many people waiting for the village, inheriting the title of" Hidden Hidden ". "

It's a beautiful opening to the beautiful opening.

The roof of the martial artifacts, and he laughed twice. He heard the meaning of the beauty of the beauty.

"The ginema, this thing is under the mistakes."

Cartry ghosts don't have slightly hesitated, and the open open is unclear.

He is just a little itchy, but he is not intended to give a new owner for "Big Knife,".