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Chapter 331 is really a group of monsters!

I heard the macmon ghost, and the skin was slightly eased.

For the mortar ghost, this once rebellion, there is no good feeling like beauty.

If it is not a right fight, it is more than a member of the fog to bear the seven-knife. According to Mei Ming, I'm going to go with someone, the peach is no longer like this, I won't give you a good face.

"This task is best not to fight."

Take a very uncomfortable look on the beauty of the beauty. Cold-cooled look at the ghosts and long gates, and then look at the direction of the door of the spoaches.

Although I didn't say anything like beauty, this sample is obviously sent by this, I don't want to take care of them.

Looking at my own shadow, everyone is like a man, the mortar ghost is not careless, grinned, turned to go outside the water shadow office.

And the long door sitting on the side also stood up, and the face is indifferent.

There is only a few people who have some people who have some people who have a person in the entire office.

On the day, I looked up at Ning. I looked at the long door of the spoal office, and I looked up and seemed to look at him.

What does the task don't know?

On the day, there is a bitter laughter on the face of Ning. It seems that this task is also available from the long door or the martial art.

However, I think of the guy who is obviously not dealtling, and I feel some headaches in Ning.

"The glower adult, I will return it first."

On the day, I have a solemn look on my face, slightly, and turn it out.

An extremely hidden secret base.

The pharmacist took the wall of a corner, so that he was hidden in the dark.

The low-headed pharmacist is slightly flashing, it seems to be thinking about something.

However, this state did not last long, the pharmacist quickly lifted his head, and his eyes returned to calm, got up to the location of a room where the room was located.

When you!

Gently knocked two times, push the parents directly.

The eye is an extremely messy room, which is a spool that is placed and a paper that sprinkles.

Seeing these reels and paper, the eyes of the pharmacist flash over a hot eye.

If these things are placed outside, they can cause sensational things, these paper, and reels are recorded in the various secrets of the relocation, and some of the mysteries that are lost or distracted.

Put the hot feelings in the eyes, the pharmacist quickly found the room, sit in a corner, holding a reel in his hand, seems to be in research, what is the big snake pill.

"Four tails column power found?"

The longitudinal golden pupil of the big snake pill is tightly staring at the content on the reel, and the head does not lift the opening.

"There is currently a little clue, but unfortunately it is possible to stay in the other party."

The pharmacist shakes and shakes his head and plain opening.

The big snake pills showed a smile, and there seems to be no accident.

"Don't be too small, this old man, if you don't find danger, once aware of danger, this old era Ninja wants to hide, it will not be so easy to find."

The big snake sound suddenly issued a weird smirk, it seems to see more interesting content in the reel.

The pharmacist has not tangled on this issue, slightly silent for a while, respectful opening: "The news came over."

With this sentence, the big snake pills that are studying the contents of the scrolls are slightly, and they will slowly lift their heads in the scroll.

"Yuxi Bouvet will recently send people to sandy village, arrest a tail column." The pharmacist opened the way.

"Hey, it seems that the guy is that you have found that your undercover is broken."

The big snake pill licks his lips and made a low laughter.

"It should be right, otherwise, he will not pass this information to me." The pharmacist nodded and pushed the eye mirror with his hand.

"Is there still?"

The big snakeball I flashed in the interesting look, hoarse open.

"This matter, the fog hidden village already knows, it will be to help the sandy before you will send people."

The pharmacist is not thinking, opening directly.

"This thing is too interesting."

"A cold nintee who made himself became a buzz, did not expect it to remember his village."

The big snake pill once again issued a weird laughter, followed by re-low, and casually opposed to the pharmacist:

"Then, according to what he means."

The pharmacist listened to the big snake pills, first picked up, followed by, and turned directly to leave.

This thing is indeed interesting!

The meaning of is nothing more than if they want to with their hands to pass this news to the wooden leaves.

At this point, this time I went to Sandy Village, I am afraid that there is no scorpion.

Otherwise, there is no need to do this.

At the pharmacist, whether it is a scorpion, or a big snake pill, it is the kind of person who is absolutely confident to himself, and extremely proud.

As such a pride, if there is no need, do things will not leave the hand of others, because in their eyes, only believe in themselves.

The pharmacist pushed the pushes and pushed the eye on the side, and the analysis of this matter and the understanding of the .

The people of Unechybeloid, the people in the fog, plus the people in the village.


A person who has made himself into a beggar, and it will care about the life of others.

In the pharmacist, it is really like it, perhaps only the whole sandy village, not one of them.

This seems to have some contradictions, but it is not contradictory.

Thinking of this, the pharmacist suddenly had some cold, such a person may have already left the so-called justice, or the concept of evil.

This is probably, and the reason why the big snake pills have issued a weird laughter.

Because the big snake pill is really understanding from the beginning, what kind of guy is it.

"It's really a group of monsters."

The pharmacist pushed his eyes and spit a breath.

In this chaotic start, Yuxi Bouvet intends to arrest a tail to help this, Sandy Village is indeed in the four-part forces, the last one knows.

I don't know why, the pharmacist suddenly sorrowful to the top of Sandy Village.


The mouth of the kid suddenly reveals a smile, so it is not more interesting.