In addition!

There is no one, or the latent will ignore this thing.

A number of forces received an intelligence of Yuxioba to arrest a human column, and the time is not the same, and even the so-called order sequence, and there is no simplicity on the surface.

In the past, the went to the rain, inform the long door, and he had already passed the content of this information to the pharmacist!

Therefore, when the long gate appears in the misty village, the information of the pharmacist has reached the wooden leaves almost simultaneously.

Woody village!

Nightning office.

"Opener, where is your information?"

It is also a bit of a few points in the desk, and the sound is significantly higher.

After that, it seems that I feel slightly wrong with my tone, reducing the tone, but the face is still dissatisfied with a look:

"Even if this intelligence is no problem, why do you want to send a song together, you don't know the identity of the people of Naruto now, is it extremely sensitive!"

While looked on the chair, the program was licking, and his face was from beginning to end.

I also saw this plenant, still in a blind man, deeply sucking a breath, just prepared to continue the opening.

"This is the command of Grandpa."

The voices of the apeer, sounded next to the ear.

It is always prepared in the mouth, as if it is a common, the color of the color is blushing, and I don't know how to open it.

The mute after standing on the program, saw the looks of the coming, I couldn't help but reach the mouth and smiled.

Located, I was quiet, and my face revealed helplessness: "Don't do this, why do you want this?"

"This is a little dangerous to Naruto."

"Who knows, maybe Grandpa has his consideration."

The corner of the card is smoked, and the open mouth.

For the real idea between the killer, the agency is still guess, but it is just that she is, it is not so embarrassed.

when! when!

The two slight knockout sounded.

I heard the knock on the door, and I sighed myself, I will put it on my desk, hug it in the chest.

"come in."

The ahead was once again, slightly shakes his head and whispered.

The first thing to go in, it is with a black mask, hands hands in the pocket in the pocket.

After following the Caassi, it is a black long hair, a young man wearing green sunglasses, and a young man who is holding a lock.


"Laters and adults."

When the two entered the door, he saw the company in the office, and at the same time, he smoked, respectfully opened the mouth.

I also looked at Kardi, and I looked at the figure behind Kaka West. This task sent cardiki to there's no accident. After all, Kakasi is also the guidance of Naruto.

"Mountain City Blue Ye?"

Location is slightly unexpectedly looking to the mountain city.

The apeer seems to be aware of the doubts and smile.

"This task has only prevented Yuxi Bao from capturing the column of tail, and the other leaves also need an allies."

"Millennium mother-in-law does with us, but does not mean other high-rise in Sandy Village, do not want to cooperate with us."

Flashing a trace of worries in the eyes of the program, the face is calm.

When I heard this, I also made a general understanding of the reason why the agency was sent.

The successful ceremony of the fifth-generation noodle is prepared by the mountainous blue leaves and I don't know the martial arts.

In a certain aspect, the mountains of the mountains is calculated to be the direct line.

There is a mountainous blue leaf to Saha Yin Village, which itself represents the will of the fifth-generation rigid.

Unconsciously, I also saw a shadow of a teacher, and saw a shadow.

Now the board is getting more and more like a real noodle. The heart is also a gratified, and there is some thought about it.

"After arriving in Sandy Village, the reel is handed over to the old hood."

As the voice falls, the prime hand will be prepared, and the reel will throw the mountain city.

Results Roll, the mountains and blue leaves nodded and horses it.

"You can now go directly, the Naruto should be in the wooden door, and the next thing is handed over to you."

When I thought that I couldn't help but have some headaches, I took the temple.

The Kakasi face also reveals a helpless expression, and the mountain city is eye-catching, and the two turned and left the fire office.

Wooden door.

The thousand-handed rooms have a nunny golden hair, and there is a laughter of laughter:

"Yes, you have to have this kind of strength, Naruto!"

The Naruto is full of enthusiasm, and nodded hard, and didn't care about the uniform hair between the killer.

"Don't worry, the thousands of hands, I will definitely bring Sasuke and Ning!"

The Naruto used to grasp the fist and seriously.

It was originally laughed in Haha laughing, and the voice couldn't help but heard the nun.

"I am not talking about it."

"That white-eyed kid and red eye boy, it doesn't matter. It is important! You can't lose in both of them."

"After all, you are also my disciple, you can't lose!"

The thousands of hand patted the shoulders of the people, showing very serious look.

"I will never lose! There is a good color of the cactus and the teachings of the universal universities, I am now very strong!"

I thought that I was able to see Sasuke, I didn't hesitate to nod, and the excitement of a face was full of vigilance.

"That is this momentum!" The thousand hand is revealed, and the shoulders of the shooter have been taken.

However, if you just, the Naruto should still hear it?

I can't help but I can't help my heart.

at this time.

Two footsteps, in the ear of the thousand-handles.

In the direction of the sound, the remaining light of the thousand-handed eye angle, seeing seeing Cardi and Mountain Castle, rushing to the direction of the two people.

The thousands of hands have a generous cough, just a big look, instantly disappeared.

"Thousands of hands!"

"Thousands of hands!"

Almost at the same time, the two respectful sounds from the rear of the killer.

"You are here, if so, the Naruto will give you."

The thousands of hands are just a face, saying that the voice of Kasi and Mountain City, the voice falls, the whole person disappears.

"The big man, it's really ..."

Kakasi supports forehead and whispering.

Just thousands of big hands and unscrupulous laughs, the two have been heard from a distance.

What's more, Kakasi is around with an arms around him, and looks to their wooden civilians.

"So, is we left here?"

The mountains and blue leaves are gently cough and take the lead in reminding.

Kakasi is nodded. In the look of the Naruto, I still got the niece's clothes, and the residual shadow disappeared in the original place.

The mountain city is naturally not willing, almost at the same time.

Originally, only the Naruto is scream!