Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 333 Invasion begins!

Among the deserts of the smoke.

The three shadows did not move down, and they came toward the direction of sandy village.

"Hey, the little ghost, in this mission, it is better to give me the head to me, after all, your head is in the black city, but there are many money."

The corners don't stop the side of the side of the face, and the eyes are excited, and the tone is not slow.

Sasuke look cold, turn the head and death, staring at his corner, there is a look at it.

Seeing this scene, the corner is slightly cracked: "The little devil is not very good, the courage is indeed not small."

"The farce ends here."

The observed atmosphere began to change, and Yisi Bo took the soil on the front step, and the two people were blocked.

"Why is this mission to team with you?"

I saw that I was in front of myself, and I interrupt him provocative Unexho belt soil, and the corner was dissatisfied with it.

Under normal circumstances, the corner is all teams with flying sections to do a task. Although the flying segment is sometimes somewhat, the two work together is extremely easy.

After all, there is a non-dead guy as a helper, and the corner can do its own characteristics without any scruple.

"This task, if you let the flying segment come with you, your big probability may be completely stayed in Sandy Village."

Yuxi Bo is covered with an orange-red striped single eye mask on the face, can't see any expression.

But the tone is abnormal, as if it is talking about something that is normal.

The corners are slightly sinking, just prepared to open again, the sound of Uchiwa belt again.

"This time, in addition to the Ninja of Sandy Village, our opponent, there is also the leader of the prince, no, it should be the shadow of Yuyin Village."

"Putting the ninja sent by the fog hidden village, it is very troublesome, but it is very troublesome."

Yuxi Bo has a laughter, and it is low in tone.

The corner is smashed, and there is a Zhiso, which is too lazy to open, but it flashes a trace of thinking.

So, what is the purpose of Uzhi Bellow?

It is itself going to Saqing Village to catch a column, which is a trouble, now it is more like to let the people in the fog.

Just just to make Yischi's little ghost, the corner is not believed.

However, it doesn't matter!

The hornedes have flashed a murder deep, and there are many people who have been rewarded by black market.

On the side, Sasuke listened to the dialogue between the two, but when he heard the name of the door. Sasuke slammed fists.

Anyway, Yisizo's eyes, he must take it back!


At this time, Unexpello was suddenly opened.

The angle face is plain, it seems to have been very much. Sasuke fiercely lifted his head, and the spirit was tightly looked for four weeks.


The sand in front of the three suddenly raised, and the figure was shocked from the sand.

"Oh, the gaze of sandy village is really strict, it seems that it is already known."

The white face revealed some prospects and helpless expressions.

"I know the intelligence of arresting a column, preparing in advance is also expected."

The angle is flat, but it is flashing in the eyes.

"In this case, then we are also prepared."

Yischo belt gently nodded and said to the white opening.

Under the eyes of Sasuke, the white laughter is emitted, and the body suddenly swells, followed by three octaves to drill from the body, appearing in front of the three people.

Then, the three splits came out of the white, respectively, in the direction of Sasuke, Yuxi Board and the horns.

"this is……"

Seeing this scene, Sasuke conditions reflecting the body slightly tight.

"Don't worry, just need a little Chakra."

Yisi Bo took the soil and looked at it.

The three split out of the white, walked to the three people, put the hand on the body of Sakuo.

Just for a moment, the three trees were absorbed by Sasuke, and Chi Zhiwei belt and the corner of Chakra did not change into three people.

"This check, I can't feel true, I can't feel true."

Sasuke saw the three people in front of you, and the face showed a surprised look.

If you don't know in advance, the figure in front of you is alcohol, and Sasuke is a little doubtful, is it your own score.

Unless it is very familiar with yourself, otherwise, it is simple to rely on the appearance and Chakra's breath.

"Now, the invasion begins!"

As the vitro is changed into three appearances, Yuxi Bo belt the soil breath, and the sound is low.

Between the moment!

The people present directly into black shadows, disappeared in the original place, and the octaves were also drilled into the ground and disappeared.

On the other hand, it is a larger meeting room in Sandy Village.

Millennium mother-in-law is slightly closed, half relied in the primary position, if it is not a noddion of the mother-in-law, I am afraid I have thought that I have already fell asleep.

In the entire conference room, in addition to the Sandy Village Ninja in the Chiyu Mother-in-law, sitting on the left side, sitting on the long door, cantani ghost and day, Ning.

At this moment, in addition to the sadness of the thousand generations of mother-in-law, the meeting room is slightly silent.

"Do you make sure we have been waiting here?"

The mortal ghosts are in the seat, the first to break this atmosphere, and a tone is impatient in the tone.

The faceless face of the long door is also a slight eyebrow, lifting the head and looks at the direction of the thousand generations of mother-in-law, so he is good to remind:

"Simple defense is not too big for members of the organization."

When it comes to here, the long-term voice is complicated. After all, the members of the organization, most of them are recruited, and their strength and difficultness are very clear.

I heard the opening of the two, and the Millennium mother-in-law opened his eyes, and there was a plain and calmness in the tone:

"The strength of the sand is much smoldering, but it is not a ninja, and it is possible to invade it."

"Let's more, the fog hidden village sent three people, just to help us not?"

After that, the Millennium mother-in-law received his eyes from the head of the door, slightly frozen, and looked at a sand attachment next to:

"Where is the sea?"

"Thousands of people, the sea, the old people ..."

That sand is a little branch, and it is clear that the sea is going to hide.

"It's really, now this time." The Millennium's mother-in-law showed a helpless, gently shake his head.

Just at this time!

Suddenly wearing a short shout outside the conference room.

Then, a big and doubtful voice came from the conference room.

"Carti teacher, aren't we going to find Sasuke? How come here?"

The voice of the Naruto just sounded, and Kasuna slightly helpless tone came back: "Naruto, quiet, here, it is very important."

"Haha, there is no relationship, the young man is still active."

The sea is old and the old and peaceful voice, and laughs.