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Chapter 334 meets! Naruto, Ning!

I heard the sound from the meeting outdoor.

The Chi Daying mother took the lead to frowned, and the face became slightly low.

That sentence "Kakasi Teacher", let the Millennium have realized that the people outside the door are wood.

The Hai, Tibet, this guy is really liaison with the people of the leaves!

"Swirl moon!"

On the other side, the day, I was sitting straight to the body, and my face was a doubt, and it was replaced by the war.

At the beginning of the Treatment, I was defeated by the Naruto, but I have been in the hearts of Nings.

One has always been called the day of the genius.

The other is a whirlpool that has always been called the crane.

Ninja, known as genius, lost in the hand of a crane, it is really a satirious!

On the day, the breath of breath in Ning is the first to beware of the corpse ghosts next to him.

"Oh, the noisy little ghost outside appears to know, but it is right, after all, you used to be a wooden man."

Gomill ghost face with interesting look, looking at Ning.

In the cognitive cognitive cognition, the character of Ning Xin has been calm and calm, and now there is a significant emotional change.

On the day, Ningjun with the little ghost outside, what happened before.

Unfortunately, the day, Ning, obviously not satisfied with the curiosity of the mortal ghost.

"It's a boring little ghost."

Cartry ghosts saw that the day did not respond to Ning, and the mouth was grinned. Re-recover, turn the head and look at the direction of the thousand generations of mother-in-law.

The people of the wooden leaves have come.

"This, things become interesting."

Swisteaster signs and signs.


With a crisp sound, the meeting room is opened.

The sea is a little apology, walk in, and at the same time, in the sea old hiding, follow the Ninja of Kakasi, Mountain City, and Naruto.

"It's really sorry, it will come later."

The sea is old and holds his hand, and some are sorry to think about the thousand generations of mother-in-law.

I apologized in the Hai's Tibetan voice, the face of the mother-in-law has changed, and finally sighed.

Children's mother-in-law will not know, and the old man has a man who has rushed over to people with wooden leaves.

The eyes of the sea are squatting, and the heart is slightly breathing, he is really afraid of his sister's solid character.

"Cough, these are the ninjas of the leaves, do not introduce it, and you should be clear."

The sea is slightly coughing, and the general introduction is a matter of everyone.

"Oh, flag wood Cardi, Mountain City, you can all endure."

The mortal ghosts play two people, saying, although there is some exaggeration, but the tone is abnormal, and it is obviously with provocation.

However, whether it is still Kakasi, or the mountains and green leaves are indifferent.

Kakasi face has no expression, and even a little lazy, but the angle of Yuguang is a visor and the direction of the door, and the two is automatically occurred in the mind.

The cannon ghosts are one of the seven knives, the big knife, the muscles, good at the water!

Swirl head, the leader of the rain (suspected rain shadings), good at the endurance, the eyes are written, transplanted to Yisi Pub!

When Kasi's eyes moved in the direction of the two, when I saw the latter day, the whole person was obviously obvious, but it quickly returned the lazy status.

"Hey, this shark face is so arrogant!"

The Naruto heard the provocation in the ghosts of the martial arts, and the tone was extremely unhappy.

However, the voice fell, the Naruto also saw the rear of the days to Ning, and the whole person couldn't help but strong.

Naruto even retired one step, lifted his hand, pointed at Ning, showing exaggerated expressions on his face:

"You ... how can you appear here!"

On the day, I looked at the face of my face, and a desire of a reply.

No one notes, Ning Ji put it in the bottom of the hand, it seems to be strong in the heart.

Now, he really wants to play with Naruto!

However, the day is very clear about Ning, and it is not that time.

Naruto! That time will soon get it, and this time I will never lose!

On the day, I flashed a light in Ning, and my heart was secretly thought.

When I saw the day, I didn't return to him. I suddenly rose an anger in my heart:

"You guys! I don't know if everyone is very worried ..."

When I said half, Kakasi reached out and pressed on the head of the Naruto and interrupted the voice.

"Naruto, quiet, now it is not to make you old."

Kakasi looked at the day of the day, and the tone was open.

The Naruto clenched his fist and looked at the day of the day, and the words were swallowed back.

"Sorry, his character has always been."

There have been no opening, the mountains, the mountains, and apologize at this moment, and embarrassed to open a mouthway to the thousand generations of mother-in-law and the sea

The sea is old and amiable, indicating a pair.

"People who even the wooden leaves have received the intelligence in advance, but we are finally known, the sea is old, is you soon explained?"

Chi Dong's mother-in-law issued a cold, meaningful.

The old town of the sea smiled, with his understanding of his sister, this time is wrong.

"I didn't expect that your wooden leaves have actively helped us to Shain Village."

Chi Dongnu went to the sea, hidden, with some uncomfortable tone, to Kasi and others.

"The Qi Dynasty, this thing involves Yuxi Bao and the tail, our wooden leaves naturally do not sit down."

"We are sorry as for what happened before."

The mountain city is a step forward, pushing the inkway that pushed on the face, and the tone is not humble.

This time they came to Sandy Village, except that the column of tail was not in the hands of Yizhibo spheres, it was also a stiff relationship between sandy village and the village.

Therefore, although the Millennium mother-in-law, although it is a bit cold, whether it is the mountain city, it is calm.

The words of the mountain city, let the face of the thousand generations of mother-in-law have slowly eased a few points, and the sea and old Tibetans quickly opened the mouth to let Kakasi and others sit down.

At this moment, the misty people and the wooden leaves are just sitting opposite the two sides, making the whole conference room atmosphere, have become a bit weird.

All people who have been known that the relationship between leaf and fog hidden village has been in extreme harsh.

Don't say it first, the grievances between the first generation of the gines and the thousands of handles.

For a few days ago, the fog hidden village has been moving against the movement of the wooden leaves. In the case of fog hidden villages, the other three enduring the villages, which have made the relationship between the two sides have fallen to the ice point.

If the wood itself is so strong enough, plus the resurrection between the thousand-handles, the leaves do not have a threat of destruction, and I am afraid that it is not a heavy loss.

Carton, the long door and Kakasi, the eyes of the mountains, the eyes of the mountains, and retransmit.

Kakasi two people come here, but not to find the trouble of hidden village, so you can never have a branch, both naturally don't want to be entangled with people in the village.

The mortal ghost face is a little war, but it is only a slight measure, and then the heart is in the heart.

He is very sure, if it is true with Kakasi and the mountains of the mountains, the door will not help him.

Moreover, more importantly, it will not let him go on the beauty.

Next, the entire conference room started again, every other time, there is a sand, and reports the situation of sandy village.

Those who involved Yuxibo spheres and their own villages, the Millennium mother-in-law seems to be calm, but the heart is deeply solemn.

The mountains and green leaves and Kakasi took the initiative to help propose suggestions to analyze where the enemy may arise and the timing.

One time, it is a certain illusion that the Ninja of many sandy villages produces some kind of illusion, and people who seem to be wooden leaves are their allies.