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Chapter 335, Yuxi Bo, provocation

As for the triple of fog hidden village?

The ninja face in Sandy Village with a weird look, scribbled from the three people.

The long door is close to the eyes, and the hands are in the chest, it seems to be closed.

Although the mortal ghosts did not close their eyes, people in the scene can feel the other's minds, and it seems that it is not placed on this.

As for the day, Ningxing, is a small eye that is called Narler with the wooden leaves.

One time between.

The tripartite is waiting in this slightly strange atmosphere.

Although the enemy has not yet appeared, everyone knows that this is just a matter of time.

The reason why the Millennium mother-in-law is so big, the fundamental reason is to prevent the sudden appearance of Unexpected Boss.

Even if you get an intelligence from the village and the village of Woody Village, Yuxi Bao does not appear.

But in order to prevent it from "case", the Chi Dayi mother-in-law must also be prepared!

Middle of the meeting room.

Just then, a perceptual ninja fierce opened his eyes, and loudly opened:

"There are two Chakra, just close to Sandy Village!"

"No, three ... is four shares!"

With the sudden opening of this perceived ninja, the atmosphere of the conference room changed, and the eyes of all people looked at the same time.

"Finally, is it!"

The mortal ghosts open their mouths, revealing sharp teeth, and tone with a shint of excitement.


Naruto and the day, two people, two people, same spirit.

Especially the Naruto, if it is not Kakasi suddenly stretched his hand, a Naruto is pressed on the seat, and I am afraid that the Naruto at this moment has jumped.

"Where is their orientation?"

The Chi Daying mother-in-law is calm, and the head is turned to the awareness of ninja, the tone is open.

After the perceived ninja is on the ground, after carefulness, his face revealed a wonderful look.

"Their position is in the position of the sandy door, and the other party is still close to the fast and does not stop the meaning."

Perceived Sand Rapid Express.

"Is it a positive attack?"

"It's really rampant, look flat,"

The sea, the hidden face, a loud laugh, just a laugh, there is no hidden killing.

The gods of the thousand-hand margin are still calm, but the flag-like Kakasi is vanishing, and the blue-bulls on the thousand-hand mother-in-law are slightly raised.

Kakasi is a puzzle, and the mountain city is slightly eye-catching.

Obviously the two people don't understand, and the enemy will do this.

It is quite unwise behavior where it is a fairly unwise behavior.

And now the tail is column, absolutely hidden by the people in Sandy Village, at least it will not be easily found.

"So, the other party should have other purposes."

Kakasi's eyes were slightly flashing, and the heart was secretly thought.

As for the purpose of the other party, what is the information, only relying on the information in front of you, Kakasi can't guess.

"The other party is close!"

Perceived that the sand is once again opened, but just finished, the blind eye is suddenly changed:

"There is a case of Chakra suddenly disappeared ..."

"It's not disappearing ... The other side directly crossed, and there was a village!"

The sound of the perception of Ninja is shocked, the open mouth of the loud sound.

How can it be!

One side of a sandy stood directly, an incredible look.

"Even if the opponent's strength is strong, it is impossible to solve the defended Ninja, and then break through the commemoration."

This sand is seen to understand the Ninja, with obvious doubt.

Even if the legendary three, this sand is not believed to be so easy to do so!

"The other party did not make a hand with us, it was directly crossed ... and then appeared in the village."

"The other party's Chakra has disappeared in a short time, and it should be used to use some kind of tobach."

Perceived the ninja and explain the open mouth.

With the opening of the perceived ninja, the corpse ghosts and the long gates flanged a feng.

Is that guy!

Put like Yu Zhibo spots, then claim to be the guy of A Fei!

In the organization, if someone can do this, there is only his space forces!

It can be done in the long door with a rotation, but now ...

In addition, although I used to be a member of the organization, the specific identity of Affei is not clear.

So far, I really know that A Fei is the identity of Yuxi Bo, in addition to Uzhibo spheres and black and white, I am afraid only have to be right.

The reason why the right trick did not tell the long gates, and there is nothing to plan, it is completely uncomfortable.

Calling Affei is also good, called Yuxi Bo, and there is no difference in the eyes of the right fight.

And about the information, fog villages and the current long-door and mortar ghosts, and there is no disclosure to Sandy Village.

As for why do you do this?


The relationship between sandy village and fog hidden village is just a league, and it is not a village.

"From Liang, you lose your attorney."

The Chi Dayu wrinkled and frowned, looked at the ninja that was standing, and his voice was dissatisfied.

"Sorry, the thousand generations of adults." This name is called by the lord, and his face is promoted, and it is returned.

Flagkarcasi heard this name, and quickly emerged from the Ninja in his mind.

From the liang - endure, good at wind, soil, complete the A-level task 101 times, S-class task seven times.

In the middle of the sandy village, the position is a high-rise, the position is the head of the warning force.

After flashing these information in my mind, the eyes of Kakasi flashed.

The work of arranging warning lines is he is responsible, and the enemy is so easy to break through, and it is not so excited.

When everyone's face looks different.

"The enemy has not been entangled after the village, but still moving quickly ... Not good! The other party is here!"

Perceived sorrow suddenly sounds out of the mouth, quickly pull out, and prepare for fighting.

At the same time, along with this perceived sand, the voice sounded, in the conference room, four sands wearing masks!

Almost in an instant, these four sands were almost in an instant, and they were in front of the two people in the sea.

However, it is like a nervousness of the remaining sand hidden, and the two-year-old mother-in-law and the old family have more faces.

The two seem to be in the face of an irrelevant thing, and the sea is even bored to play an yast.


A Chakra is coming from the top of the conference room.

Then, a spiral ripple suddenly appeared in the air above the conference room!

The figure of Yisi Bo has appeared from the spiral whirlpool, and the feet stood on the roof of the conference room, and the head is looking down.

"Hey, you are looking at this, but people are somewhat nervous."

Yuxi Bo has the arm, as if not stand firm, the whole person seems to be a little fun.




Almost in the moment of Unechyo belt, several directions, a piece of bitterness, and the Yuxi wave belt in the blink of an eye.

Unfortunately, in all people surprised.

These suffering have all passed through Unexhoe's belt, shot on the top of the conference room of Unechybo.