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Chapter 336 Objective? What is the information?

See this scene!

In addition to the mortal ghosts in the field and the long gates, all people have revealed doubts, and the surprised look.

The other party is not escaped, but passes!

"It turns out, is it a space tolerance?"

"No wonder so fast breakthrough, and your eyes should be written, the people of Yishibo?"

The Chi Daying mother-in-law seeing Unecho, especially the eyes that only exposed under the mask.

When I heard a child's mother-in-law, there were some doubts of all, and I also reached it. I understand what the strange state of the other party is!

I heard the three words of "Yuxi Bo", some of which were obedient, looking towards the woody side of Cardi and the mountain city.

"Oh, I'm going to fall."

"And there are so many people who have been concerned, and it is really nervous."

Yuxi Bo is equipped with a little panic, two arms are swayed.

Such a funny behavior did not let anyone of the conference room laughed, and everyone gaked his tightly.

"Oh, I didn't expect two seniors being here."

Yuxi Bo has suddenly looks at the direction of the door and the martial arts, and it is surprised in the tone.

The eyes of all the people were slightly condensed, with doubts and cautious look, and smashed the direction of the long door and the mortal ghost.


Cartry ghosts jumped directly from the place to half an air, holding a big knife, skewers, cutting the past!

The big knife is still scribbled from Uchiwei to soil, but it is still not harmful.

"As an origin, facing the predecessors, shouldn't you be old and old?"

The mortal ghosts fell from the air in the conference table, while holding a big knife and muscles, showing sharp teeth and killing full.

"The murder of the predecessors is really terrible, just scared it."

Yisi Bo took the soil shot and then slowly spit out a breath, put it as a fear, followed by tone:

"But today is not good, there is still an important thing to do. It is a bit distressed, and you will give you a greet."

"After all, if the person is column, if you are directly capture, you still don't know ... Haha, but some lost."

During the process of Unechyo, there is still a lot of sand instructions, but there is still no effect.

I can only look at the other party so arrogant!

"Right, my name is A Fei, but I have to remember this name."

With the last word, Yisi Bo once again appeared in the swirls of swirls.

"Don't go this guy, I haven't told me where to help!"

Naruto jumped out at this time and shouted his loudly.

"Oh, I didn't expect the nine tail column, it is really accidental, but unfortunately this task is not you."

The sound of the jumped, and the sound of Yuxi Bo is clearly tone.

At first, attention was noted that other people were ignored, and the two uncommon figures of Naruto and Ning.

Sasherby the day to the day to Ning. Ning.

There is also a guidance of the guidelines that are the guidance of the guys, and the companion swirls.

Things become more interesting.

Yisi Bo is secretly thought of, but also naturally, there is nothing interest to answer the voice, between the eyes, the body disappears in the whirlpool.


Millennium mother-in-law saw the shaking of Unexpello with soil, slamming the table, the original calm look of the face quickly disappeared.

"The other party is still in the village, the police station has the perceived ninja! After finding it, I will not believe in the joint attack, I don't believe that his space is not limited!"

"I really thought to master the space forbearance, can you be free!"

Chi Dayu mother-in-law strongly pressed the anger in his heart and turned to all the sands around the week.

"Yes, thousands of generations!"

At the same time, a respectful voice rang, followed by a black shadow, quickly disappearing in the conference room.

After that, the Millennium mother-in-law re-turned over the direction of the two people in the mountains, followed by the returned to the ghosts.

"What do you know? Is it true about what is hidden with your fog?"

"And since it is all the allies, why do you not say in advance?"

Millennium mother-in-law is slightly narrow, and the tone becomes some inexplicable opening.

Perceived a little change in the surrounding atmosphere!

Cartry ghosts can't help but hop and make a motion of the boat.

"Indeficit, but, there is no relationship with the fog hidden village, as for why I know, after all, I was a rebellion ... huh, I was."

Cartry ghosts make a low laughter, as if there is a matter of nothing.

When it comes to, the mortal ghost is slightly paused, and the eyes are watching the direction of the door, calmly:

"About the other party's intelligence, now it is still there, the other party comes from a known organization, and now this organization has been honen from Yuxi Bo."

"In addition, you have seen the ability, you have already seen it, saying that it is not very good."

When I heard the mortal ghost, I lost a dissatisfaction in the eyes of everyone.

The information that can be involved with Unexpected Boss is definitely an important intelligence.

But at present, this intelligence whispering today is not big, obviously, and the ghosts who do not want to say this Organization information called "Xi Xia".

The Millennium's mother-in-law is still frowned, and it seems that some intelligence is not satisfied, just when I am going to continue the opening.

"Yes, there is a teacher named in this organization. The Qi Dynasty is concerned about the problem, it is better to worry about this person ..."

The mortal ghost face with a trace of fun, laughing and opening the mouth.

I heard the name of "".

Standing on the side, from beginning to end, the face of the beautiful sea, the face has changed the first time.

The sea is directly looking away, and the face is a gloomy millennial mother-in-law, and it is worried about it.

However, the mother-in-law is too late, and his face is only a state in which the sea waves are returned again in an instant.

"The old age is old, the Hai old Tibet is old, do you need to help?"

The mountain city is standing up at this time, and the two people have two people.

"No, you temporarily stay here, there are several invasive ninjas in the district, and our sandy village can still be solved."

The Millennium Mother-in-law is flat, I finished, turned and walks with the sea to take out.