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Chapter 337 Delicate Atmosphere! Ning's reminder!

After the Millennium Mother, the Sea Laibang and others left the conference room, only the three people in the fog village in the entire conference room, three people in the wooden village.

Not only that, everyone in the scene can feel that in the conference room, the ninja in the village of sandy village is outside.

Just this, it proves that the people in Sandy Village are not trusting them!

The two people in Kakasi and the mountain city were slightly eye-catching, and the face was a bit ugly. The two people were obviously realized.

"Is this this, is it intentional to provoke contradictions?"

The long door is flashing in a cold, and the tone is open.

The mortal ghost is sharp to the sharp teeth, sending a weird laughter, meaningful. "" Sandy village people have to suffer. "

The sudden appearance of Unechyo belt, not only irritating the Millennium mother-in-law, but also take this one or two ways, let the people of the Miyin Village, the people of the village and the people in the foggy village doubt.

Have to say, this is definitely a one-priced thing!

Of course, the Millennium mother-in-law will not see this kind of careful thinking, but she looks again, because this is a naked use of positive!

"Wait ..., I still don't understand why this is why, are we not helping them?"

When Naruto got up, his face with doubts and dissolved look.

Carti heard the Naruto asked, his eyes took a helpless, and lifted his hand and couldn't help but lick your forehead.

"Because the enemy is just the enemy, let's doubt us."

The mountains and bluemes smiled and said patiently to the Naruto.

The Naruto seems to be nodded, and the ambus has just understood the look.

That a distressed look, sitting on the opposite day, Ning, I didn't think about why I was in this guy at the beginning.


The day, Ning, is frightened.

The voice falls. The opposite Naruto is naturally heard, after all, the whole meeting room is so big, let alone day, Ning, did not want to hide the meaning.

"Hey! You have a bad guy, is it a way to play!"

The Naruto pinned his fist, a pair of people who want to have a pain to teach a day to Ning.

After Ning Xin, Xiao Li and Tiantian have lost for a long time, and the Naruto understands the mood of these two people.

So I saw the moment when I was Ning Ji, the Naruto wanted to play the opponent, not only the day, Ning, and there was a help of the guy!

Take these two people behind them back, bring them back to everyone, bringing to everyone, this is the idea of ​​Naruto!

It is also supported by Naruto! The root cause of appears here.


A crisp collision sound, suddenly burned in the entire conference room!

The big knife in the hand in the hand, I don't know when I have already shot, and I have passed the direction of the Naruto's head.

Until the neck of the Naruto, there is a few centimels, and it has worked by the cards!

"You are a little ghost, you will see you not pleading."

Cartry ghosts holds a big knife and muscle, stare at the Naruto exposed sharp teeth, and the tone is full of killing.

At the same time, the mortar ghosts turn again, and look at the Kakasi gas that blocks yourself with a shore of excitement:

"Flag Kakasi?"

"People in the fog hidden village, it is really unable to be there."

Kakasi stepped on the meeting table, slightly low, the eyes of only the eyes under the mask, extremely indifferent staring at the mortgage.

This shark face and Carti's movements are so fast!

Naruto saw that he was only a few centimeters, and there was no bitterness of the attack and Kakasi blocked the attack.

Not only the flag-like Kakasi, the moment of the martillamon ghosts, the mountains and green leaves also moved.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

A sound crow is low, and it sounds at the same time in the conference room.

Number of black crows surrounded around the mountain city, rounded round, so that the shades of the mountains, the whole person of the mountains appeared slightly.

Give people a feeling of hosted!

"At this time, although I don't want to fight with the people in hidden village, I will not be indifferent."

The mountain city blinks of black sunglasses are flour, and the tone is stunned and calm.

"Illusion? Is wrong, crow is a real thing, it is the case, it is a combination of Tongling and illusion, it is really a combination of combination."

At this moment, the door has also opened his eyes. The eyes are watching the direction of the mountain city, although it is still sitting on the chair at the moment, but the whole person's body is slightly prior.

At a time, the atmosphere of the entire conference room became dignified.

The murder of the silk collides in the air, four people seem to be fighting together at any time.

Such a nervous atmosphere in the conference room, and the sand is naturally felt, but but didn't want to stop it.

Just under the atmosphere of this lifting.

Suddenly, a slightly puzzled voice sounded.

"Don't you notice a little abnormality?"

The day is low, if you think about the way, say this, the day, Ning Tie slightly, followed by a wonderful doubt:

"Do you not be surprising that the enemy is directly looking for home?"

"According to reason, even if the other party has a tricky tolerance such as space forces, it is impossible to find here for a short time."

"But the result is exactly the opposite. Through the inheritance of the village, the enemy came directly to the direction of the conference room after entering Saha Yin Village through space."

"It's as if it is as if it is as if it is, it will be guessed ... No, it should be aware that we are here!"

Along with the day, the day of the Ningxing, the original solidified atmosphere suddenly suddenly.

In addition to the mouth of the Naruto, everyone also smashed his eyes at the same time.

That's right, the guy called A Fei, even if you have space, it is impossible to find it so fast, you find the meeting rooms they live!

next moment!

The long gates, cacis, and the wooden leaves of Kakasi and the mountains and mountains simultaneously collapsed the movements.

"Good, little ghost."

The martillamon ghost turned his head and looked at Ning, with a thumb up in the tone.


As for the mountains of the leaves, the two of the two people on Kakasi expose a complicated look.

The reminder of Ning Ji is not only to let everyone who have already lifted the atmosphere just downgrade, but also let people realize a thing!

I am afraid that I have to go out from this conference room.

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