Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 338 Your heart I seem to!

At the beginning, the reason why the door, Kakasi and others did not realize that Ning.

Completely appeared in Affei and the doubts of the Millennium Mother-in-law disrupted.

And the leaves and fog people are not dealttage, and some problems have been ignored by the sandy village.

Or, there is no consideration to this area yet!

Kakasi is slightly flashing, they may not take into account, but the sandy village is not aware of.

From the extent of the thousand generations of mother-in-law to the column of the tail, this matter, this matter, I am afraid there is a special ninja think tank.

The Millennium's mother-in-law is indeed anger by Urcho to the earth.

But waiting for the sea to the mother-in-Chi mother-in-law!

the other side.

There is also a position of about 1 km from Saha Yin Village.

Yisi Bo has sneaked into sandy village through space, but the corner can help without space, naturally, it is impossible to sneak directly.

However, Yuxi Bo belt soil is different from the perspective of two.

At this moment, all the corners of this moment have a strong gesture, and there is a large part of the power of sandy village.

Sasuke also tightly followed the body behind the corner, the three hooks in the double-eyed jade were already open, and they were cautiously looked for four weeks.

Suddenly, the front of the front stopped!

"Hey, it seems that it can only be moved here."

The corners are stopped, twisted the neck look forward, make a loud laugh.

Sasuke also followed the latter stop, look carefully, in front of Sasuke's field of view, there was a slow sand in the top of the sand, and there was a slow sand in the top of the sand.

"Is there only five people? It seems that the guy has sneaked into the sandy village, and it indeed attracted some people."

Sasuke saw that only five sandy, the eyes were slightly flashing, and the heart thought.

The ninja of five sandy villages saw the front corner and Sasuke, with a slightly ridicule and the eyes of the dead.

"If you have two people, one is a little ghost, I want to invade Saha Yin Village?"

"It's just laughing!"

A sand has suddenly laughed, and the sound took advantage of no concealed.

"Tone less, hurry to solve this, the other party has a companion has sneaked into the village, and that little ghost should pay special attention to it, try not to kill."

"The little ghost of the Yisi Bo? If you want to catch, there will be a lot of benefits to us!"

The sandele is a quiet and plain open road.

At the moment, the four sandbits next to the side of the sand, the four sandbits next to him moved.




A large number of bitterness of the explosion is flying out, flying out, and covered with the horns and the steps.

Sasuke written the wheel eye quickly, and the body is also boring from the ninja bag in the ninja bag on the side of the ninja bag.

These Sasuke throws with bitterness and painful collisions are collided in the air, followed by a sound explosion.

Of course, the reason why it is so easy to solve these striking, it is completely most of the bitterness. There is only a small part to shoot to Sasuke.

And the corner of the side, standing in the same place, there is no movement, let it splash in his body, splashing a series of explosives!

Seeing this scene, the sand is obviously stunned, the other party is completely within the explosion of the explosion, and there are so many explosions at once, it is almost killing!

Is it so easy to solve the guy who has fallen this invasion?

This idea is true in all sandy minds!

But the next moment!

In the smoke caused by the bombing, the corner is rushing out the whole person.

At this moment, in addition to the body's clothes, there is no injury, but there is no injury to the whole body, but there is a metal gloss.

"I look at your heart!"

The corner is full of excitement expressions and uncomfortable killing, and the speed is extremely fast in front of the Ninja captain.

In the process of flying in the corner, the gloss of the metal is slowly pushed down, and at the same time, the arm starts hardening to black.

For the position of the heart of the sand, directly, the hand can catch the hand!

"This speed ...!"

The color of the sand is changed, and it is easy to reach the print, but the speed exhibited by the angle is not yet.


The printed gesture is just half, and the hardened arm has touched the sizzling captain's chest, and it penetrates in an instant!


Through the arm did not spill the slightest blood in the chest of the sand, only a little bit!

The corner did not catch the heart, but in the heart of the heart, a blade of the green liquid was caught in the heart of the heart.

However, under the horned arm, the venom in the blade did not invade the palm of the corner, and even the hardening arm of the corner was directly pinched directly.

!! ...... !

With the five white smoke, I saw the five sorrows just now, all changed to five forms, and the blame.

At the same time, these five puppets instantly have a hollow posture and enclose the corners around the center.

Not only the angle is all, and there is also a situation at the same time.

Just evade Sasuke with explosion attacks, just stood storm, suddenly felt that the sand under the feet was swaying, and quickly jumped quickly, moving towards the rear.

"That is Chakra's line!"

"It turned out to be, the squat was ambush in the ground, just just connected."

" , there is still such a means of operation!"

In the field of view of Sasuke, a hidden location shot a root chacoon, connected to one of his feet.

That is to say!

In this side of the sand, it should not only bury a puppet!

! !

Countless flying needles shot from the position, and a brain is jumping into the semi-spaced semi-air.

"Art fire escape ho fireball!"

Jump to Sasuke in the half-air, there is no slightest, quickly print, and open a huge fireball!

The hot flames have exploded with an explosion, and all the flying needles shot out will be out.

Not only this, Sasuke after the release of the fire, the hands of the hands are still not stopped. Continue printing in half air, in a moment of defending.

With the sound of birds!

A large number of blue lightows gathered on the left hand of Sasuke, issued a sound of the sound.

Thunder - Thousands of Birds!

Sasuke the rotation of the write-wheel eye speed in the binocular, determined that the location of the Chakra line is connected to the ground, rushed to the location connected to the Chakra line.

The sand of the embarrassment, seems to be aware of the dangers of the Thousands of Birds in Sasher, and quickly manipulate the just's pantry constantly issued, and want to hinder the development of Sasuke.

Unfortunately, under the dynamic vision of writing the eyes, all the attacks were sacrificed to avoid the past.

At this time, Sasuke also saw the sand that hidden in secret manipulation!

That sand has changed, and even if you are busy, you will be returned, and you will quickly return to your body.