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Chapter 340, internal, resentment to people

The corner is with a plain look, slowly walks to the sanding captain that is almost roasted.


A sole spurs out from the ground in front of the Sanda, stabbed in the position of the heart.

It's a pity that this breeze is when it is about to be close to the corner, and the black line that is taken out by the corner is brought to the bunch, blocking down.

Immediately after the black line is shrinking, the earth thorn is blended directly, and it is dispersed into the earth.

"Is it too weak before dying? Unfortunately."

There is a touch of disdain in the corner, followed by a slightly curved body, low-heading, looking like a half of the sand, the squad leader, moving the opening:

"I said, your heart I seem to be!"


Blood and four splashes!

A bright red heart beats, and the corner is directly digging from the sanding captain's chest.

The eyes of the Sanda Director completely lost their gods, with a breeze, completely fell on the ground.

At the point of view, it will be trapped, and after a wide range of baptism, it has been hard and unparalleled, and the crack of dense linear is also appeared.


With a series of sounds, the squatting is directly cracking, and it is originally located in the . At this moment, it has disappeared.

Obviously, from the beginning, Sasuke did not arouse the martial artist by Sandy Village.


The next place is not far away, a palm suddenly explored, followed by Sasuke's figure, drill from the sand.

"Cough ..."

Sasuke patted the sand on the body, sniffing the flavored flavor of the air, couldn't help but gently cough.

I swept the scene around him, and the pupils in the eyes couldn't help it, but it quickly returned to calm.

If you have seen such sickness before, you will be afraid to be fearful?

But now, through the guidance of the man!

Just just this extent, but it is still far enough!

Sasuke slightly tightened the fist, and the eyes flashed in unparalleled firm.

"Oh? In my sickness, I can be safe and sound, it seems that I have prepared it, it is good, little ghost."

The corners are slightly slightly wolf, but there is no injury, and there is a slight surprise in the tone.

"In advance, I learned about the stem, if it is injured, it is too small to see me!"

Sasuke's writings slowly in both eyes, staring at the an amazing corners of the front, and the tone is cold.

"It will not be easily killed, after all, if you die, I will have a lot of trouble." The corner is not in the cold, twist neck in the helper, twist neck.

"The next thing is to be big!"

"Of course, you can quit in advance."

The corners are re-turned, see the direction of sandy village, two masks are strange in the side of the corners, giving people a sense of horror fear.

It is not a corner that is good to remind, but it is different from the beginning of the task.

What's more, if it is not because of the existence of Yu Zhibo spots, it is dead to be alive, and it is not important in the eyes of the corner.

If it is really killing, the corner is even very happy, will pick up the head of Unecheo Sasuo, and if he has not remembered, Yuxi Sasuke's head is quite worth money.

"If I die, then I prove that I have so much extent." Sasuke crossed the corner, and the figure quickly rushed to the front.

If you hear Sasuke, the corner couldn't help but grin.

It's really a mad ghost!

If you are not careful next, you will really die.

However, since the little ghost in front of you doesn't care about your own life, the corner is more uncomfortable.

"Catch a tail plan! Start!"

The corner is flashing in a cold, and the foot is on the foot, and the past is directly rushed to the past.

The task of the role is to help Yizhi Bo belt and share the firepower of Sandy Village in order to make Yisi Board in Sandy Village easier.

Nowadays, the squad of Sandy Village has been easily overtaken by the corner, which will let the Ninja of Sandy Village realize that they have false their strength.

That time!

Sandy Village will definitely send more Ninja to come, so next is the real battle!

Sandy Village is close to the central location of the center.

An extremely ordinary house.

boom! boom!

A gentle knockout sound suddenly sounded.

Not long after, the door of the room was opened, and a middle-aged man with a look, some of the people who knocked on the door.

"Ninja ... adult?"

The middle-aged man saw the sand of the stood in front of her door, and his face quickly revealed a respectful and doubtful look.

This sand is in the middle of the middle-aged man. When you open the door, you will look at the room in the room, and you will lose the whole room in an instant, followed by receiving your eyes.

"Sorry for disturbing you."

"This time may have unusual movements, thousands of generations make me inform you, soon solve, you will be good."

This sand has found that there is no abnormality, and it is gently, a flashed into a residual shadow disappeared in the same place.

Seeing this ninja leaving, the middle-aged man shook his head, with a little look, and closed the door.

With the door to the door, the middle-aged man has quickly gains up, turning the head and looks at the position of a corner of the room.

"Adult, the other party has left."

The middle-aged man is respectful to open the mouthway to the corner of the empty.

"Things have become a bit trouble. I didn't expect this old woman actually used the most stupid way, but it was very effective ..." Yuxi Bo has slowly turned out from the corner, and there is some low open mouth.

With the efficiency of these sandes, I am afraid that I will have a general screening of some positions, that is, the longer the time is dragging, the more likely it will be discovered.

The middle-aged man in the side stretches out the arm and wipes the cold sweat on the forehead. He also knows the danger of this moment and can't help but nervous.

Obviously, the long gates of the conference room and Kakasi guess is correct, Unexpello has the soil and others, and there should be inside the sandy village.

"The position of the column, isn't you found yet?"

Yisi Bo is lifted up and looks at this middle-aged man, and only the written eye exposed under the mask is slightly flashing.

Since Sandy Village knows the information in advance, the position of the hidden hidden position is extremely hidden, and there is no way to rely on white intelligence capabilities.

Therefore, before leaving, Unexpello had to find the madlock, borrowing the dark line of the scorpion.

It is not so troublesome, but because Yu Zhiso is helpful, this thing has become a bit complex.

It seems that Yu Zhibo spheres are very valuable. From this point of view, Yu Zhibo spots have not trusted him.

No, it is not "trust" but "utilization."

Yuxi Bo sphere is just using him from the beginning!

I know that the arrest of the column is extremely difficult, and the reason why Uzhi Bo is still coming to Shang Yin Village, naturally because of the strength of Sasuke, or catching the arrested column.

There is no conflict with what he wants to do, but it is good.

Sasuke can be an excellent candidate. The eyes of Unechyo belt have a dangerous light.

"It's already found by good adults, about my love position."

The middle-aged man has a respectable look, and it is busy opening the mouth. When it comes to "I love Luo", the middle-aged man's tone is obviously with a hate.

I heard a position of the column, Yishibo belt spirit.

As for the hate contained in the middle-aged man, Yuxi Bo has nothing to do.

This middle-aged man's relatives are dead in a riot of death.

The existence of the column is itself, it will be fearful and scared by the world, even resentment!

"Finally found it." Yu Zhibo smiled with the soil.

"Big ... Adults, what you go out now, it is very likely to be discovered by Ninja in the village."

The middle-aged man swallowed a water, some tensions and careful wings.

"Reassured, will not let people feel you."

Yuxi Bo took the soil of this middle-aged man, and the voice was flat.

As the voice falls!

One of the same ninja with Yisi Bo belt, slowly turned out from the ground.