Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 341 Game begins!

Seeing this sudden appearance of two two figures, middle-aged men's face showed a horror look, couldn't help but returned a few steps, and a butt was sitting on the ground.

"What is it for measuring ...... Mandarin?"

But soon, the middle-aged man came back to God, as if I thought about it, gently comforted a sigh of relief, whispered to the voice.

Since this middle-aged man is not a ninja, I don't know how the same two Yuxi Bo belt sole is not the so-called pledge.

Moreover, the two Yuxi wave belt Tacha's breath is completely exactly the same.

"Oh, it's finally going to start, but your ass is sour."

"You will not only ordinary, but the courage is so small, do you want me to teach you how to practice courage?"

Yischo, who was pretended to be in twisted twisted, and the middle-aged man who was afraid of a fear, full of open mouth.

I saw that I did my own look like my own look, Yuxi Bo belt slightly silent, followed by microbial teeth;

"Now, according to the initial plan!"

It seems that the imperiality in Unexpello is not good, and the white-handed appearance is quickly convergeful. It is not hesbed, and the whole person will soon sink into the ground.

Take the law - !

The varyrical physique itself is a bit special. In addition, it can be integrated into the grass on the earth in the earth, and has reached high speed movement.

In the case of skeekze, the white can be moved by intervention in an organic network existing in the bottom of the plant, or even the organic network such as underground rivers, and can be moved to any place at high speed.

After leaving the house where you left the Ho Zhiwei, it quickly moved in the opposite direction, pulled the distance between his and Yisi Bo.

"This distance should be almost the same."

White perceived, slightly, stopped underground.

This distance time should be enough.

Thinking of this, the mouth of the white mouth reveals a smile, and the figure quickly explored from the ground.

Plastic shadow office.

After the Millennium Wife left the conference room, he returned to here.

Taking the wind shadow office as a center, the ninja of the entire sandy village will be issued, and come to the commander.

Although the identity of thousands of mother-in-law is old, the current position is agency style, so there is no problem in the town in the style office.

The Millennium's face with a little tired look, with her now to deal with many village things this age, it is a very feminine thing.

In addition, this time, I truly let the Millennium mother-in-law are not worried about Unexpellis, the corner, and the horns, and the three people.

But Yu Zhibo spots!

At this moment, the identity of Udecoebeling soil has appeared in an instant.

Among the wind shadow office, I have been respectfully staying in front of the one of the young mother-in-law, and quickly lifting the head and look at the direction of the thousand generations of mother-in-law:

"The other party has appeared, the location is in the direction of four o'clock, and it is moving, but the speed is not fast."

This perceived ninja quickly analyzes the information you perceived, and summarizes.

"Is there?"

"Very good, dispatch ninja, the other party has space tolerance, to quickly block the other's action, solve the fastest speed, or will be very troublesome."

The Children's mother-in-law nodded and nodded, and the sound of the open mouth, but only the sound of a murderous killing.

The voice falls.

Dozens of figure rushing out from the wind shadow office, rushing back and forth, rushing towards the location of the vote.

At the same time, there is also the perceived ninja who left the trial of the ten years.

Judging from the current intelligence, only one person in invading sand hidden village, so after discovering the other party, the Millennium mother-in-law will not need him.

And there is a perceptual ninja followed, but also afraid that the other party fled again with space forbearance.

Since it is intentional, although the white is still moving, the speed is not fast, while maintaining his own breath, the disappears will reappear again, with this disguise space tolerance.

Even so, in the assistance of a well-known ninja, many sand has not been spent for a long time, and they have already arrived at the position of the white.


Dozens of sand ending, a blink of a blink of a blinking has been surrounded by white, and one contains a killing gaze to look around is surrounded by the center.

"Oh, have you found it?"

The surprised look is fitted with a white face, and the open mouth is exaggerated while touching the head.

Because it is a disguised Unecho toilet, naturally also takes masks. Therefore, there are many sorrows in the scene that they don't see the expressions without acting.

Just in the white words, everyone can still listen to the way at this moment is obvious.


A sandy village endured, half squats on a stone column, lifting the arms, waving in the direction of the white, unfair, faceless.

At the moment, the large number of hardships of the four sides should be shot in the past, and they will be blocked all around the direction.

Not only this, the number of martial arts manipulates a lot of from the air and the surface, together with the past.

Battle momentary!

At this moment!

Located in the center of the sand hidden village, in the ordinary people, Unexpello can say that it is completely visiting, and it is going to make up.

"The game started!"

Yuxi Bo has a low laughter, the spiral space whirlpool emerges from Unecy Band, and the next momentous is directly disappearing in the room.

At this time, outside the sandy village, the angle and Sasuke have been handed over with the guardian of Sandy Village, and the horrible Chakra is a violent outbreak from the corner.

Wind, earth, thunder, water, fire!

Various sickness in the hands of the corner, don't have money to smash the past, the strong sterile intertwined broke out, and sounded sounds.

At this moment, the whole person is like a war cut, and it has been compressed by a person's hard student.

As for Sasuke, although there is no corner of performance, it can be easily accomplished by means of the advantage of writing the eyes, and it can be found in the surrounding Chakra line.

One time, the corner and the battlefield of the two people said that the movement of manufacturing, directly attracted most of the Ninja's eyes and attention!

In addition, the white disguise to become a Zhiso, which attracted some attention, directly caused the defensive gap in Sandy Village.

And with this defense, Yuxi Bo belt soil is better than planning!

Slightly dimly dimly lit around.

There is no furnishings in the entire room, only a shadow tray is sitting in the most central location.

There is no action in this body, just a slight lower head, but it is faintly with some tyrannical and depressed Chakra.

"I have to stay here for more time!"

Suddenly, this photo is lifted, and it is a boring, it seems to be suppressed, and the sound is somewhat hoarse open mouth.

With the sound of this sound, in some dim, a fuzzy figure that is relying on the wall is slowly coming out.

Although not someone else, Saha Yin Village is on Honeyski!

"Sorry, I love Luo, I'm afraid you need to stay here for a while before the thousand generations of adults have no specific orders."

The calm calm calm, the tone is not changed.

"I know." I looked at the head of the head and reopened it again.

Seeing that I love this calm accept this scene, the horse's eyes flashed an unexpected look.

No one notes, at this moment, there is a cold, seriously known Maji, and a rare showing a smile.

I love Luo really started to grow up!

After all, now this thing is to put it before, I am afraid I have already ridiculous!