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Chapter 342, one tail, crane, run away!

Just as Masaki, when I rolle, my heart rose a bit of gratification.


A secret chakra has poured into the room!

Almost this instant appeared in Chakra, a voice also sounded on the roof of the room.

"I finally found you, a tail of the column, I love Luo!"

Yisi Bo took the top of the Tower, looking at my love of the center position sitting in the center of the room, with a little smile.

Seeing the sudden appearance of Unexpello, my love of the love can't help but shrink, the body has not yet responded, and the Maji on the side has jumped to the air.

Hands have been in pain, and Maji has quickly draws the position of Zhouso's land neck, the speed of speed, the urgency, and people amazed!

Unfortunately, it is not hindered by bitterness, and it is rossed from Unexpello to soil, and there is a romantic voice in the air.

Yischi Belt has not looked at his Maji. It is still looking at my love in the lower part. At the end of the horse set attack, the body is ready to go to the bottom of my love.

However, it is at this time!

Yuxi Boi is hidden under the mask's face slightly changed, which should have jumped to the half air and should be dropped.

It turned out to violate the common sense, and the body was suspended in half!

A weak reflective map, although it is just a moment, but it is still captured by the written eye of Yuxi Bo.

Yu Zhiwei took the soil at this time, it was found that the other hand of Masaki was entangled with an extremely elongated steel wire, and this wire didn't know when it was connected to the roof.

Since the entire room is somewhat dim, then when the sky is started, Yuxi Bo belt soil did not pay attention to the steel wire in the hands of the Horse's hand!

It is precisely because of this instant mistake, Masaki pulled a rolling force in the air, and kicked directly to Uzhi Bo.


This hit is heavy, even if Yuxi Bo is temporarily reacted, it is unloaded part of the force, and the body still can't help it out.

However, it is only limited to this, and Yisi Bo is quickly rotated quickly in the air, and the smooth falls on the side of the side.

The other side of Masaki did not intend to continue to attack, and the heart is in the heart, and quickly falls in front of my love from the air.

"You leave!"

Ma Ji stops before I love Luo, the opening road does not return.

Here is the main family of sand, although the guy who is not clear, how to deceive those who know the ninja, but the movement caused by the battle, I am afraid that the surrounding sand has begun to act, and come to them. .


Almost in the moment of the heart of the horse, a picture of Chakra, has begun to act, appeared in a few people in the scene.

"It's a rich experience."

Yischo took the soil shot and shot the position of the , issued a weird laughter, the sound is no longer, as if there is no urgent look.

"Do you have anyone who came to grab me?" I loved the head, let people can't see the expression on the face, stand up slowly, and pull it in your hands.

Wire - silk -!

A shaft of sand is sprayed from the back of my love, falling on the surrounding ground.

When I saw this scene, the horse's face couldn't help but become ugly, obviously what he said, I didn't listen to it.

"Kill you!!"

I loved the head, and my face was filled with the look, and I gave a blind.


Take the law - even when you pop your sand!

The sand just sprayed from the sand, rapidly surged at this moment, turned into a large amount of sand bomb, as a machine gun generally took out the front.

Because the Maji station in front of my love forefront, in my instanta, the horse's stool is reflected in the side!

However, it is precisely because of the movement of Masaki, Yuxi Bo belt also moves simultaneously. The whole person directly pilings. Under the role of Shenwei, the sand bomb is not in the sky.

Yisi Bo has a very fast speed, and it is close to my love, because the space in the entire room is not big.

Therefore, just one or two breathing skills, Unexpellis has appeared in front of my love.


Seeing your own attacks, I loved a low, and my hands played forward, the surrounding sand was also in the same way.

A large number of sands attacked Unexpello, while the shield composed of sands in front of my love.

This series of movements are almost instantaneous, obviously, because they have to have a better than the inner test, and I loved many.

But unfortunately!

Yuxi Bo is still penetrating without obstruction. Only one eye exposed is a faint red man, lifting a hand, pressed the head of my arms!


With an extremely weak broken voice, you will sound from the front.

A extremely elongated wire from the front hike, with an extremely precise angle, pull it toward the position of Unechybocenter neck.

If Yischo belt continues to move forward, I am afraid that the entire head will be cut directly by this wire, and this attack is the side of the horse.

I saw that I loved in front of my love, Yu Zhiwei did not hesitate, directly entered the state of the Shenwei, the body flooded in the body of steel and my love, appeared in the rear!

boom! boom! boom!

At the same time, a sullen sound also came at the same time, dozens of sand insisted on the same, and surrounded the soil band.

A fierce murder, from these sandbearing, the gas machine is interlaced in the air, locking in the body of Unechebra.

"It seems that you failed."

The horse's face revealed a smile, and the eyes were cold and watched.

With the current situation, Unexpello has no opportunity to take away my love!

Not only that, now Yisi Bo is already surrounded, and the space is extremely rare, but it does not mean that it is invincible.

Masaki, I don't believe that the space for the opposite guy is inendering, and there is no sickness for the endurance. It is nothing to find out.

Even if the year, it is called "Golden Flash" with space tolerance, it is also necessary to make coordinate positioning with special hardships.

Listening to the confidence in Maji language, Unexpello belt soil not only is not enlisted by the so-called surrounded, even while shaking his head, while stalling the palm, making a helpless look.

"Hey, is there any failure?"

"This can be said."

Yuxi Bo touched the chin, and the voice of the voice was full of weird, and the voice was turned:

"And who said that my purpose is to bring people help?"

"Solid-tailing - Solution!" Yuxi Board was put on the chest, and finally spit a few words.

As early as Ukhi Boi, the use of Shenwei, from the moment I passed through the love, one hand touched my love back.

Only because Ma Ji stood before I love Luo, it was in a dead position, so I didn't see the small actions of Urcho.

not good!

The horse's face was changed. At this time he noticed that I loved a quiet station in the original place, there was no action.

Roar! !

A roaring like a wild beast, mixing the tyrannical terror, spraying from my love of the body.

The horrible breath sweeps around, at the same time, my love is growing rapidly in the naked eye visible.

"Go away here!"

The big hand of the horse's face is full of hands, and he has said to the surrounding sand.

A tail guard is coming out!

The purpose of the guy, from the beginning, it is not to take away my love, but let the beast rural!