Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 343 This retreat!


Many sand in the scene also reacted at the same time and did not have a rapid retracence of hesitation.

boom! boom!

The whole house is instantly scrolled, and the sand is broken, and it is chemically smuggled.

Horror, violent, tyrannical Chakra, appeared in the perception of all Ninja in the field sandy village.

"Ouhaha ... , I came out again!"

A huge figure of a tail guard appeared in Sandy Village, a mad smirkey laugh.

After laughing for a while, a tail guard seems to be aware of this appearance, and I love to use "the phrase" like "the phrase". "

"Oh, isn't it to be put out by this stinky ghost? But it doesn't matter, your group of ants will die!"

A tail guard is shown in the gas to bring a trace of accidents, followed by being thrown into the brain, who put him coming out of the tail guard.

I saw the many sandy horizons around the dense Ma Ma, and the tailed crane sent a lot. I had a little uncomfortable to guard the crane, directly launch an attack!

Sand spot!

A large amount of sand is rapidly aggregated in the air, followed by a veraints of the wind.

Almost a blink of an eye, the surrounding ground has been smashed in the pit.

Thanks to the thousand generations of mother-in-law, it seems that I have taken into consideration of the instability of my love, so I am equipped with the location of the village in the center of the village and did not cause more casualties.

And planned all Yisi Bo belt soil, which has entered the Shenwei space before the attack of the crane.

With the anecdote from a tail guard, the civilians of the entire sandy village instantly caught a panic.

In the face of a huge thing that exudes a horror at the end of the horses, even if the ninja will be fearful, let alone ordinary civilians who have no strength!

Mountain in the style of the style.


Chi Dong's mother-in-law originally disappeared, and his face is in the table with an angry.

"What is going on here! What is Masaki doing? Why is the tail guard?"

A series of questions that mixed with anger, was lauded by the Millennium Mother-in-law.

Unfortunately, now there is no one to answer the Qian Dynasty mother-in-law.

"Don't worry, now you are not self-in-law, send people first to keep a tail guard, definitely can't let him leave the place."

The sea is slightly cough, and there is a thousand generations of mother-in-law.

Chi Dong's mother-in-law strong down the anger in his heart, and quickly issued the order, so that many sand rushed to the position of a tail.

At this moment, a rush of footsteps sounded out of the wind shadow office.

Then, the perceived ninja who went to the hunting Unexpello, and his face took a little unexpected look.

"How is the good situation?"

The old man who came into the good face of the sea, the eyebrows couldn't help with a slight wrinkle, but it still asked the child.

"Don't tell me, you still let the enemies run!" Millennium mother-in-law almost opened, and there was a hint in the tone.

"Don't let it run, we have killed it."

"But ... The enemy who attracted our past is not the Ninja, which will spare."

The name of the name of the name is aware of the inheritance, and the tone explains.

With the voice of the good, the sea, the old, the mother-in-law, two people squatted at the same time.

Both people are smart people, naturally aware of the problem!

The other party is a bait that deliberately thrown, attracting them and let them chase!

Children's mother-in-law finally understood, why is a tail guard suddenly rushed away.

"Hehe, it is really a young generation."

I want to understand the consequences, I want to get a hard look of the mother-in-law. The sea is not only anger, but laughs, but laughs, so that the original depressed atmosphere is empty.

Among the meeting rooms at the other side.

The long gates and Carti and others also feel that the violent Chakra at the end of the crane.

Even in a few people, you can see a slightly blurred huge body shadow.

"See the situation, the people in Sandy Village seem to have a bit more great."

"However, at least the current good news is that people are still in Saha Yin Village, and the other party is probably thoroughly irritating."

The mountains of the mountains gazes out the direction of the distant crane in the distance, with a trace of dignity.

At present, they can't leave the meeting room, so they can only do it here.

"I didn't expect that people column power turned away, and things look more interesting!" The mortar ghost squatted with a slightly teeth, and the low smile.

Kakasi looked at the direction of the mortal ghosts, and wrinkled slightly, followed by watching the eyes next to the next position, and he was all over the end.

Kakasi's eyes flashed a thoughtful look, and the people in the fog, seemed to have a bit of a sense of fear.

Just as Kakasi's heart guess what, he suddenly came out of the conference, and the door of the meeting room was opened.

A dressed sand, and the face came in with a calm look.

"Sorry, everyone stay here for so long, the Qian Dynasty people have it."

The sand is dressed, and a few people in the scene, make a gesture invited to everyone.

Carkasi and Mountain City are simultaneous attention to the eyes, and there is a variety of light.

At this moment, a devilie looks like a Naruto on the conference table suddenly heard it, fierce lifted his head, and his face showed no surprise look.


Outside sandy village gate.

A large amount of dust is flooded around, and the air is filled with a burnt stench.

call! call!

Sasuke's heavy gas, the face with a clear tired look, the original neat clothes have long been broken.


A soil gun is explored from the ground, and the position of the chest is straightforward.

Sasuke pupils a contract, the written eyes in the double-eyed shots, in the moment of the soil gun, the moment of the chest, twisted, strongly hid this attack, but the position of the left arm is still drawing Not shallow scars.

"Little ghost, only this extent?"

A slightly ridicule sound came from the front, falling into the ear.

The owner of this voice is not someone else, it is standing in front of the front.

At this point, the two square weird masks are all in the deep side, and the noodles are sprayed from the mask mouth, spraying various attributes, and bombing the front.

"Hey!" Sasukes sent a cold, recovering the invasion of the invasion from one side.

Such a high-intensity battle is not just tired, even if the corner is also a tired look.

"There is still a few people left in Chakra, what is Yisi Bo, what is not completed?"

The corner flashed in the eyes, and the heart is secretly thinking.

He has already set up an idea, and if you have no movement for a while, he will leave it directly with him.

After all, if you drag down, he is dangerous!

At this time, the roaring of a tail guard in Sandy Village suddenly burned, and instantly attracted the attention of all Ninja present.

"One tail guardian? People's column!"

At the scene of the sand heard, this thoughtfulness was also emerged in the mind.

At the same time, the sorrow of the sand has also had a short pause in this moment.

good chance!

The corner is strong in front of him, and he is now now, their mission has been completed, and then how to get out of the battlefield.

This retreat!

It seems that this battle seems to be a corner to suppress the ninja of Sandy Village, but the corner is clear but it is very clear.

The other side of the team is not intended to be a sigh of air attacking, but there is still the consumption of their Chakra and will.

As a long time, from the beginning of the major ninja village, the Ninja, which has been survived, his situation has been very dangerous, this, the corner is clear than anyone!

The angle is always in the heart, and the surrounded mask is quickly cultivated into a black silk, and the angle is brought into the body.

at the same time!

The corner is not divided into the beginning of the rapid printing. With the mask blame in the moment of incorporating his body, it consumes only not many Chakra sitting in his body.

Composite finch - land grievance - final shooting!

Chakra, the wind, fire, and thunder three stocks, at this moment, quickly gathered on the right arm of the corner, after a short energy storage, fired a horrible Chakraun!

The horrible attack, instantly hindered the sand that wants to continue to do it!