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Chapter 344 Sasuke's consciousness

The horror of this horrible one hit the Chakra gun after emitting.

There is no hesitation of slips, directly turned to the Sasuke that has not responded yet, and disappeared quickly.

The opposite sorrows launched the soil, resisting this shot, and also noticed the intentions of the corner, but unfortunately, because of the tricks that launched tolerance.

The other party has ran out a distance. At this time, I plan to intercept, it is already too late.

Responsible for the team leader, I don't know when I have already standing in the position.

Looking at the horns that gradually go and sags two, the face is gloomy.


Sanda captain's open mouth of his teeth, while lifting a piece of gravel on the side.

Due to the corner, the strange ability is exhibited, as well as strong tissue. In the case of the other party's ability to intelligence, the original one is just like a cat mice, first slowly consumes the other party's Chakra.

But who thought that the other party had left one hand.

Today, he has become a party who is playing!


"Captain, what should we do next, is we chasing?"

Along with a few broken sounds, the remaining sand has also rapidly rushing, appearing on the side of this sandalist, with a solemn look.

The sandy team is slightly twitching with a slight twitching, and there is a tangled eye.

Now that the enemy's Chakra is consumed, if it is directly chased, there is a big possibility, you can hold the other party, even kill!




I heard the village, faintly came to the roar and roaring sound.

This is the reason why Snakers who bite teeth and inner entanglement. Before chasing the enemy may arrest the other party, but there are still some uncertainty.

Who knows that the enemy has a backhand, or even deliberately leads them.


"First go back to the village, solve the problem of people!"

After the sorrow is slightly tangled in his heart, you will quickly down the command.

Compared to the enemy escaped, the village is obviously more important, no hesitation, the sandal captain turned to return to the village with the village.

the other side.

After the corner, it took Sasuke to quickly escape from Shang Yin Village, and he did not kill, and he couldn't help with a slight breath.

With the only small Chakra in the body, if there is a war, ten eight nine may plant!

But now, their plan does not appear unexpected, those sand rushing, the first to return to the village.

After knowing that no one is pursued, the speed is slow, and the route is quickly changed. But there is no thorough stay away from sand.

Instead, it is not far from the location of sandy village, and there is a place in advance with Yisi Bo.

In the undead desert, with the wind roll, splashing a dusty dance.

A large number of weathered rocks, Lin stands around.

The shape is kilomechanical, some rocks have long been corrosion, and it seems to be a crushing as long as you use force.

The corners are placed on the sand on the ground, and I have a four weeks. I will determine that it is a huge rock next to it. It takes directly to sit down on the rock.

The corners have reached out to pull their masks, revealing a little tired face, then from the endurance bag hung on the waist, take out a few black autumn soldiers, and chew it in the mouth.

At this time, the soldiers are the best restore physical strength and Chakra items.

When the corner is sitting in the rock, Sasuke is a slight walk from the back.

At this moment, Sasuke can feel the body of this moment and the feeling of tiredness, but still bite the body to the corner.

"Why we suddenly left!"

"Is our mission not arresting column power?"

Sasuke tone is obviously dissatisfied with dissatisfaction and look at the corners that are recovering.

As for the corner, he took him away, Sasuke, there is no meaning to thank you.

The corner is indifferent, and there is no meaning of Sasuke, and there is no expression of the mouth of the squad.

I didn't look back in the corner. When I took a slight breath, I just prepared to continue opening, an leg shadow had already emerged in front of Sasuke.

Sasuke pupils fiercely, quickly reach out of the arms, preparing to resist this, but the action is still slower.


Sasuke one foot was kicked out, hit the rear of the rock.

Although the whole rock is in a long time through the corrosion of the sand, it seems that there is a slight plow, as if it is pushed, but the internal is still hard.

But by Sasuke, this hit is actually directly chemical into a smash, splashing the shade of smoke, obviously, the corner did not pay attention to it.

"If you don't have a pair of writings, I can't think of you will be the younger brother."

"Su Zhi Houchi guys, although people hate, this is good, compared with him, your strength is not only weak, and it is not smart enough."

The corners are lifted, and the eyes are watching the Sasuke covered by the dust, and the tone continues to open:

"If you want to die, you can go back, there is another thing you seem to be wrong, when do you have questioned my qualification?"

"Or, do you think a strong person recognizes a weak person? Save you, just because if you die, I will be very troublesome."

The corner is indifferent to look at the dust in the dust, and the sound is tauntful.

A member of the organization, this is a proud, but it is not tamed. If you want to get these people, then at least one of them is a hierarchy.

Just taking the tone of speaking, completely put itself in the position of the row.

This is an extremely coming thing in the eyes of the corner!

Dust in the dust.

Sasuke slowly stood up, with a little wolf's look, but the written eyes in both eyes have been turned on and started to revive.

The corner will kick him out, and Sasuke is not angry.

Even if I have ridiched in my mouth, I didn't let it help.

Because this can only explain that you are weak, it is stronger!

As I just said, I had a weak person in my weak, which is clear than anyone.

but! I can't mention the name of that person!

"Don't be in front of, mention" Yushuo "this name!"

Sasuke issued an angry low drink, the figure is instantly moving, and the past is rushed to the corner.

At this moment, in a position not far from the rock, the figures of the vintage are explored from the ground, watching the scene in front of the scene, showing the weird look on his face.

However, the white is not to stop the meaning, and there is a look of a look.

"Hey, I know that I am not an opponent, and I still don't have to do it."

"This little ghost is not the kind of stupidity, so is this" sense of consciousness "that Yu Zhibo spheres said? "

While touched your own chin, think about it.

However, in a vitious head, I am afraid that no matter what I want, I will not understand the meaning of these two words.

In addition, the reason why it is said, because the white suddenly remembered that the Essence of Sui Zhihu did not intentionally speaking the evaluation of Sasuke.

"Sasuke has a consciousness that can become a strong!"

At this moment.

The corners have seen it to yourself, and the face is still with a faceless look.

Even, the corner did not even move, quietly leaning against the rock, eyesight, watching this.

It seems that Sasuke's objects are not going to attack, not with yourself!

Just in the distance of Sasuke, there is still less than about two meters, the body suddenly stopped.

It's not Sasuke, but suddenly someone appears, hold the shoulder of Sasuke.

"Oh, it seems that the two spirits are good, then I am relieved."

Yisi Bo took the soil handled Sasuke, grabbed your hair in one hand, and a little relaxed and embarrassed tone in the voice, haha.