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Chapter 345 is goodbye to take over!

Along with Yuxi Board, there is a sorry haha ​​laugh.

In the field, because of the sakura, the atmosphere of solidification was turned, and many were saved.

At this moment, Sasukes found that they didn't work anyway, they couldn't move forward, and couldn't help but feel afraid.

When Yu Zhihua, Sasuke has seen this guy who claims to be A Fei many times. Although the other party is a person in the Yuxi Bo, but the specific identity is not known.

Moreover, this guy has a little uncomfortable, and the time is long, can't help but rise a few points.

At least the person who is waiting for a person in the corner stands together, and Yisi Bo is seen from the surface, and the strength seems to be one of the weakest.

After all, there is a very difficult ability to be spatied, and anyone will feel a little tricky. As for other respects, there is no deep impression.

Nowadays, the other party only presses himself with one hand, and how this is not a bit of a shock,

"The gap is so big ..."

Sasuo muttered in the heart, although this is one of the facts, his physical strength has dropped a lot through the battle of just now.

But only one hand is suppressed, this is the fact, enough to show that the power of the other party is afraid that it is not in the corner.

Thinking of this, Sasuke's body stopped, flashing a deep desire for strength.

My own strength is clear, I feel much better, but the more this, the more you can feel the gap between you and Yuxi foot.

During the time of training, Sasuke took a lot of information about Yuxi Puba from the white way.

At least in terms of strength, Sasuke knows that Unecheo's strength is in the presence of a member of the public organization.

If you want to reach the level of Uven, at least you must be able to defeat two members in the organization.

After the crust of fighting in Sandy Village, it has been a clear understanding of these monsters.

At the same time, Sasuke can also be indirect enough to speculate on the strength of the hazardous pedicure, how is the level.

But it is such a powerful guy, it's so easy to die!

In the first generation of Yuxi Pub, the strength of the shadow, the strength reaches the level!

Is I really possible to revenge?

Yuxi Bozuo has flashed in a touch of eyes.

The more understanding, the more you can understand, Yuxi Bao, the thousand-handed, and the strength of these three people's strength is extremely horrible.

When Sasuke is falling in a stunned and self-suspicion.

Yisi Bo belt is with apologies, and looks to the corner of the side.

"You have been late than the scheduled time."

The corner glanced at Yuxi Bo, the sound of the open mouth.

"Sorry, sorry, spend more time when looking for a column." Yuxi Bo has apologizes, helplessly open.

"Sasuke, energy is a good thing. But now it is necessary to restore Chakra, after all, there is more important thing to do at night."

Yuxi Bo is turned to the head and looks into the hand, and it will be loose on the hand on the shoulders.

When I heard Unexhobel, Sasuke himned to return to the Qingming in the eyes, and his hands cleared his fists, and now it is not decadent!

Sasuke first was silent for a moment, immediately nodded, turned and found a clean location to sit down.

Seeing Sasukes did not impulsive, Unexpello helped the forehead and gently loosen.

As for the corner, it is borne to pick up the eyes after it is boring. It is not that his atmosphere is not pursued, but the corner is not interested in handing on a weak person.

There is this effort, it is better to recover more physical strength to cope with the next thing.

Let the horns have a desire to kill, except for the strong, there is only a guy who is rewarded in the city.

As for the current Sasuke, there is no place to make the corner, if it is the flying section, it may not be ignored, but he is not a flying section.

Can you do something meaningless!

at this time.

White is not hidden, come out from side.

I saw that the white appeared, Yishibo took the soil whispered, but still asked: "What is the thing there?"

"Hey, there is no problem, the people in the sand in the village must not think that we are just a scorpion."

White is made to make a funny action, weird laugh.

Yischo belt is not visible, and after it is really no problem, it nodded and nodded.

It is waiting for it now!

After a series of things, the sun in the sky has begun to fall.

With the fall of the night, the original burning temperature in the desert is also lowered by the skin.

It is also good for Urcho, and there are Ninja, the temperature difference between the day and night in the district, does not have much impact on several people.

Sandy village.

In addition to the beginning of the beginning, the tailed guard has a little bit of a self-defeating, and it quickly pressed a tail.

After all, the things that the tail guard walking is not the first time, and there are fewer experience in the scene.

Therefore, when the sun is falling.

Along with a tail guard, a crane, a roaring roaring, and a tail guarded the crane, and it was transferred back to the body of my love.

Through this.

It is also no wonder that the tail guard is straightforward. I am afraid that a tail guard will know how long it doesn't have to use it. It will be re-seal it back.

It can only be used to destroy, first venting the emotions of dissatisfaction in your heart.

And I Ai Luo suddenly rushed to the relationship with the seal, and the whole person was also in a state of a semi-comer.

This time, the end of the beast, although the Millennium mother-in-law responded very quickly, but still inevitably destroyed a lot of houses in the house.

As a war weapon, this is the terrible of the beast, and every appearance represents a disaster.

Fortunately, this time does not cause casualties.

However, even if this, this matter also needs someone to be responsible.

Therefore, after re-printing back to the tail guard, it was originally responsible for the Taski, who was carried out, was returned by the Millennium mother-in-law, and the person in charge of my love forces was taught by the warning of the warning troops.

This time, I didn't be taken away by the enemy, and the enemy also defeated.

But for safety reasons, there is still a lot of sand in the night to patrol.


I am outside the house living in Ai Luo.

Two sand endure is standing on both sides of the door, but the faces of the two have a relaxed expression.

In the periphery, the Ninja of the two squad is patrolling. If the enemy wants to come here, it must first break through the defensive defense of these two squad.

It is very boring in the middle of the night. In order to prevent sleepy, two sands are not a riding,

Suddenly, two slight footsteps came from the streets in the distance.

Between the moment!

At the same time, the two sandes also played against the eye and quickly prepared, and his eyes looked at the direction of the voice.

When these two sand endured, the whole person was relieved while the whole person slammed his breath.

The two people who came over, one is the person in charge of the warning army, by good endure, and another person is a good tolerance with the class, the dawn and the tree.

With the role of the roots and trees, I walked to these two sand in front of the two sorrows, with affinity look, patrol:

"It is necessary to have two people tonight, and it is necessary to see it. I can't have anything."

Two sand naivs have a serious look at the face at the same time.

"Don't worry, by good adults. We will never let any problems here."

One of the sands quickly opened respectfully, and the solemnity of his face was full.

And another sand is also toddled, and the face is serious.