Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 346 Rebellious! Prepared in advance!

Seeing this scene, it is very gratified and satisfied with the serious attitude of the two.

"In this case, then I am relieved, here is it to you."

With a satisfactory look with a good face, smile and open.

After finishing, the roots and trees next to the side were paired with each other, and the two people turned around seem to leave.

Seeing that these two adults have to go.

The two sands not only breathed a sigh of relief, but they couldn't help but secretly. Didn't let these two adults look lazy.

Otherwise, I am afraid that I have just been reprimanded less.

Just an instant of this sadness relaxed, it seems to be ready to leave, and the tree and trees are quickly turned.

In the hands of the two people and the two people, I haven't been holding a bitterness.

The two faces with a cold look, while the neck position of the two sorrows, it has been hard!

The speed is not only fast and embarrassing!



Two blood splashes!

The two sands have reacted, and they have been joined by the liain and the trees and trees.


Two sand hidden stretched your neck, coughed with fresh blood, a complete sentence couldn't say it, and the eyes were full of unbelievable and horrified eyes, slowly fell on the ground.

"I didn't expect such a relaxed, it was more than expected, I originally prepared two sets of programs, and now it seems to be used."

I looked at the two sorrows of death from the good face. I nodded against the roots and trees on the side.

The roaming and trees did not hesitate, quickly entered the room, after a moment, I took a coma, I loved it from it.

At this moment, outside the house.

The blood of the two dead sands splashed has been processed, and the body of the two people is resembled from the sides of the door, relying on both sides of the door.

From the distance, people think that the two dead bodies seem to be whispering.

Have to say, it is worthy of being able to hold a guardian warning forces, and the means of dealing with the scene is extremely powerful.

As long as someone is close, it will never be easily discovered that these two sands that lean on the door have died.

"Wait a minute later."

I looked at the moon in the sky, I didn't have to stop, and I had some nervous taste and tree opening.

Obviously two people are doing the things of defending the village, but because of their abnormal calmness, it seems to be a common thing to do.

As the head of the alert troops, the two sorrows of the periphery are naturally clear, patrolling the route and the time difference between each other.

From the sound of the eyes, the hands hugged in the chest, and a finger was gently knocked with the unique frequency.

About a half or more times!

It was originally lightened by his eyes, and he opened his eyes, and the sidelines and trees in the side were also shocked.

next moment.

The two disappeared at the same place.

Two people are the Ninja of Sandy Village, plus the person in charge of this warning force, arranged the patrol of this evening.

Naturally, two people on this way have almost very smoothly avoid all the secrets, and no one has aroused anyone's alert.

Even so, for safety period, two people used a roundabout, and spent 20 minutes of Kung Fu, it was only a sandy village.

Until thoroughly left the village, the roots and trees were relieved. At this moment, he discovered that his own clothes have long been wet.

On the side of the lead, the expression on the face is still calm, but the deep is deeply peasant.

"Don't be too late, we have leaving, I am afraid that I can't get n't getting out."

It took advantage of a deep breath, and the face was rebuened, and the denweulk expression was revealed, facing the sidelines and trees.

"Yes, by good people."

The roots and trees have nodded, and the face with excitement.

He and the great people are the spy from the sage, and the spy in sandy village is placed. This victory of Unexpello belt soil is also in the help of their two.

In this regard, the high-level morning and evening of the village will realize that since it has exposed, it is better to leave in advance.

Through the adults, join Unexpected Boss, where is not a good choice.

After all, now the entire endurance is known, the wooden leaves, the foggy gentle spots, and Yuxi Bo pointers are the strongest three people.

It is not exaggerated that every three people have a powerful force that can be atroveful!

After the good and Dawei and trees did not stay, after a while, I took a coma, I fell away from the sand in the village, rushing to Yizhi Bo, rushing!

There is not long before the two leave.

In the door of the sandy village, the plunge movement came out from the inside, watching the direction of the two left.


"The old man thought of spies in the village, but I didn't think that this spy is actually the head of the church warning force."

The Millennium's face with rare lost, muttering self-proliferation, with the blaming of themselves.

It was a hero who was a second endurance war at the time. At that time, he was a team with a parent.

Unfortunately, their squad has encountered the fathers of the flag-like Kakasi, "Wooden White" flag of wood.

The parents of the scorpion were killed, and they were also deeply injured, and they were overwhelming, and they were overwhelming, and they were lucky to come back.

It is precisely because of this, there is no resource and how much qualified is, and it has been taken care of by the Millennium mother-in-law.

Nowadays, I actually rebellled my village, and the Millennium mother-in-law is not sad and self-blaming.

"Sister, things have been here ..."

The old sea of ​​the sea, holding a cane gently to the side of the Children's mother-in-law, and gently patted the shoulders of the thousand generations of mother-in-law.

At this time, the Naruto standing in the rear suddenly pinched his fist as soon as he took care of himself:

"When I am not sad, I can feel deep enough when I am sad, I can feel deep enough."

"For those who deficit their own village, I will definitely put this guy and then send it to the mother-in-law."

For Naruto, this suddenly a very serious episode, all of the people in the scene stunned.

The mountains and green leaves and Kakasi feel the eyes behind them, and the mouth is smoked.

Kakari is a helpless reach, which is degranted, and it is guarded.

The long gates and chanmon ghosts looked at the Naruto. It took a look like a general eye like an idiot.

On the day, I looked at Naruto, and quickly received his eyes and shook his head. So far, he is really known that the Naruto is really a born.

And I was in the original, I lost a such guy.

As for the mashed part of the scene, all of the eyes with uncomfortable looks, and looked at the nun.

If you are aiming to kill people, I am afraid that the Naruto at this moment doesn't know how many times they die.

This stinky ghost!

It's just that the big call is there, really when they are in the sandy village, what is it called to send it to the mother-in-law?

Is the ninja of these sand risks?

If it is not now there are no opening, I am not open, I am afraid that all sands present will not help but teach this arrogant little ghost.

Millennium mother-in-law and Hai's old Tibetan heard the voice of the nun, the two faces showed a stiff expression.

"Hahaha, it's really a young man, old man, but I haven't encountered such a little ghost for a long time."

The sea is old and looked at the face, but the Millennium of the Miyu, but it couldn't help but make a cool laugh, and the sound was doped with a bit of interest and ridicule.