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Chapter 347's thorn in your heart! Pursue!

Now this time, this guy that is straightforward, it can really play an expectation.

I don't say that the Millennium mother-in-law at this moment has no decadence.

Even the shares around the side are also rare full of strength!

Obviously, the little ghost just nam, and also stimulated them.

The old laughter of the sea is a big laughter, and it was interrupted by the Chiyu mother-in-law.

The Millennium mother-in-law is cold, and she is not so embarrassed to take a little ghost. Is it still embarrassed to bring my younger brother?

The sea is tibiaque touches his back, and then laughs, and the face has revealed a bit helpless expression.

This age is, but also guarding so many people, the Millennium mother-in-law hits him, don't you face it?

The old man is slightly in the heart, but but did not dare to tell the idea in the heart.

"Can I understand Chakra in Ai Luo?"

The sea is slightly coughing, and a sense of perceived ninja in the rear.

"Sea old people, can also be perceived, when we re-seal a tail guard, we specially arranged, so it would have some ways to be in the distance."

This perceived ninja forwarded the front step and immediately opened the mouth.

I heard the other party between the two people, I stood in the post-test, Kasi's eyes were slightly flashing.

Sure enough, the people in Sandy Village have already prepared!

"This task, Ma Bi Tong, must bring my arms back."

"Other enemies I don't care, but the rebellion is the two people and the tree, I hope to see them again, the body of these two people!"

The sea, hidden hood picked up the cane in his hand, gently poked the ground, looked at the direction of the rebellion, the direction of the liain and the tree, and smashed his eyes slightly.

At this moment, the Hai's old Tibetan voice is plain, but the killing in the tone is not hidden!

With the veteran speech, the temperature of the surrounding air has dropped a few degrees.

This is a young man who has just laughed, and the old man laughing, solarky haha.

At this moment, all people in the field can feel that the sea is the strong will of the body, the powerful will contain!

Even if the Naruto is a pointed guy, at this moment, the old man who smiled in the sea suddenly became majestic.


The shares of the shares have a shock, and they respect respect.

The sea is old and retracts, and the face has re-exposed the inner look, slowly turning to see the two waves of the fog and the wooden leaves.

"Because of the damage of a tail guard, the village needs many Ninja to maintain, and this pursuit also invisibrates the foggy village and several of the wooden villages to help us."

The sea is old with a kind of kindness, smiles.

Kakasi and Mountain City are slightly eye-catching, gently nod.

The purpose of them here is to assist in sandy village, and hope to improve the relationship between wood and sand.

These things that Carti naturally will not refuse.

As for the Naruto, it is even more to start immediately, and quickly find the help.

The other side of the door and the mortar ghosts, nature also nodded.

Compared to a long door.

Cartry ghosts have already taken a big knife and muscle, and a strong war is emerging in a hurry. It gives people an extremely dangerous feeling.

And the day, Ning, stand quietly on the side, and people have a sense of high illusion, but some people can ignore him.

After all, all people who are in the interest in the intelligence are known that the first generation of the fog hidden village is right, but it is extremely valued that the wood is called the day, Ning.

Moreover, if it is not because of the truth of the first generation of the shadows.

The flag of the wooden leaves, the two people, how can I see the day, I will see the wood, and install a pair of ignorant.

Between the villages and fog villages, there will be a completely thorough battle in the morning and evening!

But now the two sides are invincible, no one wants to take the lead in breaking this calm, or both parties are lacking in a moment to completely fight the other party.

This is from the two parties to send personnel, and it is dissatisfied with the sandy village.

The high level of sandy village naturally understands this, but no one will take the initiative.

Some things, everyone can understand, no need to say.

of course.

This kind of calm situation is not not too much, but how long does this calm have to persist?

Seeing that the fog hidden and the wooden leaves should be nodded, and the sea is nod. I just prepared to get the order of the departure, I saw the Children's mother-in-law suddenly came forward.

Seeing the movements of the Millennium Mother-in-law, the sea is obviously a little surprised, but not only reveals a little doubtful look, but it is back to back.

"This pursuit, the old man also participated."

Millennium mother-in-law looked to the doubtful people, although the sound was plain, but it took a tone that could not be questioned.


"Sister, you ..." The sea is a surprised look on the face, and it is busy opening, but it has been interrupted by the Millennium mother-in-law.

"The old man is not old, I can't move!"

"From the thing, I will handle it!"

The Millennium mother-in-law is determined, and the stubborn personality is revealed.

From the good rebellion, it has become a thorn in the hearts of the mother-in-law. She must pull them out!

When Yisha Board was first broke into the conference room, the Millennium's mother-in-law and the old Tibetan have realized that there seems to be spy from the village.

And the identity of this spy seems not low, and even greatly may be a high level.

After all, convene a meeting room held by the fog and the wooden leaves, although it is not a secret, but it is not the ninja of the ordinary level, it can be exposed.

When Uri Zhi Bo has appeared, it will find the door.

Millennium mother-in-law and the sea, the old guy, how can some people who can consider this.

But until the end, the Millennium mother-in-law did not think that this spy is actually ridiculous!

When I heard the mother-in-law, the sea is helpless on the face of the sea, and it sighs a sigh of relief. The words are hard-sore.

He knew that once his own sister decided, I am afraid that no one can pull it back.

Chi Dong's mother-in-law suddenly added, although the people present were some accidents, but no one would think that the Millennium mother-in-law is a cumbersome.

As the top of Saha Yin Village, the Millennium mother-in-law is old, but the performance of the performance will not decrease.

This one, in the year, with his hands, only a strong existence of a small country with a hard work.


At this time, the two broken sounds sounded from the sandy village, and the two young figures flew to the position where everyone was at very fast.

After the number of successful jumps, the two young body is in front of everyone.

"Handcuffs? ?"

Seeing the sudden appearance of these two, as a teacher's Maji took the lead.

"Thousands of people, pursue my love, please bring us!"

Handcuffs, two people in the nine lack, look at the low-end, but the sound of the Millennium mother-in-law and the sea, but the sound is unusually determined.

Millennium mother-in-law saw these two people, the eyebrows didn't finish crying, this thing she deliberately did not inform the handcuffs and the nine lague.

It is fear that two people because I am impulsive to what I love.

Although I know can't hit, but I didn't think that two people will know so soon.

Machi Lang and Handcuffs are all in Sandy Village, the most outstanding batch, this dangerous thing, Millennium mother-in-law does not want these two people to participate.

Just as the Children's mother-in-law intends to refuse these two people, suddenly the eyes suddenly wandered the foggy day, and the swirls of the wooden leaves.


After the Millennium mother-in-law silently silently, suddenly nodded.

Handcuffs and Kiki Lang slightly glanced, and the face also exposed a surprise look.

The two have been prepared by the Millennium Mother-in-law, even intended to follow the thousand generations of mother-in-law, teacher Masaki and others.

I love Luo is the younger brother of their two people, no matter how they can't do anyway.

Nowadays, I didn't think that the thousand generations of mother-in-law actually agreed, this is completely unexpected, it is an accident!