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Chapter 348 has been abandoned from the beginning!

Soon, the handcuffs and Kiubo launched a team of sand.

The two are standing on both sides of their teacher's horse.

Chi Dong's mother-in-law came back and looked at everyone, with a serious expression on his face:

"set off!"


The Chi Dayi mother-in-law took the lead in rushing out, and the people attached to the scene were also leaving, and it was turned into a distant shadow and quickly disappeared in the same place.

There is a means of laying in advance, and the sea is not worried about the Millennium mother-in-law and others.

What's more, their parties themselves are deliberately late, so that the two rebels will be rounded with Unexpello, so that they can do it.

If it is too tight, it is somewhat unfold, after all, the country is very large, if the other party wants to hide, then trouble.

The sea is old and looking at the distant vague people, and the eyes flashed a inexplicable concerns.

"I hope everything goes well."

The sea is old, holding a cane, whisper muttering.


the other side.

At the same time as the thousand generations of mother-in-law and others, the rebellious from the roller and the tree with my love, and has arrived at the position of Yuxi Bo belt in advance.

The two are careful, and they are all rocks around them around.

The two people are cautious to come to the front.

"This place is extremely suitable for hidden, and furnished traps."

From the look around the environment, the heart is secretly thinking.

There is such a place outside sandy village. He knows that it is just that it is a water source or food, except for the sand, there is nothing outside the rock.

Therefore, there is not many people, which will come to the place where the bird is not pulling.

With the two, it is gradually close, and the good and Dawei and trees have also seen the distance, quietly standing there, waiting for their three gods.

Seeing this scene, I was so busy to go quickly from the good and the tree and the tree, and I didn't make a slight breath in my heart.

Yischo took the soil to watch the two people who came to come quickly, especially when I saw my love, my love, my face revealed a smile and satisfied expression.

"I didn't expect two speeds, it was faster than I expected."

Yuxi Bo has jumped down from the rock on the side and laughed and opened his mouth.

"Since you have decided what you have done, the faster it is, the better is flat, but it is a respectful voice.

In front of you, this mysterious person with a mask, the strength is not said, and a single silver space is enough to make people feel awesome.

After finishing, it is a long way to stand in Uchozo, and the rapidly tapped the corner and Yizhi Bozuo.

Especially the corner, after all, this is in the battle today, but with a person's power, a combat team is dragged.

The strength is terrible, you can use monsters to describe it.

"I don't know the adult, now the situation is good?"

From a light cough, the sound of the tone of the inquiry is open.

If you hear the words, Unexpello belt soes understand the meaning hidden by the good call.

First, take the identity of the scorpion, prevent them from destroying, after all, their two belong to the hand of the scorpion.

The second is to ask this question, and I promised the two of them.

"Praise, but it is very good."

"And also welcome you to join, I want to come to Sui Zhimo, I will be very happy to meet two."

Yuxi Bo is first booth to boost, followed by two people.

At this moment, the smile is also revealed on the good face, and the head is looking at the back of the taste and trees, and the role is pair.

Octa and tree instant, I walked forward, and I love Luo Luo in the past.

A tail column!

In one eye that Yisi Bo is only revealed, it flashes a inexplicable brilliance, with a smile, and I have received my coma.

"It is very grateful to the help of the two, in this case, then we will divide the two way."

Yuxi Bo belt slightly with his head, with a smile to open the mouthway by the two people from the good and the roots and trees.

Along with Unexpell Belt Tongyou!

At the same time, the face of the two and the two people in the tree changed, as if something is realized.

"Oh, two seems to think more, I just said that the soldiers said, but I don't think what you think."

Yishibo took the soil grabbed hair, and there seems to be a helpless, whispered explanation.

"What does your best mean?"

With a thick frown, a trace of dignity is covered.

The roots and trees are also close to the direction of the above, and if there is anything wrong, there is a photo.

Seeing these two people are nervous, Yisi Bo is shrugged, making a human animal harmless look.

"Don't worry, I will never have two people with you all the way."

Yuxi Bo has a light smile, while talking, the original station is hosted in the back of the rear.

"You all have four people all the way, I have space tolerance, with my love to leave, so that we will safely safely."

Yischo belt soil and laughed and continued to open.

At this time, the angle and Sasuke have also appeared on the side of the two people.

"Waste time, let's go."

The corner is indifferent, and I have turned around the rolling and the tree, the heart of the tree, and I turned and turned to go in another direction.

Sasuke on the side also followed the same surface.

The two of the good and Dawei and the tree are slightly sighful.

In fact, two have just thought that their two were treated as a discard.

Nowadays, they have wondered their two.

"In this case, then we will take the lead."

Laughing by good smile, there is no extra, with the role and trees, keep up the corner of the left, and the two people.

Yisi Bo is quietly watching the direction from the good and others, until the four people are gradually disappearing in the field of view. Hide on the face under the mask, show a strange smile.

At this time, the two footsteps sounded from the rear of Yuxi wave.

The face of the face of indifferent characters and Sasuke with complex expressions are slowly coming out of hidden secrets.


The angle that has just left from the liang and the roots and the trees and the trees are all fake, and it is made by the albut of the chasing of the Chakra who is absorbed by the two people!

"From the beginning, you plan to give them two people, is it?"

Sasuke face with a little complex look, looked at Yisi Bo, standing there.

With Yisi Bo, the corners have been more than a long time, Sasuke has gradually become more cold and indifferent than before.

But for such a good reason to give up, in the heart of Sasuke, there is still some acceptance.

"Their mission has been completed, isn't it?"

Yisi Bo has a booth to boost, and the sound is unable to cover cold.