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Chapter 349 You are just not strong enough!

Yuxi Bo has a very calm answer, and it has not hidden his cold idea.


Yuxi Bo has turned his head and looks to the side of the Sasuke, and the sound is serious:

"It is unsea-called kindness, not only a little stupid, but it will be the hindrance to you."

The corner is both hands and hold the chest, I heard the preaching of Unexpello, and even confused, her face disdain.

Although the corner looks like Yuxi, it is not pleasing to the eye, but it is not pleasing to the eye.

What's more, this does not hinder a fact that Uchozuo is indeed a genius.

"You just don't be strong enough."

The corner looks at a piece of sakura, the open mouth.

Yuxi Board has a little unexpectedly, and then shrugged and did not speak.

Sasuke, because of this paragraph of the corner, I went through God to find that I didn't know when it was, it seems to fall into a misunderstanding.

That's right, I am just not strong enough!

If you have a absolute strength, you can go to Yizhibo spheres, the first generation of water shadows right, ignore the rules, and even set rules!

And just tangled, there is no significance of doing something at the current self!

Even if your life is unable to master, you will go to the poor, this is indeed a very ridiculous thing.

Yuxi Bo belt soes seems to be aware of the inner changes, and the eyes flashed slightly.



Sasuke's current strength is too weak, even if it is pulled to this side, it is extremely limited to yourself.

Moreover, through this period of time, Unecheyo is found to be equally two categories!

In the depths of the inner heart of Unechebra, the darkness is hidden.

Of course, this is a good thing in Unexpello.

At least in the eyes of Yuxi Bo, the strength of Sasuke is far more than Yuxi paisure, but it is better to make a partner than the union.

It only needs an appropriate opportunity and opportunity, and it can be regenerated with Unexpectedly.

"We should also leave."

"Small reading the two thousand generations and the sea, the old, but will suffer."

Yisi Boi is hidden in the face of the mask flashing a smile, looking at the coma in my love, the tone is still moving.

While talking, Unechybo land launches the Shenwei to cover my coma, and inhale my love into the Shenwei space.

After all of this, Yuxi Bo belt soil, the corner, and the three people also turn around.

at the same time.

In the other side, the brigade of the sand is.

I Ai Luo was in the first moment of inhaled the Shenwei space, and the inherent sand in the team became changing, suddenly stopped.

At the same time, everyone was in the same time, and the same stopped, and his face was looked at this perceived sand.

"I don't feel that I loved Chakra!"

Perceived sand and closed eyes, it seems to be in a sense of perception. After a moment, the perceived sand opened his eyes and his face was ugly.


Handcuffs and Kikirang also sent a excitement, and the look is extremely gloomy.

Obviously, the two thought of a very bad thing.

"I love Luo Chakra is suddenly disappeared, and it should be that the other party has used a means and covering my love of Chakra."

I perceive the ninja shake the head and make it softly.


Handcuffs are relieved.

Not only the handcuffs, the inner depths of the scenes are also slightly loose.

"In other words, now we have lost my love position."

The Millennium mother-in-law frowned and looked at the name.

That feeling that the ninja face is somewhat hard, but it is still nod.

"So can you understand the orientation of the two people and trees?"

Chi Dayu wrinkled with eyebrows again asked.

"But ..., only the two people's Chakra leaves us have a distance, and only one orientation can be perceived."

Perceived that the Ninja has no confidence that started, some uncertain whispers.

"Ox!" Naruto heard a few people's conversation, and he couldn't help but show an impatient look.

"If you only have a general position, then give it to me."

The day came out from the crowd, and the look was calmly opened.

The day of the family!

How to give this forgotten this!

Seeing the day, Ning did appeared, and the Millennium mother-in-law was bright.

"In this case, then you will trouble you."

"Depart from full speed!"

Chi Dayi mother-in-law with a dignified, re-issued a command.

"The guy who is cool." Naruto looked at the day and smashed his mouth and muttered in small.

this moment.

Everyone in the field has accelerated, and the speed is doubled compared to the beginning of the beginning.

Obviously, I love Lukela suddenly disappeared, and everyone in the scene felt a sense of urgency.

Time is over one minute.

Under the mating of the perceived ninja and day, the enemy's position is more and more clear.

The time belonging to the two people of good and Dawei and the tree belong to the night.

At this moment, the sky has begun to be bright.

The pursuit of the Millennium Mother-in-law led, and it was pursued a night.

Fortunately, everyone in the field is the elite in the elite, except for the face, there is no complaint or even emotional fluctuations in the face.

Everyone understands that although their physical strength consumes a lot, the same opponent's physical strength is also the same.

Just in the chase of silence, when the sun completely crossed the earth.

"See them, the other side has only four people, and it is resting on a Sandy in front."

At Ni Ning, I took a boring and suddenly opened.

Voice fell!

In the forefront of the people, the mother-in-law raised his hand, and everyone who was running rapidly stopped in front of a dune.

"Take a little, ready to do it!"

Chi Dong's mother-in-law also gasped and turned his head to the people behind him.

"Finally found? I can't wait for it!"

In the crowd, the mortal ghost twisted the neck, revealing sharp teeth, and quite uncomfortable open mouth.

Voice fell!

The martial artifacts are not in the order of the thousand generations of mother-in-law, and they grab the big knife, the muscle, stepped out, and rushed forward directly.

Not only only the mortal ghosts, but always keep the silence of the door is also moving at this moment.

The two rushed out almost no points.

Seeing this scene, the people in Sandy Village suddenly stunned.

And the Millennium mother-in-law is calm look at the two people who disappeared, and there is no unexpected look on his face.

She early knew that these two people won't listen to her order.

"It's evil, these two guys will take out early to fight the snake."

Ma Bi couldn't help but open his mouth, but his eyes were deeply flashing.

Holding such a long time, but from these two people, the physical strength does not seem to lose.


Because the martial artifacts and the long door are directly doing, everyone in the scene also gave up the temporary rest plan, only to follow the same.

At this moment!

From the good and other people, it also found that the knot from the desert was suddenly rushed out of the desert.

"Damn, it is a person in the fog hidden village, how is the speed of the other party so fast?"

From the good face, I can't help but secretly, and I will make the battle to fight.