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Chapter 350 of the vast camouflage, silent

The sudden appearance of the mortal ghost and the long door is indeed surprisingly surprised by the good and other people.

The other party can catch up with them overnight, completely outside the expectations of all others.

During the process of acting, it is not a simple retreat.

All the way, by good, it is set a few traps that can be confused, so I have never thought about the other party so far to find them.

"I remember that there is a little ghost with the day to the family, I forgot him."

What did you think of what you think of, and your face is slightly.

No wonder!

It's a slight smile, I can't help but send a dark.

of course!

In the heart of the liang and the roots and trees, maybe I have a lucky luck, the pursuit of the sand is not taken to pursue them.

After all, compare with them, I loved more important.

"The thing is here, ready to fight!"

It is lifted by a good face, and the body is instantly tight.


Rushing in the front of the changer ghost, the face is full of exciting look of difficult to cover up.


People who make motto ghosts are not the two people who are doing well, but standing on one side of the side.

When I was taught, my matter ghosts have always been a good fight, but unfortunately, every time they are doing.

Because when you play real fire, Payne will stop them from being stopped.

Coupled with the character of the corner, for other members of the same organization, the desire of combat does not seem to be much higher, so the two people have no real killing from beginning to end!

This time, the opportunity finally came.

How can the chanmon ghosts may not be excited!

Just in the fast movement of the mortal ghost, suddenly, a piece of sand in front of the sand slightly sagged.

A detonate that exudes a red light appears among the persimmon ghosts.

boom! !

The violent explosion sounds instantly, strong shock waves carry the shadow of the surroundings, like a bullet, like a three-sided eight side, and instantly enveloped the mortar.


The roots and trees are bright, and the tone is excited.

For cautious, when they were rest, the roots and trees were deliberately arranged in their surroundings.

These explosions can carry a large amount of sand in the desert, once exploding on the impact force, can carry a double damage.

Originally, only a cautious arrangement of the taste and trees, did not expect the other party to be so reckless, and suddenly rushed in.

This can be said to be obviously unexpected.

"Don't do it, and tree!"

It also exposes excitement from the good face, facing the roots and the sputum.


A harsh blanking sounds in the dust.

The two people have not been happy, and the huge smoke is cleared by the martial artimatimatimatoti, rushing out from the dust.

The speed of the other party moves, and there is no slightness.

It turned out that in the moment of explosion explosion, the macmon ghosts have already traversed the big knife and the muscles in the chest, blocking the impact and sand of the explosion.


From the good face, the hands quickly started printing, and simultaneously issued a big drink, press on the ground.

Snaps - Earth!

Along with a roar.

With a good center, a large number of sands started, it has become a sea tidal sand wave, and goes to the mortar ghosts rushing in front.

"It's still trouble!" Cotmoti ghosts saw this scene and couldn't help but joke.

If this is on normal land, the chanmon ghosts have already launched the scrubber directly to rush, but unfortunately in the desert, he is the best in the water.

The stronger of the power, the consumed Chakrabi is often increased, and it is more than three times.

Due to these two small characters, the chanmon ghosts are now too lazy to start tolerance.

The martial artifacts are moving, and the body that is originally rushed is slightly, and the right foot is moved, quickly moves out of the left.

Sole avoiding the positive tolerance of this shares, while the sea tide is generally sandy, the mortar ghosts are equally printed.

Earth-Soil Snorkens!

Although he is not good at using soil, it doesn't mean it.

The sand sea formed by the sand wave hide the moment of the opponent's vision.

Cartry ghosts disappeared directly into the sand, and at the same time, it is doubled than the foot foot, and quickly sneak into the past.

"I disappeared!" The oak and trees saw the impact on the sand sea, the mortar ghost suddenly disappeared, couldn't help but hold.

"It's not disappearing, it is underground, flashes!"

The good face is first changed, and the loud open road is followed.

Almost at the same time, the mortal ghosts also rushed directly from the ground.

The two people from the good and the roots and trees are just ran away from the origin, flashing on both sides, and makes the action of preparing counterattacks.

Just let the two are somewhat hair, after the mortar ghosts rushed out, did not take care of them, directly crossing the two, rushed to the back of the back.

When the mortal ghosts have been rushed into the enemy, they are slow to rushing out more than the ghosts.

When I still had a hundred meters left and right, I suddenly stopped.

"It turns out that there is a bit wrong from the beginning, and the other party is also a person."

The long door is indifferent to the opposite side, and it is exactly that the corner of the four people and Sasuke, whisper muttering.

At this moment, the kung fu, the Millennium mother-in-law led everyone and rushed.

Seeing the long door standing there, and the mortar ghosts that have been rushed into the enemy.

"What happened, what is wrong?"

A Chi Dayu mother-in-law appeared on the side of the long door, and the expression seems to have some unsatisfactory long gates, asked in confusion.

"We were cheated, the other party deliberately divided into two teams, I love to be in the hands of another team, and these few people just throw out, delay the bait of our time."

The long-haired voice has some unhappy open mouth. After all, anyone is playing a pass.

"What! The opposite side of the guys who have special ability and the Sakura of the Yishabo family are all here ..."

Millennium mother-in-law is not a good look, it becomes more difficult to look, although the heart has already guess a trace, but the sound is still lucky, can't help but ask.

"I still remember the white guy who scams all people in your village, it is a fly that is disguised into space forbearance."

"The white class of people killed by you, the body is called white, with the ability to disguise this person by absorbing others Chakra,"

"Even if the perceived ninja appears in front of these two, the difference is not perceived with the body."

The long door is slightly flashing, and the sound is moving.

Now telling this information, I can't disclose this intent, and the body that is blessed is probably being taken away by the people in Sandy Village.

If you want to analyze this, it is not difficult for people in Sandy Village.

Although the long-door did not speak, the Millennium mother-in-law naturally understood the opposite corner and Sasuke, I am afraid it is also white.

If so, if so.

I can't help but feel deep in the middle of the mother-in-law!

The dialogue between the two did not cover the meaning, so the rear of the wooden leaves and the people of Sandy Village also realized the seriousness of the problem!

Their light pursuit is a feet of time.

At this time, I want to pursue the sole and other people, I am afraid it is too late!

Of course, the most important thing is that the country of the whole wind is so big, and it is like a large sea in the case of the orientation of Unexpello.

I am almost impossible!

One time, everyone in the scene was silent.