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Chapter 351 I found the long door, with soil preparation!

at the same time.

The cortical ghosts rushed into the enemy, and it has already hit it with the corner.

The martial artifact face with excitement, lifting the big knife in his hand, and the corner of the fumes, and cut it directly toward the head of the head.

"Oh, I'm going to kill the hand, is there any enemy with someone with someone with someone?"

White cut the camouflaged corner spitted, and the body quickly rapidly rapidly.

In the face of the martial arts attack, although the white is reluctant, the body is not from some wolf, even because the inertia has a short imbalance.

I saw a strangeness in the eyes of the mortal ghost, but the action on the hand did not stop the meaning.

Cartry ghosts lift the big knife in the hand, slamming the muscle, and slammed forward!

- !

The spikes on the upper stem are suddenly broken through the bandage, revealing, tightly pressing the white body repeatedly, and a shot is directly white.

"Cut! It turned out that this guy was out."

Cartry ghosts see the case where you hit by yourself, especially the white body exposed in the wound position, rubbing, showing the extremely uncomfortable look.


The mortal ghosts hold the big knife, the muscle, and once again pick up a sulf, turn around to walk in the direction of the long door.

When the midway of the mortal ghost passengers, the two exposed the actions of the two people.

Just angry attack, the body of the two people can't help but tight.

But the two are still speechless is that the martial artifacts have gone in the middle of the two people.

Just like the beginning of the attack, there is no meaning for them.

It should be said that it is ignored them directly!


Oscale and tree grip fists, revealing an angry look on his face.

This completely ignored behavior, some degree to feel wronged than being defeated by the other party!

"The fog hidden one of the swords, the big knife · , and trees, you should celebrate the other party's no interest to you."

"The whole sandy village, single-handed single, can bear the fog to fight the seven knives, I am afraid that one hand can be able to come over, and these few people do not include two."

Looked a angry root and trees, but it was easy to have an open mouth with a sense of self-knowledge.

In this case.

Suddenly calm down from liang.

Through the changes of the white body that have been defeated by the mortar ghosts, it is probably the two people have been a bait.

Must die!

What is the use of anger?

"And Tree, sorry, we may not can't get rid of today."

From the perspective of the far-sistetous village, the sidewalk, who apologized to the sideline and the tree.

"From a good adult, this situation has been thought about when the rebellion is." The big bang and the tree shook his head.

"Oh, two dialogues are really touched ..."

The changing is a slightly franked, and the figure is slightly moved, returning to the peer, ridiculous opening.

Since the purpose has been reached, it is naturally not necessary to cover up.


Two broken sounds, in the moment of talking, almost simultaneously.

From the good and dragonfly and the tree, almost at the same time, the two people didn't pierce into the body of the body.

"There are too many nonsense, and I will solve you before we die."

It is low, and the cold open mouth is low.

the other side.

The mortal ghost is depressed and depressed, and it is a bit dissatisfactory to see the long door.

This guy has already found out that he did not remind him that he was happy.

For the dissatisfaction of the mortal ghost, the long door is directly ignored, the eyebrows are slightly frozen, obviously thinking.

And the rest of the surrounding sand, all the faces are full of gloomy look.

The rebellion of the two villages and trees and trees in the present stand, there is already no longer placed in the heart.

After all, these two people can't run. Now that everyone care is that there is what I arbitrarily, they have been wasted too much time.


The head of the original low-headed thinking is re-raised.

"I am generally guess where they go."

The long door is slightly flashing, as if I think of what, the tone is flat.

Although the "Xi Xia" organization has now fallen, it has been in order to capture the tail beast, Yisi Bo belt should be still use.

If there is no mistake in the long door, in the position of the country of the wind, there is a cave that he has prepared a special extract of tail in advance, in order to capture the column of the column of the tail in the future.

And this location has only a long door, as well as the Pseudo-Schiso spheres and their cooperation in Unexpello.

It is unfortunate that the original "Xia" has not conducted the third step to capture the tail beast plan, because the sudden resurrection of Yuxi Boss and a series of things.

The whole "" has already smoked!

This idea passes in the long-door brain.

The long gates returned back, no hesitated, turned and quickly rushed to his memory!

Seeing the long gates who suddenly turned away, everyone in the court first, followed by the same reaction.

Cartry ghosts and the day Ning did not hesitate to hesitate to keep up with the long door.

Although the Millennium mother-in-law did not know what the door was found, it was obviously an excellent information about the current situation where they had no hair.

The other party must have found what they have reacted so fierce.

"Maji, Handcuffs and Kiuben Lang, three of you followed the people of fog, and you are also troublesome."

"The old man should first solve these two guys who have escaped their villages, and let them meet with you."

The mother-in-law did not hesitate, and the most favorable arrangement instantly.

Masaki nodded quickly, with a nineranglang and handcuffs turned to keep up.

At the same time, the Kakasi, Mountain City, the mountain city, and some of them, in the head of Kakari, also followed.

Almost a blink of an eye, everyone has left around half.

There is only a thousand generations of mother-in-law, that aware of the ninja, and several sand.

"From the light!"

" and trees!"

"Is your two ready to pay for a price? Betten the price of our village!"

The Chi Dongnu returned the eye, turning the head and seeing the opposite side, it seems to be waiting for the two people, the sound is abnormal.


the other side.

Although there are two baits and trees and trees to attract the attention of the troops.

However, Yisi Bo has so far, but there is no relaxation, advance!

In addition to the second time, Yu Zhibo has spent a night, and finally arrived at the position of the country near the border.

The more close to the border of the country, the surrounding desert is getting thinner, and some green vegetation begins.

Such a few people stay in the desert, have a little irritated mood, a little bit.

Before the kingdom of the country and the kingdom of the country, there is a valley in the country of Sichuan.

"The time is it, it should be wrong here."

Yuxi Bo belt turns a lazy waist, standing on a rock in the valley, I got an eye, two weeks, laughing and opening the mouth.

The corner stands on the side to twisted some sore sore neck, and look at Unechybo to the soil, show a little confused on his face.

"Is there any problem in the road?" What is the problem? "The corner is indifferent.

"In this plan, the people in the fog hidden village are very normal, but the people of the wooden leaves have also appeared in the sandy village, and this matter is within the plan."

Yuxi Bo took the soil shrugged, and then set the palm of the palm. It quickly flashed a cold, and the tone continued:

"Since there is a thing outside the plan, it must be prepared in advance."

Speaking of this, Yuxi Bo belt soil sounds slightly, and then laughs:

"Okay, let's go in."

After that, in the corner and Sasuke, there is some doubtful eyes, Yisi Bo has jumped directly from the valley.

Sasuke saw this scene, obviously stunned, but there is no hesitation, and it is also jumping with it.

The height of the valley is relatively high for ordinary people, but for several people present, it is not deep, after a moment, the three people appear in the valley.