Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 352, the slide, meet!

Under the leadership of Unechybo, the trial, the three people appeared at a hole in which it was blocked by huge rocks.

This position is extremely conspicuous because a red wood consisting of a red wood is placed in the position of the hole.

It is more intimate black spell around the cave, similar to a particular speccture.

Yuxi Bo has walked to the position of the hole, and reached out and put it on the chest.

Then, Yisi Bo has a low drink:



With a roar, the huge rock that is blocked in the hole begins slowly, revealing the hole.

Yischo belt soil and smiled. He did not hesitate to take it directly into it.

"It seems that progress is smooth."

The three have just entered the cave, and a distracted voice came out from the cave.

I saw that in the most central location in the cave, a vivid shadow composed of Chakra, appeared in the three perspective, and the vivid shadow itself presents a colorful bright pattern.

The owner of Chakra virtual year is not someone else, it is Yu Zhibo spot!

"As a medium, the rings use the six-way force of the round to turn Chakra into" Missing ". "

"" Type of slide "? The long door is invented to invent a good tissue. "

Yuxi Bouvet got a lot of shadow of colorful shape, and thoughtful open mouth.

"Wooden people also appear in Sandy Village?"

Yishibo spokes looked up and looked at Utcho, and asked indifferently.

"Yes." Yuxi Bo took his nodded.

The reason why this news is known, because Uzhi Bo belt soil invades Sandy Village, after seeing Kakasi and others in the conference room, they will pass this intelligence back.

"He helps you."

Yu Zhibo spheres are gently dotted, and the sound is still indifferent, and there is nothing to think.

Yishibo spheres fall, and a shadow is slowly coming out of shadow.

"?" The corner saw this appearance, and his face exposed a little unexpected look.


Originally arrested, the task of arresting the column, is intended to arrange the land and Yishebo belt, but I don't know why, Yisi Bo has chosen the corner without choosing a pain.

However, now, the scorpion is called by Su Zhibo, which is really interesting.

Yischo has seen the earth, and only one eye that only exposed, couldn't help it slightly, but there is no opening to say anything.

"let's start."

"The" Slide "is good, but the power that can be played does not deposit. It will take a while. "

Yuxi Bao's vain print, gently patted on the ground, the next moment, the outer road is psychically from the ground.

Yuxi Bo has also launched the Shenwei, and the coma has been lost from the Shenwei space, thrown on the ground.

"I need a period of time to extract the tail, you can stay outside."

Yuxi Bottice Pack The knee is on the top of the outer road, the sound is indifferent. After finishing, turn your gaze to Yizhi Board:

"Sasuke, don't let me down."

When I heard Uizhi Bao, Sasuke took tightly and nodded hard.

In addition to catching the tail beast, this time, the second task is to let Yuxi Bozuo alert to the open eye.

Therefore, it is specially arranged in this.

After all, if it is just to catch the beast, a few people present in the field will be directly left behind, and they don't have to run here, waiting for the arrival of the long-door.

The purpose is to be, with the help of Uzhi Houki, which is transplanted with the long door, to stimulate the feasion.

Let Sasuke evolve the kaleidoscope to write the eyes!

If the condition is appropriate, the eyes who have taken an Le Zhihe will naturally be nature.

Just through this, it is sufficient to prove that Unexpected Wave Spheres have attached importance to Sasuke.

After the end, Yu Zhibo is re-low, starting to concentrate on the extraction of a human columnal tail beast.

Yuxi Bo is not disturbed, and nodded gently, turned to leave the cave and walked to the outside.

When the cave is about to exit the cave, Yu Zhiwa's land is deeply seen in the eyes, and the eyes flashed in the depths of the eyes.

To know.

Yisi Bo belt soil is to understand the difficulty of tail beast Chekra in the method of "Slide".

Among the original, the "Xia" tissue took a tail guardian Krakra.

The long door is first arranged in advance by the "Slide", and then summoned the magic image of the outer road, and convened all the members of the organization.

With all the strengths of all the organization members, and the awareness of everyone launched the seal of the outside road, launching the "Magic Dragon"!

And more exaggerated is that this takes the time of the cail beast, and it takes three days and three nights.

Nowadays, Yuxi Bao is not only a person starts directly drawing a tail guardian Chakra.

Even the meaning of Yu Zhibo spheres just said, obviously there is much more time to be much more.

Just through these points, Yuxi Wo can be easily analyzed, and both parties have a huge horizontal ditch that exists!

The absolute gap between this extent is not only relying solely on several strats.

After a few people got a cave, according to the road, returned to the valley.

"Waiting for them here."

"I didn't expect to see the leader again, it is really a fun experience, I hope the strength of the lead will not reduce much."

The sound is slightly low, and a wonderful smirk in the tone.

"It should not be too boring." Yuxi Bo has a few stretching actions.

After that, Yuxi Bo has turned his head and looked at the silence of silence.

"So, is this your purpose?" Yuxi Bo looked lighted his head to only two people heard the sound, whispered.

"My two of my two hands, are you made as a bait?"

The words did not answer the soil-band, but asked.

Yisi Bo has the stall, making a helpless look.

"I won't pursue you why do you do this, of course, you don't have to explore why I do this."


Yischo took the soil to grab his hair, and he was helpless.

Sure enough, the people of the leaves appear in the sandy village, and there is indeed the credit.

Yuxi Bo is hidden on the face under the mask, revealing a great look, it seems that his guess is right.

Soon, a few people have been silent.

After all, a few people in the scene belong to the silent personality, that is, Yuxi Board can deliberately let himself mean some, but now this occasion is not necessary.

Among the four people in the field, only Sasuke's eyes flashed, and the nervous look was looked at the distance from time to time.

Unconsciously, the time in two hours.

The sun in the air is already at the highest.

"Is it still not coming?" The corner of his face has already exposed an impatient look, and the hands of his hands are "gure".

"Yawn! It's really, so slow ..."

Yuxi Board is supported on the ground and bored a yawn.


At this time, the figures of the vites suddenly drilled from the underground.

"Oh, a few, the other party is coming, I will give you the next time, don't bother to the Unexpell Pone."

I have a mouthful to laugh and open the opening. After that, I quickly drilled into the ground disappearance.

Sasuke took the lead in standing, holding hands with his hands and looking at the direction in the distance.

As for the sole and other people, it is still sitting in the same place, no actions.

Shortly after white disappearance, the plunge gradually appeared in a few people's field of view.