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Chapter 353 of the big fight!

This appearance of the number figure, I just started a little blur, not very clear.

Long door, cortical ghosts, and Ning.

Wooden mountain city blue, flag wooden carti, swirls.

Macara, Handcuffs, and Kayiro in Sandy Village.

When the sole of Unechebra, the long-door and other people also saw the other party.

The encounter of both sides is more quiet than imagining, but this is quiet, soon be broken by a big.

"Sasuke !!!"

The Naruto face has an excitement, complex, etc., and makes a big scream.

In this sound, it contains some kind of venting and unable to cover up.

Seeing the whirls rushed in the distance, Sasuke's eyes couldn't help flash slightly, but the face did not change the expression, and the indifference is.

The sound of the Naruto suddenly screamed, just like a signal.

In the instant of the two sides, the two sides did not have a nonsense, almost the same time.

Cartry is the first to rush out from the crowd, with exciting looks on the face, directly eye on the opposite corner.

Water in the water - the water of the water!

The martial artifacts jumped into the half-air, the hands quickly printed, and a flow of water that appeared in Chakra aggregate.

This water flows forms a shark-shaped water bomb, wrapped the mortal ghosts, let the mortar ghosts jumped in the half air slide directly in the air, rushing into the angle.

Seeing the movement of the mortal ghosts, and when the rapid movement of the rapid moved, there was a mouthful, and the face flashed a unfortunate look.

"Originally, I still want to play with the long gates, but now I seem to kill you first!"

The body moved into the body fiercely stopped in the ground, and the body was slightly bowed, and a smile.

The two have been the companions of "Xi", and now I will remember again, but the two sides have not hesitate to release their horror!

This is not to explain how bad is the relationship between the two, but it is exactly the opposite!

Whether it is a mortal ghost, or the corner, all parties regard the two sides as a real opponent, a opponent who needs to kill!

"Wind and Nevaton!"

The body of the slogan, suddenly straight, slammed the mouth, a high-pressure ball in the corner, rapid aggregation.

A horrible vortex storm is formed between the blink of an eye, hidden from the chanmonic ghosts that rush from half of the air, fierce.

The corner is very understandable, especially the big knife and muscles in the hands of the other party, once the martillamon ghosts are close, and the other party cannot be solved in a short time, it will only make the other side become more and more stronger.

And your own Chakra will continue to be absorbed by the other party so that it will only be unfavorable to yourself.

Therefore, the corner is going to use it directly to press directly to press the driva!

The violent wind pressure instantly collides with the water talents coming in the half-air, just a bit of a while, the water flow formed by the water rags is directly to the wind pressure!

And the martillary ghosts wrapped in the water, quickly lifted the big knife in his hand, and gently in his own body, using the characteristics of the big knife and the muscles, put the wind pressure to the wind pressure.

However, even if you can't help but leave a few steps after falling from half-air.

"It's really a little, you are all right, the corner!"

The mortar ghost is slightly smashed, revealing sharp teeth, with no excitement with no conception.

Voice fell!

"Water in the water!"

Cartry ghosts make a low drink, and open a pentium water flow.

The water flow is centered on the mortal ghost, and several breathing efforts have formed a small lake.

So amazing scenes instantly attracted the eyes of all people present.

After all, everyone moved slightly, moved quickly towards one side to prevent the battle of the mortgage ghosts and corners.

These two guys, a native of Chakra, known as "no tail beast."

The other has a special ability, and the body hides five hearts, such a special body, Chakra can I know.

Chakra in the two people has arrived at an amazing point. Once the strikes are ridden, then the people who are close around will definitely suffer.

It is a few people who are unfamiliar with these two people. After seeing people around, they will not be stupid to stay in place.

"Good horror Chakra!"

The rest of the Kakasi Eye angle looks to the direction of the mortal ghost, can't help but mutter.

The mountain city, the mountains, nodded, and the face revealed the look.

"I love to be under the valley, I perceived the tyrannical Chakra fluctuations in the tail beast."

The mountains of the mountains girle against Kakasi, while reaching out of the finger, referring to the bottom of the valley.

Kakasi eyes are bright, just prepared, the body suddenly tight.

Not only Kakasi, the mountains and green leaves are also true, and the two feel that they are locked by one Chakra.


Suddenly, both Kakasi and Mountain Castle blinks both at the same time, jumping towards one side.

In an instant of the two, one iron chain shot from the position of my two just standing.

"Oh, is it hidden?"

Yuxi Bo has also drilled the car from the ground, and smashed his head and looked at Kakasi and the mountain city, with a pity in the sound.

Although the other party said.

But Kakasi and Mountain City you can listen, but unfortunately, more only ridicule.


Kakasi and Mountain City youth saw that there was a blocked the land, the two were slightly opposed, and they couldn't help but sink in the deep heart.

The other party has the ability to spathe, who faces such an opponent, feels a headache.

"If you don't attack two, then I will attack it first, I hope that you can die too fast."

Yisi Bo has a low laughter, shakes the iron chain in his hand, and the indifference.

next moment.

Yischi's only revealed only the favorite of the trend, and took the lead in rushing to Kasi.

Between the blink, the three people fight together, under the space for Siwei Board, the attacks of the two people in Kakasi and the mountains have not produced the effect.

In a short period of time, the two of Kakasi and the mountain city were directly suppressed directly by Uneclass, and the season was defeated.

the other side.

Sandy Village of Macques, Kikirang and Handcuffs, were directly intercepted directly.

Although the same teacher, but always arrogant, I have been in front of the scorpion, and I will have a little doubt about life.

If it is not a help of Masaki and his hand, I am afraid that I am just a moment of justice, I will defeat them directly.


"Wind _ big cash!"

The fan of hand is created, making a storm and a large number of intangible vacuum blades, which violently bombards the front.

With the helmet of the hand, the scorpion, the scorpion is jumped to the rear, temporarily and the Hanoi Lang, which is temporarily.

Knight Lang knows that this is a handcuffs to help himself, quickly retransmond, think of the attack just now, can't help but take a layer of sweat.