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Chapter 354, three hooks, jade in front of the kaleidoscope!

The expressions on the face of the ninelang are somewhat shame and unwilling, reach out, and wipe the sweat on the head.

"How can the gap are so big?"

Knight Lang remembered what had just caught in his own way, couldn't help but hold the fist.

Who is opposite this person?

Machi Lang is full of dignified and cautious look, and looks to the opposite side.

After the handcuffs launched to temporarily distinguish between two people, there are several jumps that appear on the side of the Kayiro.

The horse base on the side, the same one, appeared in front of two.

"You are fine, you are fine."

Maji looked back at a glamic, and some worried open mouth.

"Nothing, Maji teacher, the opposite of the guy is very strong!" Machi Lang gently shake his head, and the tone is extremely dignified.

The horse's eyes flashed in cautious look, after seeing the means of the other person, the three people planned to hold the other party.

Then the horse and handcuffs attack from the side, but the plan is good, but unfortunately faced, the two have no closer opportunities at all.

"If you don't defeat him, we have no way to advance, I am very dangerous now."

The handcuffs face with a trace of anxious look, hands with hands to grasp the fan, and some eager open mouth.

"When the endurance has appeared such a powerful teacher."

The deep heart of Maji is also anxious. Since the other party blocks their way, it is clear that the situation in this moment is extremely dangerous.

But seeing the opposite scorpion, Ma Ji knows the only way now is to quickly defeat the other party.

And I don't know why, Ma Ji sees some means of using the teacher, and the genius of the village once is extremely similar.

However, in front of you, a layer of crimsia is full of lascaps, and it is completely different from the .

"Is it good?"

"So you are prepared to die first?"


After saying, the direction of the three people is over, and I have come over, and there is a horror of the horror of "squeaking" between walking.

A moment!

Maci, Kikirang, handcuffs, each other, three people simultaneously become a residue disappeared in the same place.

It is followed by three people appear in three directions, in the circumference, the fierce clipper is in the middle, while expanding the means attack.

I want to take this distracted attention, I have found the flaws on the scorpion.

At this moment, the other side.

A person standing quietly at a rock, looks down at the bottom of the head, and looks at his Yi Zhiso, and the indifference and plain.

"I finally saw you!"

Sasuke's voice with a slice of depression, the blood circles in the pupil, I don't know when it has turned into a three hook jade.

"It's a pity that I thought this time, your eyes will become an evolution into the horoscope, I didn't expect to be in the extent of three hooks."

"Wooden genius? Compared with Uzhi, you don't have anything, no wonder you want to protect you."

The door is holding his hands in the chest, and the look is still indifferent, but it is only a midst of a non-concealed tone.


Sasuke first stunned, followed by a little twitching on his face:

"What are you talking about? If you destroy the entire Unexpelli ethnic design, then I would rather not protect this!"

"And do you think you are? You are not qualified to use the eyes! Let me return your eyes!"

Sasuke's feet, the whole person flooded directly to the long door.

During the process of action, a large number of blue lightning gathered in the hand of Sasuke, issued a strong harsh sound like a thousand birds.

The long door saw Sasuke's movements, and the face is still there, there is no expression, and the feet are slightly moved, and the whole person quickly jumped backwards.

However, just jumping from the rock from the rock, the horned mouth suddenly exposed a smile.

"Thousands of birds!"

Sasuke issued a low drink, raised the thousand birds in his hand push it in the direction of the long door.

In an instant, the blue blue current in your hand quickly started gathering, and the blink of an eye was a hole in the long gun, stabbed in front!

The sharpness of the thousand birds is very fast, and the door has not responded, and it is taken from the body of this Thunder, and it will be in the air.

One time, blood is flying!

"Is this your own book? I thought you had more strength. I didn't expect this kind of hit to be solved."

"The eyes of Yisi Poso are simply an insult."

Seeing the long gates who easily wear it for themselves, the face of Unechebra showed a smile, the tone is the same as the long door just now, full of ridicule.


Just when Sasu help, he suddenly heard a slight "" sound.

Sasuke has not responded yet, just see the cracks of the surrounding space suddenly appeared, and it is turned into crushing.

When Sasuke returned to God again, I found that I still stand in the same place. I didn't move, and the opposite door, and I still still hold the chest station above the rock.

"What is illusion?"

Sasuke the body slightly shock, fierce a boring, and the eyes flashed in a very incredible look.

"Originally thought that this meeting will give me some interest, but now it seems too much to see you."

"Three hooks jade writes in front of the kaleidoscope, nothing, this is a gap that you don't understand at all?"

The long-headed language is disappointed, a boring look.

Said here, the poor language is a meal, followed by a trace of interesting tone:

"The way Uzhi Pub is acting in the way, although people don't understand, but one thing, I didn't lie to you in illusion."

"If Yishuo is really wants to kill you, you have already completely disappeared with the Unexpellian family, because you are too weak in front of him."

The long door, plus the gap between the strengths, like a hitting the heart of the hunger.

Sasuke's heart is a endless anger. He wants to refute the long door, but it does not know how to open it at all.

The atmosphere of the entire air suddenly gathered.

Sasuke's hands with the hard work, with a little bit, in which case, Sasuke's words in the eyes, the speed of the speed, the speed of the flying.

See this scene.

The look on the face of the face moves slightly, and the eyes are looking forward.

Just just the written eye of the three hooks, there is no use of the long door, only let Sasuke evolve into a kaleidoscope, this is the long door really want.

As for my love, the door is not concerned about it, and the reason why he travels here is to help it.

At least in the eyes of the long door, the writing of Sasuke's writing is very important than my love is more important than I Ai Luo.

Over time.

The long door looked at some struggled Sasuke, especially the other party's writing, although it is still turning fast, but it has been kept in the state of three hooks, can't help but wrinkle.

"Is there a failure?"

The long gates muttered softly.

Although the long gate is not very clear, how long does it take to write a handlebus written by writing wheel eye into a trickle, but he knows that this thing is usually done in an instant.

Sasuke now, obviously failed.

"Is it your own method wrong? But seeing that Sasuke's status is clearly nothing wrong with his own method."

"That is to say, it is still in the mountains of Sasuke."

The long door is slightly flashing, some silent thinking.

When you are thinking in the long gherring, one or two movements come from far away.

Swirl moon, day to Ning!