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Chapter 355 bears the "strongest three" name!

The whirlpool is rushing to the forehead, and the day is next to Ning.

Two people just seem to have a hand, and the clothes on their body were slightly wrinkled.

However, the two people did not last long. The Naruto saw the Sasuke that was blown by the long gate, directly separated from the battle, and came over to the direction of Sasuke.


The Naruto screamed, and there were several jumps that appeared in front of Sasuke.

Seeing the sakura where the decadent state is caught, the Narler lifted the fist in his hand, and the face of the face of Sasuke.

I heard the sound of the Naruto and the broken voice of the ear, Sasuke's eyes were slightly shrinking, quickly returning to God, the body suddenly bending backwards.

While hiding the Naruto, I slammed the game, Sasuke one hand, and the feet lifted up and kicked it directly to the Naruto.

Naruto also made a movement of the back, two people quickly separated.

"Sasuke you become strong!"

The Naruto reached out and clenched the fists and looked at the excitement of the excitement.

"Crane tail!" Sasui passed the head and glanced at the sound, a calm look, the feeling of tangling on his face has disappeared.

After that, Sasuke turned to the head and look at the direction of the long door, and the look disdain.

"Is this your method? It is really a poor means."

Sasuke the body standing straight, the three-eyed jade written eye is rotated by the speed of the speed, and the restart will become gentle.

When you hear some disdain, the long face is still calm, and there is no change in expression.

It turns out that!

In advance, you have already known that by stimulation, it can evolve the way to write the horoscope, and if you are stimulating, the effect will be reduced.

In the eyes of the long gates, it flasmatically, at the same time, the heart began to wear a new way.

Unfortunately, he is not Yushuo, otherwise sure to help Unexpectedly, it is deeply hidden, maybe you can get the way to write the horoscope.

And Sasuke faces the long door, more is the obsession of Uzhi Houhe, as for hatred, but it is completely Xiaowawa with a small witch with a small witch.

Even the long gates feel that Saso helps to see the hate of the right, it is more intense than seeing your own hate.

After all, Yuxi Pub is killing the right, and the top of the top is just a pair of impelings.

So simple stimulation is far less than enough!


At this time, I also appeared next to the long door.

The long gate is looking at Ning, nodded gently, followed by looking at the whirlpool and Yishe Sasuke, the long-door eyes slightly bright, as if thinking about it.

"I heard that the right trip has teatked you for a while? If you say something right, is your teacher?"

The long-haired doubt is with a slight question.

The day is slightly slightly, and then nodded and nodded, and his face was respectful.

"So, opposite the two, is your companion in the wooden leaves ..."

The long door is slightly flashing, the sound is moving, but the words are half, the day, the day is the first step forward.

"The right fights make me participate in this task, I must also compare some of the practice of the practice between them!"

"Since the right fights and the thousand-handles and the Yuxi Bzein have no points for the time. So, as a disciple, I am here to participate in this task, and the purpose is clear."

"I will let the disciple, I will do this, I don't have a certificate! And, this is also very good!"

On the day, I will open the white eye, my eyes flashed, and the voice is slightly turned back, continue to open:

"So, the long door, the next battle, you don't want to intervene!"

In the face of the day, the long-term smile is rare.

"Rest assured, I have no interest in the battle of your ghost."

The long door shrugged and retracted it gently and said that he would not intervene.

"Maybe we will be shocked by these faders." For the long door, the day is stunned.

Voice fell!

On the day, Ning Ji jumped from the rock, falling in front of Sasuke and Naruto.

Three people stand in the direction of three-legged!

"The day Ning."

Sasuke looked at the jumping day, Ningjun smashed his eyes, while the eyes of the eyes were standing on the rock on the rock.

Although Sasuke did not hear the conversation between Ningxiao and the long door, it was still guess through the two people.

If you want to take the eyes of Yuxi Pos, I am afraid I need to defeat the day to Ning.

On the other hand, the Naruto saw the day suddenly jumped out to Ning, showing dissatisfied looks on the face.

"You guys, don't bother me with the battle between them."

The Naruto looked at his eyes, and the tone was a little dissatisfied with the day to Ning.

"So sorry, the battle of your two people is afraid to end."

On the day, the body is slightly squatting, and the hands are lifted, make the gentleness of the soft law, and the tone continues to open:

"Naruto, last lost in your hands, let me understand a thing, even if it is facing a crane tail, it is necessary to use the whole force to defeat the other party, and arrogant will only make people can't see the direction."

Between the speech, the day, Ningxiao gas, directly locking the nun, and sakura, obviously planning two of them.

Although I said, I said that although I was a flat tone, but I felt that the Naruto or Sasuke, he felt seriously in the sound of Ning Xing.

What do you mean?

One person does not fight them?

Is this not looking for them!

"I haven't seen you for a long time, your tone of your talk, or I feel like I used."

Naruto has a quite uncomfortable look, and looks to Ning.

On the other side, the face also exposed a very uncomfortable look.

"The day of the day, the genius ninja, telling the truth, before the rebellion, I want to fight with you, but there is no chance."

Sasuke does not twist the neck, a cold expression on his face.


"We have three people, and we have the name of the three adults, let us tell them, their choice is right!"

On the day, the Ningxiao touched the past, with the past solemn, the foundation of Chakra boiled.

On the same day, I said that "the three adults" said "the three adults", whether it is Sasuke, or the Naruto is a certain guy who is not adjusting.

If you say that Sasuke and Naruto have not realized.

Then at this moment.

The day, Ningjun reminded them to discover that this battle is no longer a simple loss problem.

Sasuke although not a cold, Yu Zhibo spheres, he is a fact, not to mention Yisi Boupeng represents Yishabo family.

Especially the Naruto, I suddenly remembered that they were going to travel. On the door of the wooden leaves, the truth of the thousand hand is specially ignorant:

"That white-eyed kid and red eye boy, it doesn't matter. It is important! You can't lose in both of them."

"After all, you are also my disciple, you can't lose!"



"It turns out that Uncle Uncle has already expected it."

"However, I must not only defeat these two people, but also to bring these two people back."

The Naruto glanced in the fighting flame, muttered in his heart.

Think of this.

Naruto and Sasuke almost looked up at the same time and looked at each other.

Although the two did not speak, but at this moment, the idea, Naruto and Sasu were also felt at the same time.



Naruto and Sasuke almost looked up at the same time, hammer in his palm, then pinched his wrist to look at Ning.

"Although it is a little unfair, you are so arrogant, I decided to say that you will say you first."

When the Naruto took the mouth, his face with uncomfortable looks, and he called to see the day Ning.

"Naruto this guy is stupid, but the current idea is like me."

Sasuke also also looked at the days to Ning, a cold open mouth.

Of course, if it is not because there is a long door, Sasu will never join hands with the Naruto, first solve the day to Ning.

Only now the situation is in the eyes, only the first solves the day to return to Ning, is the most beneficial.

After the Ning Xi was defeated, he resolved the squatting person, and then wanted to take the eye from the long door.

As for the problem of not fighting, it is not considered at all.