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Chapter 356 Quies!

In the heart of Sasuke and Naruto, join hands together to fix the day to Ning.

The two did not hesitate to hesitate, and the tacit understanding will rush the next to the day.

The Naruto is running in the process of running in the process of running.

Multiple shadows of shadows!

boom! boom! boom!

With a series of white smoke drift, dozens of Naruto's shadow appeared in front of everyone.

These shadows are in the process of running, keeping the locations that keep the body of the Naruto in it.

Even if the day, Ning's white eyes, in this case, there is a short time to find the body of the Naruto.

At this moment, although the Narler who is stronger is slower than the pioneer, the speed is far over the people.

Instantaneous operation!

With the last stamping, the figure of Sasuke disappears in the original place, almost in the future of the residual shadow in front of Ning.


Sasuke lifted the right foot from the bottom, directly kicking the chin to the day to Ning.

On the day, the corner of Ningxin took a smile. The head is backward, and it is easy to avoid this hit.

Seeing this scene, Sasuke did not have a slightest accident, the right foot of the original kicked out was suddenly a sudden, the left foot fierce.

From the beginning of the kick, the action that turned into the , according to the day, the chest of Ning.

The reaction of Sasuke is not unhappy, almost in the instant of the other party to avoid your attack.

"In front of the white eye, there is no use in your body."

"And, since you appear in front of me, then it is equivalent to entering my area, you can't escape ..."

On the day, I looked up at Ning, and the sound was indifferent. In the white eyes, any little movement of Sasuke escaped the eyes of Ning.

A invisible Chakra fluctuate, exudes from the body to Ning.

In the perception of Ningxing, he was surrounded by a gossip array in a peripheral position of Ning.

Not just Sasuke, even if the shoots of the Naruto are also in his perceptual scope.

next moment!

The day is Ningjun, and the feet have worked, the body traversed out, and the moment appeared on the side of Sasuke.

While easily avoiding Sasuke attacks, lifting the hand directly taking a tapko.


In the moment of contact, the body of Sasuke became a piece of broken wood, and it was taken out by the day.

"When is it, when?"

On the eyes of Ning, I flash a shower in my eyes. I just didn't see Sasuke printed.


Although the last moment, Sasuke said with actions to avoid, but their own Chakra should still attack the other's body.

"Give me!"

At this time, the numerous division of Naruto also rushed over and attacked the past to the day.

Have a punch!

Have a lift!

There is direct flutter!

A variety of attack methods fifteen!

"It's really a moving move, the same mistake I won't make another one more, in order to cope with your shadow, I have specially studied for a long time."

On the day, I looked at the shadow of the people around him, and the opening road was still.

In an instant of the voice!

On the day, I raised my hands in Ning. However, I didn't attack the shadow of the surrounding rushing, but I breeked out of the ground.


A dull sound!

Earthstone collapse.


A large number of cracks appeared on the ground, and a pothole appeared in front of everyone.

The figure of the Naruto appeared at the position below the left side of the day.

At this moment, the body of the Naruto is lying in the pit.

Looking at the fists in your chest, the Naruto glanced, his face with an incredible look.

As the Naruto was hit by the day, the surrounded by a large amount of shadow, and it was also exploded at the same moment, and the smoke was scattered.

"So, is this your cultivation?"

On the day, I watched the Naruto hit by myself, and my face revealed his face, and the fist once again.

The Naruto couldn't help but make a scream, and he was bombarded by the day.

After continuously rolling several followers on the ground, the Naruto struggled from the underground, and his face revealed the painful look.

"Your guy, it's really awkward, it hurts!"

Naruto kept stomach, and his eyes were shocked.

What happened to it now!

The intention of the Naruto did indeed as a bait in the shadow, and then hidden in the underground as a means of attack.

Yes, this routine is very familiar.

This is when the last time I took the exam, he defeated the day to Ning.

Because the other party is to defeat in this move, the day will definitely prevent this.

This Naruto naturally knows that the Naruto deliberately hides two shadows to confuse the audio.

But the day, Ning, actually found his body in an instant!

This is entirely outside the Naruto!

At this time, a gently cough sounded on the side.

Sasuke came out from a big tree, his face was full of ugly looks, appeared in the position of Naruto.


Sasuke's mouth out of the mouth out of the mouth, see the day, Ning, and it is incredible.

What is the speed?

If it is not a quick response, the condition reflects is escaped for the body, I am afraid that it is just a little bit simple to be in front of him.

"This guy……"

Sasukes bite with teeth and look at Ning.

"If you only have the power of just now, then it is really disappointing."

"It was originally thought that this is a good battle, and now it seems that I am afraid to end."

The day, Ning, shook his head, full of a pity in the sound.

"Your arrogant guy, just just me,"

"Also, how did you find my body?"

The Naruto grinned slightly, eased the pain of the pain uploaded, and the sound was extremely unhappy.

"Ipoken, how can he tell you?"

I heard the Naruto asked, Sasukes looked like a niece, speechless open mouth with an idiot.

"You are talking about who idiot, you are a hateful guy!"

The Naruto quickly turned his head to see Sasuke.

Sasukes sent a cold, now he can do not have time, but turned his head, and the eyes are dead to see the opposite day. Ning.

"The day, Ning, don't think that your strength is strong."

"Originally, I still want to leave this power to deal with that guy. Now it seems that you are also a correct choice."

Sasukes reach out and uses a punch, and send a "giggle".

As the pride of the Urcho family, how to make yourself to lose in the day!



A blue arc, spread from Unechebra, and sent a sound in the sound.

Almost a blink of an eye, the whole body has been wrapped in a blue current.

"Thousands of birds!"

Sasuke born in both the scarlet's write-wheel eye rapid rotation, slowly spit out these three words.


Sasukes disappeared between the original place, the whole person, into a blue lightning, speed can only capture a blue light.

On the day, I contraction of the pupil of Ning, quickly lifted the arms, cross cross, protect in my own chest.

At the same time as Ning Xi, we have appeared in front of Ning Ji, and a punch.


A dull sound is ringing next to Ningxiao.

On the day, I only feel that the arms have passed a hot burning, followed by the whole person's body, and uncontrolled back.

Whether it is speed, strength!

In the state of the Thousand Bird Flow mode, the various states of the body will be increased several times.

"It's so powerful! This is the results of Sasuke!"

The Naruto glanced and looked at the sakura that was covered by blue lightning.