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Chapter 357 Double Cut!

More than just the present, there is still a day to Ning.

These two guys have improved very quickly, compared to no rebellion, Naruto obviously felt the strength of these two people, enhanced several levels.

Is this a genius?

"But I will not lose!"

Naruto clenched his fist, with unparalleled seriousness.

Remember lost Sakura, every day!

He said that the two alive guys bring these two disgusting guys going back.

Do not!

That is not big!

For this day, he has been working hard!

I have been practicing for so long, I will not lose to these two guys!

Seeing Sasuke's great exhibition, I will blow up the day, the day of the strong, and how can the Naruto will return?



A powerful and tylicssic Chakra, spilling from the body of the Naruto, between a moment, the nunwen's body covered a dark red tail beast.

Under the role of Jiuji Chakra, the emotions of Naruto did not change, and the eyes were clear.

This is the result of this time cultivation!

Originally for the strength of the nine tail, the inner heart of the Naruto is some resistant. After all, from birth, it has been crowning "the demon fox".

What happened to Naruto would not have a disgusted emotion on the nine.

And the killer is understanding this, although there is no tongue of Naruto, but it is enough to work in this.

In the eyes of the thousand-handles, the sterilization is not as urgent for Naruto, the true power of the Naruto is the nine tail in the body.

Naruto's big character is the intangible power of the "hate" emotion that has been overwhelmed.

Therefore, under the teachings between the thousand-handles, Naruto still has no thorough acceptance of nine tails, but there is no resistance to the beginning.

With the emergence of Jiu Takla, it quickly attracted the eyes of all people present!

"It turned out to be a column of column of nine tail."

Maji hide the attack, got a breath, the Yu Guang, the angle of the eyes, looked at the Naruto.

But very fast, Maji and others retracted the eyes, because it was a moment of gods that had just been in his body.

"Oh, can I borrow the strength of the nine tail? It's good."

A person is easily dragged in Kakasi and Mountain City, Yischo, and ridicule.

At the same time, the face of Unechybo has a pity of the gods.

This task is to arrest a column, the tail of the nine tailings is in front of you, but can't arrest, it is really it.

Yuxi Bo belt gently shakes his head, which is also something wrong.

Even if you have the ability to catch the monks, Yisi Bo will not do this.

Now Yuxi Bao is still not yet, it is intended to be completely prepared to fight between the killer.

The time is still not enough!

Kakari quickly saw his direction of his celebrities, while receiving his eyes, the face did not worry.

As the guidance of the Naruto, Kakasi knows that some Naruto will have some fruitful things under the taught of the universal people.

Otherwise, Kakasi is afraid to fight rid of Yuxi Bo, rush to the side of Naruto, and prevent Jiuji Chakra from continuing to leak.


Because Sasukes suddenly skyrocketing strength and speed are flying out of the day to Ning, quickly adjust the in the body in the air.

Under the precise control, the day, Ningjun sprayed Chekra from the back acupoint, and slowed down a speed of the body, after turning over the sky, steady land on the ground.

On the day, I watched the low, watching the position of the arm to resist the attack, and the clothes had already appeared.

Even now, the two arms of Ningxing will also pass a hot spicy sour.

"By the help of Chakra, the whole body of the cells are stimulated, thereby performing high-speed movement and attack, while also performing certain defense."

"It's amazing."

On the day, I looked up at Ning, and I looked at the sakura where the blue current was covered by the blue current.

While talking, the day, Ningjun quickly mobilized Chakra in the body, and caused the arms because the thunder was quickly removed.

"If you only have this extent, you will be very miserable."

Sasuke's face with a cold look, will refute the day to Ning.

"Waiting for it!" The day, Ningxiao's eyes smashed, so that it started to distribute a dangerous breath.


A sudden roar came from the rear, the Naruto wrapped in the tail beast coat, and the same speed was taken with a very fast speed, and the first to rush to the day.

"Sasuke you guys, can't grab my opponent! I said that I have to take the lead in hurting him."

When the Naruto made a big scream, the limbs climbed on the ground with the wild beast-like posture, and the speed was now completely from the help of just now.

Seeing the state of the Naruto, Sasukened the write-wheel eye in the eyes slightly accelerated.

"This is ... The power of nine tails is stronger than last time."

Sasuke's face has a serious expression.

I didn't know what the strength is, now I am clear now.

Before I didn't tell the country's task, the Naruto showed this force, but the Naruto at the time did not master the power.

And now this power is stronger than at the time!


With a loud noise, the Naruto will justify a large pit in the places you occupied by Ning.

On the day, Ningjun left in advance, escaped the hit of the Naruto, put on the gesture of the soft law, the body did not return, quickly appeared in front of the Naruto.

Soft method - gossip sixty-four palms!

On the day, I made a shot of Ningxiao into a residue. Each palm was taken in the nun, and he sent a heavy sullen.

Only for a moment, the sixty-four acupoints on the Naruto were all taken in Ning.

Along with the last palm!

Naruto did not imagine that it was taken out, but the face showed a dedicated look:

"Hey, your attack is useless."

On the day, most of the attacks in Ning will resist the outer coat of the tail beast outside the Naruto, even if there are several attacks to the acupuncture points, they are also relaxed by Chakra, which is overflowed in the body.

"The next time I attack!" Naruto made a lot of laugh.

The image of the shadow!


A piece of shadow appeared on the side of the Naruto, and reached out quickly on one hand of the Naruto.

"Too slow, and who said that my attack is over?"

On the day, Ning will see the Naruto attack, not only did not avoid it, but once again set up the posture of the soft law.

Soft Fighting - Eight Boss!

The day is once again started, but the hand has not waited for it, and the movement of Ningxing suddenly stopped.

Sasuke has been rushed from another direction, and a large number of current is distributed in the right hand!

"Thousands of birds!"

Sasukes issued a low drink, directly from the rear of Ning to attack.

Because Sasuke suddenly attacks, let the day, Ning, the instant of the pause, the movement of the Naruto attack is also ready!

A blue Chakra ball appeared in the hands of the Naruto, exudes a dangerous breath.

"Spiral Pills!"

The Naruto sent a big drink, raised the spiral pills from the front, hooking from the day.

Double fans!

Obviously this is a cooperation with the Naruto and Sasuke!

These two guys!

I don't want to help the other side, but the action is really coherent, it is the same in the same class!

Feel the danger of dangerous at the same time.

On the day, the eyes of Ningjun slammed, quickly scattered the movement of the soft method, and mobilized Chakra quickly spurted from the various acupoints in the body.

"Eight Diagrams Huntai!"

On the day, I will send a low drink, just like the gyro.

The sprayed Chakra formed a speed-rotated absolute defense, as in the same side, the blue mask was buckled on the ground.