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Chapter 358 True genius!


Three people collided together and made a huge roar.

Under the high-speed rotation of the sky, the attacks of the two did not take the lead in rebound.

The spiral pill in the niece, the thousands of birds in the hands, pressing the sound of hang-like ribs in the sky.

At a time, the three Chakra did not stop the collision, and it turned out to be short-lived.

The strong vibration generated by the high-speed rotation of the sky is not stopped through the arm to the arm who attacks the Naruto and Sasuke.

The Naruto made a big, lifted another hand and holding the arm holding the spiral pill.

The same is the same, and below, under the attack of the two, the day, Ningji originally rounded back, and started a slow depression in the position of the two sides of attack.

The day, Ningjun, took the lead in felt this change.

"Can't stop again!"

On the day, I appeared an extremely dignified expression on my face.

He already felt that the defense of "returning to the day" has reached a certain limit, and then "returning to the day" I am afraid that it will be broken by Sasuke and Naruto attack.

On the day, the heart of Ningjun moved, almost in an instant, the whole body acupuncture points were returned, and all contracted back.

At the same time, the day, Ning Ji, because the high-speed rotation of "return", the position of the standing position has appeared in the foot of the foot.

At the same time, I will recover the "Go" at the same time, and the whole person quickly kneel down the body, half of the pothole.


Since the day, Ningji recovered the release of Chakra, did not returning to the sky, and did not check the whole body to rush to the front of the whole body.

Sasuke because of the relationship between writing, the first time I pericamed the changes in Chakra in Ningxia, but I didn't expect the day, I would like to be faster than I thought!

Helloratic Chakra control!

Sasuke is shocked, and the whole body is also inhibited to rush to the front.

As the day was withdrawn, the Naruto and Sasu were discovered at this time, and should it be in the middle of the day, I will have disappeared?


The Naruto made a big shot, and he watched the spiral pill in his hands collided with the thousand birds in the hand.


A huge roar, the moment of collision between the two.

Sasuke and Naruto have made two people can't help but take a step on the rear because of the explosive power generated by the thousand birds and collisions.

At this time, the Naruto and Sasuke saw that he was half a day in the middle of the caves in the middle of them.

This is also the illusion of sudden disappearance of the day!

On the moment, Ning Ji is in the instant of the two, the body suddenly rigs, and the feet will be tapped while playing in front and rear.

Naruto and Sasuke lifted his arms horizontally on the chest, blocked the attack on Ning, and was preparing to continue to attack.

It was found that the day, Ningjun, with two people blocked, has dropped from the air, quickly retrace, appearing at a position of about ten meters from two men.

"Sasuke, your guy, if you are not you might let him escape!"

The Naruto looked at the Sasuke next to it, and his face was unhappy.

"It should be you in the case of happiness," Sasukes sent a slight, ridiculous.

When the Naruto and Sasuke were dispatched with each other, the day on the other side Ning, lifted his hand to the position of the cheek.

A mp blood appeared in the hand tip of Ningji.

"Is there a thousand birds just wipe?"

The day, Ning, is silent in the heart.

Soon day, I went up at Ning, lifting the head to the distance and the nun.

"Really, it seems to be a little bit of you two. Sure enough, strength is not only myself, but only I have myself."

On the day, I have already taken a serious, white way to the Soft method.

But this moment!

On the day, I suddenly emerged an amazing breath!

It was originally quarreled with Sasuke and Naruto at the same time. The two people had a feeling of sweat in this moment.

"Soft Fighting - Fog - Silent Murder!"

On the day, I will spit out these words in the mouth of Ning.

A lavender Chakra, pulled up from the day, and wrapped the day to Ning.

At this moment, whether it is Sasuke or Naruto, faintly, all see a horrible face in Ningji!

"When I was in the village, I used to be said to be" elseous "fog hidden in the fog, and everyone seriously handed over. "

"Although every time it is almost killed, it is precisely because of the consciousness of killing, I learned some good things from their people."

"And I combine these things, combined with the Soft Method, and the family."

On the day, Ning will look forward to Sasuke and Naruto, and the sound is unusually calm.

On the day, Ningxue slammed the sound of all people's ear.

Holding a sense of killing?

Naruto and Sasuke I don't know why suddenly heart.

On the other side, I have been quietly paying attention to the long gates of the battlefield, and my eyes can't help it slightly.


Make a unique skill of each person in the fog, integrate into his own soft, such people can be called genius!

This is probably why the right trip, this is a true genius! This is a real genius!

"So, if you are not careful, you will die."

On the day, Ning's voice fell, and the whole person has disappeared in the original place.


Naruto and Sasurable two positions have just been bombarded in an instant, and barely hide and jumped backwards, but they didn't wait for landing, the day of Ningjun has rely on.

boom! boom! boom!

The three people almost blinking the heart has become a group, and a sound collision is issued.

It was originally extremely strong to help and Naruto, under the day of the silent murder of Ning, instantly pressed down!

Whether it is speed, or explosive!

The day, Ning Ji, in this state, stronger than Naruto and Sasuke, more terrible, the day, Ningjun, there is no slight sound in the process of mobile.

This is obviously a special skill!

Sasuke can only barely use the way of writing the eyes, capture the movements of the day to Ning. And the Naruto is very miserable, even if you can see the movement of Ningji, the body can't keep up.

If it is not a strong defending force in the tail beast, I am afraid that the Naruto will be taken to kick out.


A strong blank sound sounded next to Sasuke, Sasuo drove, not to see, directly twisted the head.

And the day, the palm of Ningji, by the very fast speed from Sasuke's face!


A blood splashed!

It is clear that it is just wiped, and the face of Sasuke acts actually appeared!

Sasuke's pupil contraction,

On the day, Ningxing has a thin layer of Chakra, with the help of Chakra, plus horrible control, causing a certain forces.

Just attacking Sasuke, the rear of the Naruto rushed up, and the day, Ningjun was directly escaped directly, while lifting a fist, a box directly hit the chest of the Naruto.

The Naruto was widened, and the body was bombarded directly by this box. After continuous rolls on the ground, the Naruto quickly stopped his body, emitted, and even rolled the rolling. Come up.

"How is the genius? I will lose to you this annoying guy!"

The tail beasts that the Naruto rushed out, became more and more.

When the Naruto is almost flying, the faster speed rushed back.

"This extent, you are fighting me, you can accept it!"

On the day, Ningxing is open to the Naruto once again, and the arm will make the arm and do a hand.

"Soft Fighting - Secrets - Chakra Tiene!"

On the day, the sound of Ningji is in the heart, and a quick flow of Chakra quickly gathered in the position of the index finger, and shot the Chakraun, which is like a bullet!

This endurance is the day of Ning Ji to learn from the ghost lights!

The original tick name is "Shui-Water Tea", which is a unique secret of the ghost light.

The reason why it is because of this tension, it can hydrate his body into a liquid ability with a ghost light.

Although the ghost lamp is not minded to explain this of the principles of the tissue, the day, Ning, still spent a lot of time and cost, and learned from the ghost light.

Among them, the most important reason can be learned, or because the days are Ning Ji is the right of the right bounter.

Although the principles of this ninja look like the soft way, there is nothing to associate, but there is a gossip in the soft law to convert Chakra into a hush wave.

On the day, Ningjun has to do, nothing more than the process of transformation, by means of the principle of the ghost light, convert the so-called impact wave into the entity Chakra.

Although it is very simple, in order to do this, the day, Ning, I spent a long time.


If the bullets, Chakra cannon, directly dominated the position of the Naruto forehead.

The Narler who is running rapidly quickly adjusts the body, but even if it is so bad, it is still in the position of the Naruto shoulder.

It was originally wrapped in the tail of the tail of the noodle body, which was directly torn with a moment of Chakra.

Extremely strong shot in the arm of the Naruto!

A blood splashed!

Naruto couldn't help but send a pain, although there was a layer of tail beast's outer garment, slowing most of the stroke of Chakra, but the position of the Naruto's arm was still shooting a blood cave.

However, in this short moments, the torn tail beast is replenished back in the army arm.

The wound at the arm is also recovered under the action of Jiu Takla.