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Chapter 359 Chang Knife · Sewing Now! Sasuke!

Seeing the blood cave of your fingertips on your shoulders, just just a moment of kung fu, it stopped, and the Naruto couldn't help but stunned.

He didn't think that the nine tail of Chakra had such a strong recovery!

"Is this the strength of Uncle Uncle?"

The Naruto was re-excited between the Naruto, and again rushed to the day.

And I also saw this scene of Ning, I couldn't help but wrinkled.

Is the strength of the nine tail?

The column strength is indeed very difficult!

When I attack Naruto in Japan, Sasuke has been with this short void, and it appears behind the day after Ning.

When the hand of Sasuke, I didn't know when I had already appeared.

Thousands of birds!

Chakra, the nature of the mine, quickly injected two bitterness in the hands of Sasuke, two suffering, no strong blue lightning light.

Sasuke eyes flash, lifting the two bitterness in his hand, and shot past the position of the back of the back of the day.

"In front of white eyes, no small movements are used!"

Although Ning Ji is back to Sasuke, but clearly looks at the action of Sasuke, step on the ground at the foot, and the body quickly moves out of the left side.

At the same time, at the same time, the bodies of Ningxiao hid, the two injected at the nature of Chakra, and there was a collision in the air.


A striking curvature of a bitter is hard, and it is only shot in the left side.

Because of the bitterness of Tiera, Chakra, the speed is very fast!

The day, Ning, is not coming to the second time!

"It seems that I guess it!"

Unexpectedly on his face to show a smile.

"Back to the days!"

There is no hesitation, and the day, Ningjun directly returns the whole body to release "return to day", and put it out of the Sasuke.

"Art fire escape ho fireball!"

Sasuke did not stop the action, the quick printing of Chakra gathered in his throat, spurting a huge fireball in front.


The hot high temperature carrying the fireball, the explosion produced and collided back and sent a huge roar.

The bitterness just just, just steps to limit the actions to Ning for the rest of the day.

After all, the day is too fast, and the simple use of the scrubtack does not hit the other party!

On the day, Ningjun retired from the smoke, and the clothes on the body have been slightly black, and the mouth is revealed.

"Although I have filed a part of the power of Ibe, I still have a part of the power to pass on the day.


Another sound sound, the Naruto quickly rushed from the other direction, directly chasing the day, just to exit the dust, Ning.

At this moment, the mantissa coat has appeared two tails, and the violent Chakra is filled out from the Naruto.

At this time, the Naruto, whether it is a speed or strength, is more strengthened more than just.

"Multiple shadow points!"

Naruto sent a big drink.

boom! boom! boom!

The white smoke in the land is now, whether it is Ning Ji, it is still a bit, and the shadow of thousands of Naruto appeared in the vision of the two.

"This guy ... too exaggerated!"

On the day, Ningjun quickly puts out defensive moves. At this moment, there is no obedience to the body's body, because in his vision, all are Naruto.

"When is the strength of the nun, it has become so strong?"

Sasuke saw that the surroundings were all wrapped by the tail beast coat, and the eyes were shocked.

"Naruto two thousand bomb!"

All celebrities who have been summoned by multiple shadows simultaneously make a shock.

Next moment, these dense magnes have rushed to Niji in the day.

The lid yellow figure instantly will open the day to Ning.

"Soft Fighting - Secrets - Multi-Chakra Triple Cannon!"

On the day, Ningjun directly lifted his hands, both hands of gun type, a bullet-like Chakra cannon returned from the fingertips!

Since the multi-shadow of Naruto uses multiple shadows to discharge their own Chakra, the defensive power of each Naruto is declining.

Every Chakra cannon, which is referred to from the day, is taken away by the Naruto.

Unfortunately, the shadow of the Naruto is too much!

If you use this sickness, you will know when you know all the shadow, and you are also seeing.

Think of this!

On the day, Ning did stopped the attack of the stem, but he stopped this will, and the surroundings have been crowded into the figure.

"Back to the days!!"

The day is once again used back to the day, and the high-speed rotation produced back to the day will temporarily clear the surrounding area.

On the day, Ningjiu quickly pulled a reel in the end of the roof.


Along with a white smoke.

On the day, there was a long knife that was wrapped around the steel wire in his hands.

The long knife of the seven talents in the village in the fog!

The original day, Ning, is not planning to use long knife and sewing needle, because once this is used to take the tackifier, it means that the day of the day, I will completely inherit the "foggy seasant" identity, and also represent the foggy village.

Compared with the rest of the "foggy seasons", the day, Ning, knowing that his strength is the weakest.

In the depths of the heart, the day Ning will not think that he is a qualified tackle.

So from the beginning, the right tricks will make this talents to him.

On the heart, Ningxue has been temporarily preserving the idea of ​​talents for the first time, and bring this tobach.

But now, look at the surrounding swirls!

On the day, Ningjiu is hard to hold the long knife and seam needles in the hands, no matter what you can't lose!

I have been defeated in the whirlpool, I can't defeat the second time!

"So, Naruto! I am serious!"

On the day, I sent a low drink, one hand grabbed the wire, and fierce the long knife in his hand.

Long knife tolerance - interception!

The elongated long knife is quickly inserted in the air, and the wire is wound, and the wire is wound, and the waters are centered on the day, painted into a semi-circular wire mesh.

Every wire is quickly rolled in the air, and a sound harsh snicling!

Surrounded by the sky, the shadow of the Naruto is divided by this area, and the long knife and the rapid cutting of the wire in the air, directly chemical into a white smoke disappeared!

I am afraid!

The long knife and the needle are shot, and there is no difference attack, quickly cleaning the shadow of the surrounding Naruto.

As one of the seven-pointers, the long knife and seam needles are not only the farthest attack, but also huge killing, the most important thing is to make the enemy still!

Whether it is a long knife or a steel wire, it has strong aggressiveness. Users must have certain technologies. Otherwise, they will hurt their enemies while attacking themselves.

Among the original, the second user of the long knife and seam needles "Snake Raspberry", because it is afraid to throw a long knife and sewing needle, and it is simply unable to play the fundamental power of the long knife and sewing needles.

However, the day does not require this level of concerns at all, with white eyes and precise Chakra crafts, long knives, seams, the needle, the needle, will only be more horrible.

On the other side at this moment.

I can't get started with Sasuke, see because the long knife and seam needles are in the hands, and the strength has become a horrible day to Ning.

Sasuke's double boxing could not hold hard, and the fingers were even more hard because they were pinched by the fingertips.

"This guy……"

"This guy ... The battle just didn't use all the best! Will you look down on me!"

Yisizhiso has an angry and unwilling face on his face, looking at the battle of Ningxiao and Naruto in the distance.

In particular, Sasuke's obvious feeling, after such a long-awaited training, the gap between himself and the Naruto seems to have not changed.

This unreasonable part of the binders started to rotate quickly.

In the battlefield, there is a short time!

Under the strong attack of the long knife, the needle, the multi-shadow summoned by the Naruto has been cleared more than about half.

At this moment.

The Naruto hidden behind a big tree saw this scene, showing a few anxious looks on the face.

Can evil, there is no way to close!

Just when the Naruto thought about the countermeasures, a long voice suddenly came from the rear.

"Find you, Naruto!"

On the day, the voice of Ningji slammed from the ear of the Naruto.

The root steel suddenly shot from all directions, and bundles the Naruto in the big tree!