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Chapter 360, Thunder Qilin, Awakening Kaleidoscope! (4000 words)

The long knife and the needle steel wire will bundle the nunman behind the big tree.

On the day, I walked out from the rear, and I appeared in front of the Naruto.

"Got you!"

On the day, I used a distracted look on my face, lifted the long knife and seam needles in my hands.

Under the long knife of the long knife, the needle is extremely sharp, the wrapped in the tail beast outside the niece, only the moment is directly pierced, and the position of the Naruto shoulder.


The blood flows out of the long knife, dripped on the ground.



In an instant of the Naruto's body, the shadow of many Naruto originally wants to rush, all of which were not disappeared in a white smoke.

Naruto couldn't help but send a pain, and his face with a clear look, look at Ning.

"I will not kill you, I will win, this fight will win!"

On the day, I watched the sound of the beam, the sound of the sound of the sound.

"I said that you have to hurt you, no more, how can I be admitted!"

The struggle of the Naruto, but the steel wire on the long knife and the needle obviously be strong in people, even because of the struggle of the Naruto, but instead adds a wound in the Naruto.

"It is unnecessary, even if you don't admit defeated, you can't change your current results."

On the day, Ningxie looked at the uncomfortable Naruto shook his head. For this kind of guy, there is no significance.

"What jokes! Even guys who believe in fate have begun to resist fate!"

"How can I be admitted again! Don't try this kind of thing!"

The Naruto is staring at the top of the opposite direction, and there is a shout.

A more tyrannical strict Chakra, spilling again from the body of the Naruto!

Article 3 The nine-tailed Chakra tail begins to take out from the tail of the Naruto.


The Naruto issued a low-spirited, and again struggled again.

As the tail beast coat becomes more expanded, the steel wire begins to restrain the shrinkage, hard-eracent, the bundles of the people's big trees, and the tail beasts on the body, and the deep traces are tightened.

"Motion guy! Will it have been born with hard born in this way!"

On the day, Ning's face is slightly changed, and the long knife and sewing needle are quickly drawn from the position of the Naruto Shoulder, while slightly retreat.

Now the state of the guy of Naruto, is obviously unsatisfactory!

Just at this time!

"Fire-Feng Xianhuo!"

Sasuke rapidly printed in the distance, spurting the flames of all sides from the mouth, rushing to the position of Naruto and Japan to Ning.

A fireball with a hot high temperature, non-stop from the air to cause an explosion.

Seeing this scene, the day, Ningjun can only take it back from the Naruto, escaped to Sasuke.

The Naruto bundled on the big tree is, and it is directly divided into a fireball in which it has a rumor.

"Sasuke, you are a bastard, you have to burn me!"

With the big tree, the Naruto rushed out of the flame, and he sent a pain, while he said.

Perhaps because of the explosion caused by the fire, let the emotions that have just been caught in Chakra, returning to God.

The third tail of the tail beast is also stopped, just a small cut.

"I don't believe that you will be so easy to be burned!"

For the big of the Naruto, Sasuke directly replied directly, and the hands continue to print, and release the fire.

A fireball is constantly ejecting from the mouth of Sasuke, bombing the Naruto and the day.

One time between.

Naruto and the day, Ning, can only evade the transform position.

"Sasuke, what is your guy is doing something, isn't it to solve the Ning?

Naruto is obviously miserable, but the clothes are not only broken, but also a wound on the shoulder.

The wound caused by the long knife and seam needles, even if the powerful recovery capacity carried by the nine tail, it is not possible to recover in a short time.

The day is indifferent, while holding a long knife and sewing needles, while avoiding the fire attack, while avoiding the direction of the sakura.

Seeing Sasukes, they attacked them together, and the days were also awesome in Ning.

Did you start?

I heard the Qian people asked, the action on the hand did not stop the movement.

"Now I change my mind!"

"I have to solve all your two people!"

Sasuke's written eyes in the eyes of the eyes, the fire will continue to rush to two people.

With the combustion of the flame and the explosion generated, the surrounding temperature is getting higher.

"What is the purpose of Sasuke? Only a simple fire, but you can't do it, you can't do a big thing to solve two people."

"More than the so far, Sasuke's tattooing has not attacked the body of our two."

On the day, Ning's eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. I don't know why it is a disturbing feeling in the heart.

The same known as the genius of Unechebao, in the eyes of Ningxia, the opponent is absolutely impossible to do something meaningless.

But so far, there is no feeling in Ning, and there is a place where there is any place, and the strength shown by Sasuke.

In the eyes of Ningxia, it is not enough to threaten him, so this is uncomfortable in his heart, where is it from?

Think of this.

The speed of Ningjun will be slower, and it is not possible to show a four-week, and the eyes are deeply exposed.


Sasuke's eyes were empty, I don't know when I have already gathered the dark clouds, my heart.

I have continuously released the traces of fire. Although it is a bit serious, they have entered the attack of Note.

Then make it completely!

Sasuke him looked at the Naruto rushing to himself, and his eyes gradually became firm.

Because I deeply understand this Tour, I have to break it with it!

Sorry, Naruto!

"Thunder - Kirin !!"

Sasuke's rapid printing, and I also make a big!

It attached to the thousands of birds on the tesuans, condensed into a dark cloud, and the dark clouds made up, as a traction!

In a moment of taking the thousand birds and the dark clouds, a deafening roar was fried in the sky!

Bang! Bang!

The entire black cloud is thoroughly transformed into terrible thunder clouds, and a large amount of natural lightning is burst out under the guidance of Sasuke Thousand Birds.


A lightning mutual collision is similar to the wild beast sounds in the sky.

The huge thunder in nature, rapidly agglomerate in the air, into a huge unicorn composed of lightning, appeared in front of everyone.

At a time, all the people around the battle were attracted by this scene!

The corners are all breathed with the mortal ghosts, and they looked around each other. At this moment, at the moment, the appearance of Lei Qilin attracted the eyes of the two.

"Strong thunder!" The macmon ghosts saw that suddenly appeared in the air, and the pupil couldn't help but shrink.

"It seems that I am really a little bit of your little ghost. This is the power level of this. I am afraid that I have reached the S level!"

"I am really curious, how did you do it?"

There is a smile on the face, and the low sink is self-contained.


The mountain city is a large number of crows dispel from the place, there is a place where the position is not far, covering a wound on his body, strenuous gasping.

Kakasi's several jumpers appeared beside the mountains, with a layer of sweat on the forehead, the same breathing.

"The ability of the other party has been constructed, and the plan needs to change."

Kakasi whispered to the mountain city blue blur.

"Reassured, no problem!" The mountains and the mountains nodded quickly, and the faces appeared serious expressions.

Yuxi Bo has the same position in the two people, waving the iron chain in his hand, just preparing to do,

Suddenly, the sky came from dramatically, and there was a huge thunder unicorn in the three perspective.


"This sterication of Chakra's breath is Sasuke, interesting, one person can develop S-class tolerance, really can't help."

The only written eye flashed slightly with the Wickers with soil.

"Naruto ..." Kasi is also seen this scene, and his face exposes a worry look.

But at this moment, he was dragged by Unexpello, and there is no way to leave.

"It is necessary to solve the battle here as soon as possible!" Kaka Si is all right, and the first to rush to Yishe Bo.


Because Sasukes suddenly made the "Thunder-Kirin", even if they didn't care about Sasher, they couldn't help but never straight down the body, and they were rare to show a little dignified.

"It caused the airflow to rise by means of fire, so that Lei Yun, then borrowed the power of the Thunder on his body."

The long-eyed whisper muttered, can develop and think of such sickness, sufficient to see the talents of Sasuke.

"Perhaps, it is indeed some small you!"

"However, it is because of this. My guess is that it seems to be, is there a way to write the eyes? I will see that you can support it."

"I hope not to let me down!"

The long hands couldn't help but smash, staring at the battlefield in the distance.


There is a sense of tension in the deep heart in the long door.

Bang! !

Under the traction of Sasuke, the huge Thunder unicorn raw behind the wild beast, and rushed to Ning, and the nunren's direction.

at this moment!

Whether it is the day, Ning is still a celebrity, there is a feeling of cold and fried.

The power of this number!

will die!

The day, Ning, stopped his body, flashing in the eyes.

His attention has been observing around, no wonder all did not find out that places that really restlessly come from the sky!

But at this time, I found late, I want to avoid this squeezing of this sterberry is not possible!


On the day, I didn't dare to have a slim, and the long knife in the hand was raised in the hand.

At the same time, the day, Ning, quickly took out a bitterness from the endurance belt, and tied the steel wire of the other end of the long knife and sewing the needle to suffer, and it took the hard to insert the underground!

After all of this, Rretton Kirin is already in front of you!

"Back to the days!"

On the day, Ning Ji directly mobilized all the whole body of Chakra, and he did not dare to have a rapid rotation of the slightest.

The other side of the Naruto also felt a strong danger.

At the same time, while just seeing your shoulders, the long knife and sewing needles in the hands of Ningxiao, saying the pierced wound.


The Naruto is bright, and the blood on the shoulders, and shoots directly on the ground shouting.


A huge white smoke rise up.

Then, a giant purple red big fans carrying a pot cover shield, holding a spoonflower fork, appearing at the foot of the Naruto.

is sprouting out, and there is a little fascinating on his face. I just prepared to ask for anything, I felt the thunder unicorn under the top of my head.



Thunder unicorn fell, and the strong white rays were burst out, and the huge roar!

After a moment, with the glamorous white mango.

Sasukes can't stop breathing, lifting the head and looking forward, being burned by Rretun Qilin.

If you take the lead in being entertained, it is the huge figure of .

"If you die, you will die, thank you for your health!"

Naruto is grateful, from .

At this time, the Naruto is lying on the back of the cylinder, and the breath of the big mouth is fresh air. He just thinks it will die.

"Although it is very stupid, then the attack is still blocked, Naruto."

,,,, ,

On the other side.

On the day, the clothes on Ning Times were slightly confocated, and they kept breathed.

At this time, I also raised my head at this time, and I looked at the huge gimmading shadow, my eyes were flashing.

Sasuke released Rretun Qilin, most of the attacks were all grouped by .

The thunder attack left, some is transferred by the long knife and seams as a traction to the ground, only the very small part of the thunder is falling on the day.

Therefore, at this moment, in addition to Chakra is a bit of serious consumption, there is no serious injury outside the clothes.

"why why……"

Sasuke looked at the sick attack of his own exhaustion, not only did not defeat the day, Ning and Naruto, or even both people were seriously injured.

Face this scene!

A unable to describe unwillingness from Sasuke's heart.


I am fighting hard, how can I be such a result! !

In particular, it seemed to see the , Sasuke felt the gap between the two.


Sasukes issued a unwilling roar, and the written eyes in both eyes began to rotate quickly, and even the more it turned.


In this strong unsatisfactory, Sasuke only felt a "bombing" in his head!