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Chapter 361 solves the battle, the smile of the long door

It seems to be in an instant!

It seems to have been a long time!

Sasuke feels that his buds suddenly came back, followed by a strong pupil that could not be described in the eyes of the Words.


Sasuke hands cover your eyes, you have a big scream until a moment, Sasuke double-eyed is slowly resolved.

Sasukes can't stop breathing, and the hands slowly removed from both eyes, and looked down at their palms.

At this time, Sasuke's three hooks in the two-eyed jade have changed, and it has turned into a hexagonal cross-eyed eye!

"This is rushing, you have come ..."

"I feel the powerful power, this is the power of the kaleidoscope to write the wheel!"

Sasuke looked at his palm, whisper muttered, and the look was revealed with unacceptable excitement.


On the day, Ning Ji is in a moment when I am awakening the kaleidoscope, and I moved directly!

Since the thunder, the thunder of Sasuke did not defeat him, so the day, Ning will not be returned!

During the day, Ningji runs quickly, the left hand grabbed the steel wire and pulled the long knife and sewing the needle quickly pulled back.

At the same time, the day, Ningjun, with a murderous speed of silent, directly controlling the long knife and sewing needles through the steel wire in the hands, and took the lead in tested a remote attack!

In the long knife and seams, a rush of blackening is taken directly to the position of the tapigulent heart at an abnormal speed.

This moment.

Seeing the long knife and sewing needles toward himself, Sasuke slowly lifted his head, with a patient who never had seen, the body flashed on one side, so it was easy to avoid the long knife and sewing needles s attack.

As if I have already expected it!


The day, Ning, slightly, he guessed that Sasuke may be able to avoid it, but did not think that Sasuke would be so easy to escape.

On the day, I will re-recover my heart, the movements in my hands are constantly, and the wires in the hands are quickly pulled back to the hand again.

I have entered this shortcoming!

The figure of Ningji has appeared not far in front of Sasuke.

The strange attack of silent murder is once again, and this time has a long knife and sewing needle in hand, and the attack power in Ning is raised several levels.

boom! boom!

A fierce collision sound, sounded between the two men.

Sasuke handed a bitterness, and the two-year-old to resist the strong attack in Ning.

"how is this possible!"

On the day, there is a unbelievable look on the face, and it is easy to relax with the help of the attack.

To know that before this, Sasuke is far less than yourself!

Even if the other party wakes up the kaleidoscope, it is impossible to resist himself so fast, and the long knife and sewing needle are strange attack!

The other party should not keep up with your own speed!

Sasukes seem to feel the doubts and intakes of the day, and resumed their eyes on the face.

"You don't understand the power of the Yishabo's written eye!"

Sasuke with a touch of disdain, and opened the mouth toward the day.

Don't say the ability to write the wheel eye!

After entering the wheel eye into the three-hook jade, it will increase the ability of the copy, hypnosis, observation, etc.

At this moment, Sasuke suddenly understood what he said at the beginning of the door: Three hooks jade wrote the wheel eye in front of the kaleidoscope, nothing!

At this time, I face the day of Ning's battle. The original Sasuke can only see the day of Ning Ji.

Nowadays, in front of the kaleidoscope, Sasuke is not only easy to capture the movements of Ning Ji, and even make a pre-judgment in advance.

Just as if the whole world is in front of his eyes, everything is slow!

Therefore, it is easy to resist the fast attack of Ning Qi.

"This is the power of the Yishabo family!"

Say sacking a laugh, with a short void, straight to the sun, Ning.

In the face of this hit, the day, Ning, had to quickly adjust the body shape, step down, jumping toward the rear.

Looking at the days that I was easily retired by myself, I was confident in my heart.

"In front of my eyes, you can escape!"

"This three people seem to have won, over!"

Sasuke's eyes of indifferent looks in Ning from Ning and the Naruto just climbed from .

Just in the heart of Tongxing in Ning, Uchimo Sasuke has gradually familiar with his own kaleidoscope.

"Too self-confidence is not a good thing!"

On the day, I will listen to the self-confidence, I will send out a cold, lift the long knife and seam needles in my hand, and insert it directly into the ground.


With the movement of Ning Xing, the number of steel is suddenly popped up from the ground, like the messenger will do it in the middle!

Obviously, the day, the day, Ning, is not just a battle, but also secretly arranged.

"Long knife tolerance - gaming spider!"

On the day, I will call it on the ground, and I will send a low drink.

The ground is like a mesh steel wire, and instantly starts retreat, go to Sasuke. The strong cutting force exhibited by the steel wire of the long knife and seam needles, once it is probably the legs, the legs, the legs, will be directly cut.

In the face of this sudden scene, Sasuke's face is still with calmness, no panic.

"Do you think that your little action I didn't see?"

Sasukes are slightly smashed, and the ,

Between the inclusion, Sasuke has been wrapped in the purple spirit of Chakra.

The wire released by the long knife and the needle also cuts the top of this purple Chakra, which sends a metal-like collision, and even the cutting position splashed.

"this is……"

On the day, I will change my face in Ning, and I have a bad feeling in my heart.


Sasuke slowly spit out four words.

Evergreen, although it is just the initial form, even the first form of the is not enough, but still shows a powerful defense.

Purple substance Chakra flows up, changing the legs of the footsteps of four, five meters, and take the day to Ning.

It is necessary to swan between the arm, and the horrible wind pressure is coming!

On the day, Ning's pupil is slightly shrinking, and quickly launched back.

The arm must be collided with the "return" and sent a loud noise.

Only on a moment, the day, Ningji, with the arm, who had returned to the heaven, said that the sharp turn came out directly.

Solving the day to Ning, Sasuke turns to the head to see the not far like a hill, a nam, and the Naruto standing on the top of the farewell.

Sasuke unequal sounds, the kaleidoscope wrote one again!

Inflammation - adding lifestyle!

Sasuke's double eyes shot a black sky, transformed into a black inflammation, directly in the past.

In the face of Sasuke's sudden attack, has not been reacted, it has been shot in Tianzhu.

next moment!

A strong painful sense of pain is coming from the position of .

Compared to the pantyamats of the hills, Tianzhao's burning position is extremely small, but the pain commented is beyond the imagination of .


At this moment, I stand in the top of the jackpot, facing the sudden disappearance, the whole person stunned, followed by the high altitude of dozens of meters.

"Sasuke you guys !!!"

Naruto made a scream in the process of high altitude.

The height of the foot is about ten meters, falling from the sky, even if it is seriously injured!

In just a short time.

I resolved the next day to Ning and Naruto, turned around to see the direction behind.

At this moment, the long door is also jumping from the rock.

"Journal of the sky? This is the ability of you to write the eyes of the gearbox? Very good."

"In this case, then this pair will accept it."

On the faceless face of the long facade, I looked at the kaleidoscope in the double-eyed kaleidoscope, and rare reveals a smile.

Originally, the long door just wants to use the Naruto and the Japanese Ning to stimulate Sasuke, did not expect it to be really successful!