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Chapter 362 is unexpected, ready to leave!

In the long door, this is simply surprises.

After jumping from the rock, the long door raised the feet step by step, and he did not slowly got the past.

God is calm!

Every step in the door falls, and there will be a powerful momentum.

In the face of the powerfulness of this style of the long, Sasuke is obviously a lot, and the eyes are cautiously stare at the long gates, pay attention to the other's actions.

"The passage of the eyes, it is what I said."

Sasuke stares closely at the long door, and the tone is not good.

The long gate did not answer the Sasuke, because it didn't make sense.

Specifically, even if Sasu helps awakened the kaleidoscope, in the long eyes, Sasuke is not his opponent.

There is a most essential gap between the two, and this gap is, at present, I have just wxp the horcles, I will not understand.

With the long-door distance, it is getting closer and closer, the momentum of the long door is getting more and more horrible. At this time, Sasu help the hard work, still have a layer of hard sweat.

The battle has not begun, and the will of Sasuke is slightly shaken.


When the long gate is less than ten meters away from the distance, Sasuke is slightly flashing, and what is noticeable.

I will continue to drag down, I am afraid it will be harder to you!

Sasuke awakened kaleidoscope writes the eyes, there are two capabilities: Tianzhao, dotted.

With the distance from the moment, it is not confident that there is nothing confidence to play the Middle Gate. The reason why it can easily hit the health, it is entirely because of the hills.

Even if you don't aim, you want to fight.

What's more, just awake the kaleidoscope writes the wheel, just use it once, I feel that my binocity is a bit hurt.

Sasuke knows that you can only use it once, so you can't hit a long door, which is not intended to take risks.

Thinking here, Sasuke a bit bite, the body moves, wants to take the lead in pulling into the distance from the long door.


At that moment, the moment of the body moved, the mouth of the mouth was smiling, and his eyes were slightly.


Sasuke is still not waiting for the original place, and the body suddenly shocks. The spirit of the whole person has been pulled into a dark-red monthly read spirit space.

outside world!

Seeing that the body suddenly stiff, the long-door feet have appeared in front of Sasuke.

Although in the monthly reading space, although it is a short-lived effort in the outside world.

But for the long gates, this moment is already enough.

Win around, sometimes it is in a moment!

The long door explored the hand, directly went to the kaleidoscope in the double-minded kaleidoscope, and the speed was extremely fast, even if it is now resumed, it has not yet.

Just in the long fingers, the biblius of Sasuo still had a donkey when the binocity is less than two or three cm.

This kind of palm explores a blade that is infected with a poison, straight pungent, the back of the heart, the speed is faster than the long finger.

With this speed, the head of the long door is touched to Sasuke, and I am afraid the heart will also pierce by this cutting edge!

The long door has a rare anger on the beginning to the end, but even if so, the long door has to quickly stop from it.

A flashes!

The long door has appeared at a distance from 5 or six meters away.

I didn't play the gates, but the guards were guilty.


The long door is looking at Chakra, and the face is somewhat cold.

The figure of the scene slowly appeared from one side, and several jumps have been standing in front of Sasuke.

And the original sand is the opponent, Maji, Machi Lang, and the three people have been lying on the ground and the face is blue.

In a short period of time, has easily overcome three people in sandy village.

However, nor is not injured ... Exactly, it should be "damaged".

This moment of has a significant crushing position, moving, and it is clear that it can be tilted with a clear anement.

For this, the scorpion will not care at all, although it is a little damage, but it is just a puppet, and the can be repaired.

This is an eternal art!

As the appearance of, the long door wants to continue to capture the octrome to write the eyes, I am afraid that there is no easy start.

At this time!

I have been hiding in the dark, silently observing, silently observing the whiteness of everyone in the field.

"A little bit, it is a bit."

"Take the timely, otherwise, it is dangerous."

White reached out and wiped the sweat at all on the front, and the heavy movement was relieved.

White is renewed again, and it is found that the whole body is re-incorporated into the ground after it is not a problem.

Cave under the valley.

When the white occurs again, there has been in the cave.

"Unexpectedly, Sasuke has been successfully awakened to the open eye."

Dedicated to the vivid shadow of Yuxibo spots sitting in the top of the outer road, even busy opening.

Yuxi shin slowly opened his eyes, and his face couldn't see any expression, just nodded gently.

"It is much slower than expected. It seems that simple hate is forces, and it is not as useful."

Yuxi Bao is muttered, as if Sasuke awakens the kaleidoscope writing is an extremely common thing.


Yishibo spokes looked at the beginning and took the progress of Chakra.

"The tail of Chakra is also exhausted, there is no significance to continue to stay, notify the rest of the people ready to leave."

Yuxibo spots closed his eyes, and the sound is indifferent.

Nowadays, the Eight Tail, Wu Tailu Wang is all in the hands.

Sanxuan, two tails, six-tail rhelling, seven heavy mids are in the hands of fog hidden village.

In addition to the nine tail, there is only a missing four-tailed Sun Wukong.

The only thing that makes the current Yuxi Bouvelle is that the column of the nine tail has also appeared, but he has no way to arrest.

Yisi Boufeng is now using a retrieval, a well-woven ring manufactured by the long door as a channel, by means of the vain projected by Chakra.

Therefore, the vain of Yuxi Bozhu, there is no way to leave the area that has already been arranged.

This time, the leaf will send people, and whoever thinks that the guy between the thousand-handles is actually delayed.

This is completely unexpected!

However, I think that the brain circuit is completely unpleasant, and Yu Zhibo spheres feel a bit normal.

If it is early, he knows that the nine-tail column has also appeared. Unexpectedly, Jiu Zhibo is probably the body, and the column of the nine tail is also absorbed into the outer road.


Now that it is already too late, plus this side of Yinyin Village, it is indeed a bit of nothing.

"Yes, Yu Zhibo spheres!"

I have nodded in the white, the body didn't enter the ground again, ready to notify the rest of the person to leave.