Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 363, Millennium, etc., come!

With the holes, the entire hole is re-caught in quiet.

Only coma, I love, the breath became weak, and the body of the body is quickly lapsed in a faster speed.

After a while!

Several Chakra Long extracted from my love of the body, re-retransmitted to the huge .


Yishibo splash, I was completely lost, I loved my love, re-retrafying the light muttering.

The voice falls.

The vain formed by Yuxi Bourakra has begun to slowly dissipate.

The outer road is also accompanied by a loud noise of "", and it has become a white smoke to disappear in the cave.

outside world!

Sasuke's body, from the spiritual space of the month, the whole person directly half slammed on the ground, the big mouth gasped.

A drip of sweat drops from the forehead of Sasuke, wet the ground.

Although it is only a short thing in the outside world, but in the monthly read space, it is supported for a long time.

If you are not your own write-wheel eye, it also evolves into a kaleidoscope writes the wheel eye, and has certain resistance, I am afraid I have been coma.

Sasukes helped to endure the dizziness from the brain, looked at the sight of the frontline, but the heart was deeply relieved.

Vision is blurred!

It didn't take the door to take a long door.

boom! !

A fierce collision sounds in front, and instantly attracts the attention of Sasuke.


Saso help quickly looked forward to front, when I saw the figure that was blocked in my own, I was slightly.

" - !"

The scorpion crashed with the left arm of the crimper, and it was emitted out of the mechanism, and the cylinder containing ten toxic needles was over.

As the snack sounded, it immediately fately, the dense poisonous needle flew out from Yuantong, and it is generally covered with the direction of the long door.


The long face is indifferent, and the fire red Chakra is running out from the vivo body, and it is condensed between only the martial arts in the upper body.

In the face of strong defense, the attack of the scorpion is light and easy to resist.

The long door is constant, the two arms of the manipulation must hide the past.

It seems that huge mustvas, the abnormal agility of performance under the manipulation of the door. Arm attack quickly scored two fire red residues in the air.

boom! boom!

There must be a huge two palms. Two big pits are filled in the position of the two people!

The long door is looking at the cold, I saw that there were no two people in both potholes.

"Is it hang?"

The kaleidoscope in the long door slowly rotated, and quickly captured the figure of Sasuke and Praise.

The lady is tuned to the Chakra line, and quickly retreat quickly, kick off the distance from the long door.

As a teacher, it is not a good choice to fight against the enemy!

From the air falling, ,,,.. ,

Although there is no round to the eye, the strength of the long door is still indispensable, not to mention the eyes in the eyes of the eyes!

Moreover, as a member of the initiative, the long door is still a little understanding of each member.

Once fighting with the long gates, any member of the child is extremely difficult!

"It's a bit trouble, I don't know how long it is."


The scorpion suddenly came from a crisp sound, watching the cracks that have been cracking, calm, the fingers are slight,

The crimper is directly peeling out of the body, and the arbitrary discards it.

In the somewhere of somewhere, a red hair, the show of the show appeared in front of Sasuke.

"This is a scorpion ..."

Seeing the scorpion in front of you, and looked at the crimples that were discarded on the side, Sasukes were obvious.

At this moment, the long-door manipulator must be able to appear not far from the two people.

Justice and long gates are ready to continue fighting, suddenly the number of broken sounds came from the rear, and quickly packed the two in the position of the two in very fast speed.

At the same time, the movements in the long gates and scorpion were a meal.

With the rapid approach of these figures, it quickly appeared in the vision of everyone.

It is a thousand generations of mother-in-law and a shame that he leads!

Several breathing kung fu, Millennium mother-in-law and others appeared on the side of the long gate.

"Is this the ability of the kaleidoscope writes the eyes?"

The Chi Dayi's mother-in-law is at this moment, and the eyes are slightly smashed.

When the Qianyan mother-in-law was prepared to ask the long door about my love situation, the remaining light of the sudden eye saw the scorpion in front.

In an instant, the Millennium mother-in-law couldn't help but shook it, and the eyes flashed a shocking look.

"long time no see."

"It seems that two people and trees and trees have been solved by you."

Looking at the thousand generations of mother-in-law, the voice is like usually flat.

However, no one noted that in this dull voice, with a different emotion.


The Qian Dynasty mother-in-law heard the words, there was still some uncertain, and it disappeared in an instant.

When I looked at the beginning of the rebellion, it was still the same, and I was unbelievable on the mother-in-law face.

But soon, the second sentence of the Chi Dayi heard the second sentence quickly returned to God.

"So saying! Because of the reason and tree and trees because you!"

Chi Daying mother seems to understand what, suddenly there is a feeling of realizing it.

From the good rebellion, it has always made the Millennium mother-in-law do not understand, and now it is finally understood the cause of the cause.

From the life, the parents who came to be changed!

"Yes, it is a spy that is inserted in sandy village by good and Dawei and Tree."

Is still moving, as if it is talking about something that is usually.

Millennium mother-in-law is full of complex expressions, look at the scorpion in front of you, just when the Millennium mother-in-law is going to continue to open,

A wifi is impatient on the side of the door.

"I will give it to me, I love to be in a cave under the valley, there is no time to make you old here."

The long door is frightening to alert.

The stops he from digging out the kaleidoscope of Unecheo Sasuke, it can be said that it has been completely irritated.