Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 364 becomes against, evacuated!

At this moment, the long door just wants to solve the guys in this way!

Hearing the reminder of the long door, the Millennium mother-in-law also responded, this time is indeed not an oldest.

"Let's go! Let me return me back!"

The Chi Daying mother deeply looked at the scorpion, turned around to see the shares behind him, and the open mouth of the dignity.

Just at this time!

The latter sound came back, and the drill slowed down from the underground.

I heard the sound came back, Sasuke some weak turning heads look at the rear, and when they see it, the heart was full of breath.

At this time, there is a long door and the Millennium mother-in-law is a sand, if it is, if there is any enemy, they threatened.

After drilling from the ground, I saw that I suddenly had a group of people in the mother-in-law, obviously stunned.

"Oh, it seems to bother you."

White reached out and touched his head, full of embarrassed tone.

"White!" The long door was slightly flashing, and the heart suddenly raised a bad premonition.

"There is already completed there, you can retreat."

White face with a laughter, alert to the laughter.

The scorpion looks like the direction of Sasuke, nodded against the white.

White is a moment, and the scorpion is obviously to let him take the saber.

"It seems that the burden of the kaleidoscope is very big."

White, I saw it at this moment, I was full of weakness, and the spit did the mouthway, and quickly appeared next to the assassination, to take Sasuke.

While talking about just talking, the long door quickly turned to the head of the Millennium mother-in-law:

"I loved there should be something, and now you are best to come back!"

Millennium mother-in-law has changed, there is no helves, quickly crossing everyone, rushing towards the direction of the other side of the valley.

The sand has just left, and the horror breathing broke out on the long door, and he wanted to take the saga to take away.

"Leave the kaleidoscope to leave the eyes!"

The long door is cold, and the tone is filled with Sens to kill, manipulating the huge arms of the must, caught the past.

I didn't know when I had already appeared in the hands of the lady. I have long known that the long door will do the happeal, directly take a reel, with a white smoke.

three generations!

One appeared in front of the scorpion.

The three generations of wind shadows appeared quickly, and slammed the ground.

With the huge sound of the ribbon, the sand trine like the waves appeared in the sky, and these sandtroes quickly gathered in front of the two people, and the tremendous iron wall formed by using the magnet!

The huge palm that must be protected directly on the iron wall, so that the entire iron wall is depressed, but it also resists the attack of the long door.

Take this short work, and the white is busy with the help to go back.

"Leave Unecho Sasuke!"

There is no stop action in the long gates of the need to be able to do, and the print is on the ground.

Earth - soil city wall!


The whole earth shaking, the periphery rapidly rapidly, from the ground underground, the huge round-shaped soil wall, will be surrounded by everyone in the field.

With a sakura, it is blocked under the rounded earth wall.

"It is really terrible."

White is unpredictable, and the face is helpless.

His floats can be integrated with the earth, so that she is naturally can't stop him, but Sasuke will not float.

I want to take into leave, only break the soil in front of it.

"Magnetic - Sand Tie"

A low drizzle is coming.

The sandwallet that is subject to the arm must be protected from a small sand iron at this moment, and the number of sand iron spears will be re-coated.


These sand iron spears are constantly bombarded on the heads of the head, and the hard-born will prevent the pace of planning to move forward.

At the same time, under such high-intensive attacks, the body of the dense Ma Ma appeared.

The motion of the scorpion is not stopped, and the other hand is swayed to the side of the sakura and the white.

The three-generation wind shadow starts the printing, and a large number of sanders are again condensed again.

Magnetic - sand iron triangular cone!

A huge triangular cone composed of sand iron appears in the air, whistling to the direction of Sasuke and the alien and alien.

Bang! !

With a loud noise, the huge soil in front of Sasuke and the overtime is directly killed.

Although it was broken a big hole, in the supply of Changchikra, the big hole on the earth wall began to rapidly visible with the naked eye.

Unfortunately, it is still a step!

Before the big hole on the earth wall completely recovered, the white has already jumped out from the big hole.

"Sorry, Unecheo Sasuo has a safe back, and wants to get the kaleidoscope of Yuxio Sasuke, it seems that you can only be next time."

The Chakra line in the hand is slightly retracted, and the three-generation style of the squat is in front of him.

Some of the face of the long door is somewhat ugly, this plan has nothing wrong with this plan.

The key to the problems, is the emergence of scorpion and woodcassi and others.

"The information received by the leaves is not you sent?"

When you think of this, the long door seems to be aware of what the sound is somewhat cold open.

At the same time, the kaleidoscope written in the long door is slightly flashing, and the body must be slowly dissipated.

Sasuke has been taken away by white, naturally no need to start.

As for the!

There is confidence in the long door to defeat, but if you want to leave, the long door does not think that you can stop.

And the long door also wants to figure out this thing!

"Wooden information is not me, I just gave this information to the big snake pill."

The open mouth of the scorpion, there is no hidden meaning.

There is an unexpected look on the face, he originally thought that the scorpion would directly deny or will not answer, whoever thinks that the other party actually recognizes it.

Give the intelligence to the big snake pill, the root will give the information to the wooden leaves. There is no difference.

With the personality of the guy of the big snake pill, I can't get more chaotic here!

"This thing you are smashed, what is your purpose?"

The long gates wrinkled slightly, and the eyes flashed in a wonderful.

If it is for Saha Yin Village, I can't be so easy to take away the soil of Sui Zhihui.

If it is for yourself, then the door has not seen this thing is what benefits.