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Chapter 365 is not sweet, coma!

For the provocation in the long-minded language, you don't care at all.

Only the person who has been in contact with Yuxi Bo sphere clearly, Yu Zhibo sphere is really intended!

"What is the purpose, you don't have to know."

"Yuxi Sasuo has awakened the kaleidoscope writes the eyes, and a crane in the body of the body has been completed."

"So what is the process of this? No one will care."

, simultaneous voice:

"I didn't win the kaleidoscope of Unechebra, I am afraid that in the heart, will your status be lowered?"

The one said, the long door nature knows who is saying, the face flashes a congestion.

The long door naturally does not have a fluctuation of emotions because of these few words.

He doesn't understand Yu Zhibo spots, and the same does not understand the first generation of spun villages.

Such a small means does not use it for him.

"Unfortunately, it seems that I can only meet the winning and negative next time."

The Chakra line in the hand started to retreat, and the fingers were slightly moved, and the three-generation wind shadow "" is standing, and it is in the hands of the scorpion.

At the same time, the scorpion deeply glanced at the beginning of the long door, and the figure between several breathing has disappeared.

Looking at the figure that is gradually disappearing, the long door does not stop, but it is just a gloomy.

For the ,, the long-door will clear them in the morning and evening.

Just, not now!

Although Urshi Pubie's kaleidoscope is powerful, it is too crucifetary, causing the odd force of the kaleidoscope to reduce too much.

The door does not want to use it before lifting the kaleidoscope to the eternal kaleidoscope.

Therefore, the long door is very clear that the disadvantages of itself.

The existence of the round, not only dragging the body's body, but also causes the body of the long door that is not very good.

After all, there are six Petion's existence, plus the powerful sterilization of the round itself, does not need the long-term entrepreneurship.

This naturally leads to the way of combat, too dependent on the end, and even stitched. Once I lost my eyes, then the short-door fightering method was instantly exposed.

It's better to deal with the weak ninja, you can rely on your own powerful Chakra, plus the five attributes of the directly rolling.

But in a powerful opponent, the long door is somewhat related.

This is, a footsteps came from the rear forest.

On the day, the mouth of Ningxiao took blood, and some wolf came out from the forest.

Seeing only a long face in the field, some indifferent gentlemen stand in the same place, and Unecheo Sasuke has disappeared, and the day, Ningxing realized what.

"It seems that the long door is, and finally did not get the kaleidoscope written in Unechebra."

The day, Ning, is a bit of walking towards the long door, and the heart is silently thinking.

Obviously, the day, Ning, has realized that the long-door uses him and the Naruto to stimulate the help, let it write the wheel eye into the way to write the way.

But thinking here, the day is a little low and unwilling to have a short face.

Although the long-door uses his things to make the day, there is a bit uncomfortable, but the day, Ning, I also want to be with Naruto and Sasuke.

"But I am still defeated."

On the day, Ning's low open road did not find a reason for yourself.

Losing, it is defeated!

"It's good next time, it is true that only the last talent is true."

The long gates looked at the lowest day to Ning, the flat opening, this sentence seems to be in the day, Ningxing said, and it seems to say to himself.

the other side.

There are two people in the mortal ghosts and corners.

If other people's battles are deadlocked due to various reasons, there is no power.

The martial artifacts and the horns are the truly killing.

Where the two people fight, the entire terrain is directly destroyed, which is completely real terrain destroyer.

At this moment, the mortar ghosts, the clothes, the clothes have long been broken, keeping gasping, and there is a place of blood in the foot.

But there is no obvious injury on the mortal ghosts, which is obviously transmitted through the phlegm of Chakra, and the rapid healing of the injuries.

And the other side of the corner, it is lying on the black rough liquid.

In the past, the mortal ghost has destroyed two hearts of the corner.

"Cut! It's really hard-wrapped guy!"

The corner is smashed in the white way, spitting a bloody water from the mouth, slowly recovering the strong killing of the body.

This battle suddenly lost two hearts, and the corners were obviously painful, different from the opposite face of the martial tunnel, and the corner is a much reason.

Since Yishihu spot has been completed, there is no more than a desire to fight, and directly with vote from vitro.

to be honest!

If there is no necessary words, the corner is really not wanting to fight with the ghosts of the citilla, the more spiritual guys fight.

It is really a big knife and muscle in the hand, and the enemy is absorbed by Chakra, and it is too disgusting that Chakra's behavior is too nausea.

Cotmoti ghosts want to stop the role, but the altitude of the other party escapes is too fast, and when the changer ghosts react, the angle is not disappeared.

At the same time as the scorpion and the corner want to evacuate, Yisi Bo has retreated from the blink of Kakasi and Mountain City.

Yisi Bo took the earth and looked at the clothes on his body, and the face under the mask was grinned.

Kakasi and Mountain City are tall-style endurance. As the combat two people teamed up to attack, Yisi Bo will also have more and more stations.

Yisi Bo belongs to the territory, if you continue to play, you are afraid that it is just not only to break the clothes.

Only this battle is over.

"It's a pleasant thing to follow the two."

Yischo belt the soil of the mountains and the mountains on the ground, and the face of the chest face is a bit of miserable cardi, laughing and opening the mouth.

In particular, Unecy Board is close to the one-eyed eye under the Kakasi protection, and it can't help flash.

But I don't know what to consider, Yishibo belt did not rush to recover Kakasi's write-eyed eye.

Instead, after the laughter, Unexpello land disappeared in the space swirl under the gaze of Kakasi and the mountain city.

"Blue leaf, you are fine!"

I saw that Yishibo disappeared, and Kakasi rushed into a sigh of relief, and quickly turned his head and looked at the mountains.

"You can't die, you go to see the Naruto."

The mountains and green leaves shake their heads, and they quickly opened a reminder.

Kardi is nodded, and after making a packing, quickly rush to the direction of the Naruto.

In any case, Naruto can't have problems!

Now Kardi has some regrets, bringing the Naruto out this time.

When Cardi rushed to the position where the Narler fell from the air, he saw that Naruto was lying in a big pit.

Kakasi pupil, even busy, appeared in front of the people.

Carefully check it carefully, I found that there is no serious injury on the Naruto, but it is only a breather after coma.