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Chapter 366 I love to die, dreams!

Although Naruto dropped directly from the high altitude of dozens of meters, but also the protection of tail beast coats, there is a certain obstacle effect.


The Naruto is not too serious, but only because the fall is falling on the ground, the strong shock produced the Naruto to the past.

Carssi is now sent to a breath, is preparing to reach out to give the Naruto.

As a result.

The Naruto opened his eyes and sent a snoring pain!

"It hurts ... Carti teacher?"

The Naruto feels that the bones of the body seem to have a general pain. When I returned the god, I saw Kardi, I saw the Kaki, which was obvious.

Follow it. The Naruto seems to think of what I think of, I have to bear the pain commented on my body, and I will get busy from the ground and look around.


The Naruto looked around and asked the cardi to ask.

I saw that the Naruto had a pain, and I didn't know how to open my mouth between Kakasi.

The Naruto said that it is necessary to bring Sakuo to Sakura, but Kakasi is very clear about the heart of the people.

In the eyes of the Naruto, Sasuke is no longer an ordinary companion or the goal of catching up, then it is simple.

To some extent, it has transcended the friendship of the gross ...

Maybe I don't know when it!

In the depth of the Naruto, it has been placed in a position similar to the family.

"already left."

At the same time, the heart flashed these ideas, Kakasi helpless open road.

When I heard Kakasi, the Naruto first stunned, and then reveal the feelings on his face.

"It's evil, and it is escaped by the guy!"

"And Sasuke that guys become better than before!"

The voice of the Naruto is unhappy, the action is not big, with the pain of the body, the nunger's face has changed.

Seeing the Naruto because of the pain convulsion, Kakasi reached out to support the forehead, helplessly sighed again:

"I know I am injured, don't mess."

With the eloquence of Ukuo belt soil, the corner, et al.

Several people in the fog, the one and the sandy side of the sanding are researched together.

Among the people present at this moment, in addition to the clothes, only the clothes were slightly damaged, the rest of the people were not injured.

The spooky clothes in the mortal ghosts are directly burnt, revealing the deep shallow scars.

Although there is a big knife and muscle feedback Chakra recovered some, but the people present can still see the intense battle between the mortal ghost and the corner.

Of course, the most worse or sandy, the sorrow of the Jiesiro is abused, and the horse and handcuffs are opposed from the beginning to the end.

If you don't have a hand, I am afraid that the three people stay here today.

Several people looked at each other, and everyone's face took some distressed look.

" ..."

The long door flashed in a low and slightly muttered.

The other party extracts the process of tailing the crane Characle in the body of the body, and the door is indeed guessed.

But the door did not expect that the movement of Yuxioba will end so quickly.

Yisi Bo has the reason why there is a battle with them, it is obviously to delay them. Now that their evacuation itself is enough to explain a lot of questions.

Nothing in the scene, there is no idiot, naturally aware of this.

Machi Lang and hands bowed to the injured body, and took the lead to fly below the valley.

The door, Carti and others are also busy.

There is no blocking along the way, and everyone naturally came to the valley. At the same time, it quickly entered the cave.

At this time, the cave.

The Millennium, who came in advance, was slightly lower, and looked at my love in the ground below.

The air is filled with a sad atmosphere.

The handcuffs and Kayiro, who took the lead, saw this scene, the body of the two people couldn't help but live.

Both people brought a lot of emotions and many emotions, and slowly walked toward my love.

The two people walked very slowly, and it seems that I want to make myself a little bit of guessing, and I hope that the guess in my heart is fake.

But no matter the footsteps of the two are slow, it will return to the destination.

What's more, this distance is not far.

The Kayo Lang and the handcraft walked to the Millennial mother-in-law, and saw my love of my love that lying on the ground has been completely lost.



The tears of a drop will go to the cheek, dropped it on the ground, send a slightly seek

Khan Lang lowered his head, can't see the expression on his face, and his hands were tightly fist, and the fingers were boring.

At this time, the long door, Kasi and others also rushed over and saw this scene in the cave. I also realize what, footsteps can't help but come down.

"It's old late ..."

The Millennium's face revealed a decadence.

"Does I love it?"

The Naruto is standing next to Kakasi, I see that I don't have any kind of love, I can't help but muttered.

Due to the appearance of the right, there is no excessive communication between the Naruto and I Ai Luo.

Even two people played a while in the middle of the test.

In a certain point, the guys who love this kind of stupid fart, the Naruto has always been annoying.

But there are often many people, the more you are, the more you know the person you know.

And the Naruto is so!

Sasuke's deep depths of indifference, "the power of strength!"

On the day, in the quiet appearance of Ning, "the fate is not willing!"

I love the character of the branches and the hidden "deep lonely!"

If so, Sasuke is similar to the family's general ride.

So, I loved to "understand each other's inner people" in the heart of the Naruto.

The same is a column, the Naruto is more understood than anyone, and the "loneliness" and "need to be identified by others".

You must be very unwilling, I love Luo!

Naruto looked at my love of the body of the army tightly, and a silk nine-tailed Chakra overflows from the body of the Naruto.


Kakasi found that the Naruto's exception was perceived, and immediately patted the shoulders of the Naruto, so that the Naruto returned to God.

"Kakasi teacher ..."

The sound of the Naruto strellrel with a voices.

Kakari does not know how to comfort people, can only sigh my breath.

Millennium mother-in-law naturally also saw Naruto, there is a complicated look on his face, and there is a little body shape, not only more.

"I didn't expect the first person who knows your inner, actually other people who have done ... I love Luo."

Millennium mother-in-law looked at my love of the body, whispered open mouth, I didn't know if it was tone or happy.


The Chi Dayu went to the head to see the Naruto, and the eyes took a inexplicable look:

"The oldness did not remember, when you were in the village of Saha Yin, was it?"

In the face of the sudden asking for the Chiyan mother-in-law, the emotions showd a little low-end, first stunned, followed by the condition and reflexed his head and looked up to the thousand generations of mother-in-law.

"I will definitely become a rigor!"

Naruto's face and the sound of unparalleled unparalleled.

Millennium mother-in-law is full of wrinkles, can't see what expression changes, as if thinking.

"Why is it necessary to become a shadow? And it is a hard way."

The Chi Dongni thought for a while, and returned to God to see the slow inquiry of the Naruto.

"Because it is my dream!"

"And I have to let the people of the village agree, even if this road is hard, I will never give up easily!"

The Naruto is full of firm and serious sounds slowly echoed throughout the cave.