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Chapter 367, young, really hidden a lot of possibilities!

The Naruto is full of firm and serious sounds, so that everyone is in a slight happening.

Even the mood of everyone has changed slightly.

"The blood of the blood."

Cartry ghosts grinned, whispered.

A guy who persists his dreams, no matter when it is, I am afraid that people will not feel annoying.


If someone else shouts such a slogan, maybe some people will disdain in the heart, and even feel is joking.

But I don't know why, everyone in the event heard the firmness, I couldn't help but hit a shit ... Maybe the other party really has the possibility of niring.

There is no expression in the long facade, and the eyes can't help but look at the nun.

At the beginning, I didn't put the little ghost in the hearts of the head. At this moment, I suddenly felt a inexplicable danger.

Standing on the Naruto side, Kasi, glanced at the changes in the eyes of everyone, and reached out and grabbed his hair.

Anyway, the words of the Naruto always make people feel shy ...


Kakasi only revealed the eyes slightly flash, and the heart was silently thought of.

There is always an incredible force in the Naruto, even if you have talked with him, you can also become friends with him.

This kind of power doesn't seem to use, but in many cases, it is always possible to play out more than everyone unexpected.

at this point!

From now on, the Miyutian mother-in-law suddenly becomes a certain way to see it.

If you listen to the people, the Millennium's mother-in-law suddenly sighed.

"The old life is so long, I have seen a variety of things, the truth in the world also understands a lot, so I understand that all the alliances with other countries are just a form."

Children's mother-in-law is slightly in the body, and the dull open road.

Between talking, watching the ghosts, long gates, and several people in Kakasi and Mountain city.

This time, the atmosphere in the air is suddenly condensed!

After several endurance wars, the alliance is like a form in form.

But some words cannot be said to be in a state, let alone people saying this, or now the governor of Sandy Village.

This makes the misty village that is currently working with sandy, and the two parties intended to join hands with sand, the atmosphere has become somewhat subtle.

Millennium Mother, did not see this change, with a wrinkled face with a trace of light, turned, slowly walked toward my love of the body.

The horse of the sandy, Machi Lang and others, and quickly let a road.

At this moment, I suddenly became a little inexplicable behavior for Millennium Mother-in-law.

Only the people in the crowd, the ghosts and the long gates as if they realize what, flashing in the buddhism and dignified.

Millennium mother walked to my love, kneeling, looking at my loveless face without a sound, with a shade.

"In the body of the crane, it is the body of the old man, and his father's four generations of wind shadow co-decisions."

"It is to protect the village, but the result is caused by the village."

The Millennium Wife whispered, with a slight in the tone.

"Thousands of big people, this is not your fault ..." Standing on the side of the Maji, and quickly pursued the front step.

The Chi Daying mother and the mother-in-law put the waves and interrupt the words of Masaki.

"Laoima has arrived in the year of the context, and it is more and sitated to do things. This age is no longer suitable for painting."

The sound of the Millennium mother-in-law, the sound is calm.

"Thousands of people, you are still very young. This thing can be said to the village."

The handcuffs quickly wiped the tears on the face, and quickly walked to the mother-in-law, reaching out, want to support the Children's mother-in-law.

Millennium mother-in-law listened to the handcuffs, first slammed, followed by can't help but laugh, reach out and touched the hair.

Millennium's mother-in-law looked at the hands of the red corners, with a gentle face with a soft, patted his hand and put his arm to hit his arm.

"Since everything starts from the old, then it is also over the end."

Chi Dongnie is full of handcuffs, and the biennir is rolled out, and the back is behind my love, and the sound is gentle:

"Young, but hidden many possibilities."

"Maji, you have to teach and assist my love, he will be the fifth generation of sandy village."


In addition, in addition to early guessing, the long-door and mortar ghosts will happen, all of the people's faces have revealed the look.

It's still unequal to react!

Millennium mother-in-law lifted his hands directly on my love of my love, a lot of blue Chakra rushed from the hands of thousands of mother-in-law, and continued to pour into my love of my love.

"this is……"

Handcuffs and Kikirang looked at each other, showing a horrified look on his face.

"Thousands of big people!" Masaki and the shares also responded at this time.

Especially Masaki, as the high level of sandy village, I have already guessed the sickness of the Children's mother-in-law.

"Boarding - yourself to reincarnation!"

The opening of the Maski slowed down, spit out these words from the mouth.

"what is that!"

The Naruto took the lead in can't help but open, and the eyes took a strange look and curious look.

And the words of the Naruto are also the doubts of most people in the field.

"A tolerance that can make the deceased."

Ma Ji looked at the Naruto, and the tone had some low slowly open mouth.

"There is such a sickness, so powerful!" Naruto couldn't help but glare, and the voice was full of incredible tone.

And the handcuffs and the nine lang also inspired.

"Such a powerful tolerance should have any drawbacks."

Kakasi looked at the excitement, gently shakes whispered open mouth.

"I have been born, listening to this sickness name has explained everything, with their own life to exchange the life of the dead."

The mortal ghosts squatted with a big knife, and the tone is flat, it seems that I have already known.

When I heard the martial arts, Kakasi smiled slightly, and his eyes took a strange look to Masaki.

Ma Ji nodded and nodded and did not refute.

Cartry ghosts know this kind of surgery, Masaki does not have any accidents. When the thousand generations of adults used this surge to change my love.

Everyone was shocked by the principle of hearing this endurance.

This is in this moment.

I was originally unusless, I started to have a few blood colors on my face, and even the heart that had already stopped my heartbeat has begun to slowly encourage.

Instead, the Millennium Mother-in-law. The breath on the body is more weak in the speed visible to the naked eye.

Different from the original!

The original Chinese thousand generations of mother-in-law will save my love. It is in the born in the middle of the disease, and it has also experienced a fierce battle between the scorpion. Its Chakra and vitality have been greatly reduced.

At this time, Millennium mother-in-law did not experience a fierce battle, and even more vitality was more stronger than two years, so there was no need for Naruto.

I love the spirit of the spirit!

This is a quiet and uncomfortable space.

I love to hold a knee, and I have the most central location in this space.


A light appeared in this space center, which suddenly suddenly had a inexplicable color.

I hold the knee, I opened my eyes, and I watched the gusty space around.

"who I am……"

"Where is this?"

"Who is this hand ... I am?"

I looked at my hand with a gust of the face.

I am still alone ...

At this time, I felt a hand on my shoulders suddenly.