Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 368 in the fog hidden village

Feel the movement sent behind ...

I looked at the rear of the god of love, I saw a radiant, but the soft figure appeared in front of my love.

"I love Luo."

The Millennium's face wearing a mild smile, watching this time, I love.

At the same time, accompanied by the emergence of thousands of generations, the surrounding space has changed, thoroughly.

A familiar figure in sandy village, appeared behind thousands of mother-in-law.

These people have a sunny smile, soft and laughing together to my love.

"I love Luo ..."

"I love Luo."

"I love!"

"I love !!"


I loved the feelings on the face of love, and there was a dazzling light in my eyes.

"I love Luo, I will trouble you with the village."

Chi Dayi made a kind laugh.

Between the moment!

In my love of my love, the whole spirit is thoroughly covered by soft rays.


Seven days later.

Fog hidden village, water shadow office building!

when! when!

Gently knock on the door around the springs, the mortar ghosts and Ning will come in from the outside.

I looked at the two people who came in, lifting the head from a bunch of things, stretching lazy waist. It is undoubted that the unevenness has a plump body.

"It is back, how is the process of this task."

"Hey? Why is the long door?"

According to Mei Ming, the boulder crossed, lazy back, and found that there were only martial artimatotic ghosts and days to come in, but the face not only showed a doubtful look.

"After leaving the sand hidden village, the long door is directly returned to his village."

The day is a respectable look, whispered open mouth.

"Oh, is it? If you say this, it seems that the long door doesn't get the eyes of Unechebra."

Picking up with the beauty of the beauty, with a trace of fun.

The day, Ningjun, I didn't expect to guess it, and nodded softly.

"What is the final result?"

Looking at the beauty of the martial artimatimmon and the day, the sound of the eyebrows, the sound is inquiry.

Although I look like two people, but I'm still on the ghosts of the mortar.

From the beginning, there is no opening seem to want to reduce his own sense of mortar ghost, feel that there is a slight look like beauty, not only can't help but grin.

This task strictly said that it failed.

If you want to punish, you can only fall in his body. After all, the day is nothing to do with this task, and the top is much following the experience, and the long door is the people in Yuyin.

So the martillamon ghosts start from a door and did not speak.

"One tailed crane was taken away by the people of Unexpected Boss, and the sorrow of the thousand generations in order to save the column, I used the ban," Intra-Irounding ". "

"In addition, the people of the leaves also appear in this mission, and the Chi Day is on the death of the fifth-generation style, and the person of the fifth-generation style is on my love."

The mortal ghost face reveals a little helpless look, and the big things of things have been simply.

Listening to the melmon ghosts, I flashed a lot of dumb.

I didn't expect that there were so many things that suddenly happened, and the thousand generations of the sandy village pillar didn't die!

In order to just save the people who have died, I love Luo.

This is some expectations that I am thinking about beauty, and the people of the other wooden leaves have also appeared in this mission.

Is the wooden leaves are planning to take this opportunity to draw sandy village?

Take a thinking look on the beauty of the United States, picking a dark blue nail polish with a unique frequency, gently knocking the desktop.

After a while.

"Intersection of the details of the task to make a document, canmon ghosts."

"In addition, this task you have worked hard, let's take a break."

Like the beauty, go to the mortar ghosts and the day to Ning.

Cartry ghosts are slightly wide, listening to Meaning in Meimei, does not seem to make this task as a failure.

"Yes, the shadow adult!"

The mortar ghosts and the day, respectful, and turned and left the water shadow office.

As the two left, I returned my eyes as I Manti and gaked his eyes.

"It's really unexpected, I didn't expect to put my own life, entrust to the next generation. It is really small to see you."

"The sandy millennium is dead, then some stiff relations between sandy villages and leaves should be eased, but before this, there is a lot of cooperation between the village and the sandy."

"Within a short period of time, there should be no possibilities between wood and sandy village."

"The situation is getting more and more serious, and it seems that the action will be accelerated."

It shooks the thinking look on the Mei Ming, whisper muttering.

I said.

Illuminate seems to think of an extremely leisurely person.

A street of the fog hidden village.

People come to the people, plus the sound of the sold sound from time to time, and the exception of the entire street.

And the boob in the center of the street is before.

Right fight and two people in the spring are wide, watching the grill on the shelf.

"How long does it take?"

A small hand of spring dishes is placed on the side of the mouth, swallowing the water, do not know how much to ask.

"You have asked seven times in a minute, if you open, these things are all alone!"

Right, there are some speechless to read the spring dishes next to him, and the reminders of righteous words.

Sure enough, I didn't have a good one day, and the spring meal immediately looked at the right battle and stretched two little hands and grabbed his mouth.

Seeing the movements of spring dishes, the right bumdown reveals the satisfied look and nodded gently.

The barbecue boss saw it before he was iron shelf, some of the right to right, two people, the eyes couldn't help but smoke.

Little girl in front of me, although the barbecue boss doesn't know who, but the right fight, the barbecue boss is still known!

This is the hero of the foggy village!

After all, in the village, some people secretly sell the portrait of the right trick, although it was caught in a few days, but he bought it in advance.

The barbecue boss did not expect that the real person was even more than the portrait, and the approachable.

If you don't have ahead of portrait, you know that this youth is the hero of the village, I am afraid I don't know, I think it is just ordinary people.

"The right fight, I can be fine!"

The burning boss is solemn, and it is busy and respectfully opening the mouth.