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Chapter 369 Reorganizing! Right fighting positive!

In the face of the baking boss, some trembled hands and the face is nervous, respectfully.

Right fight quickly put his hand and said that he didn't worry.

Just, if the right fight is not always hookped, the credibility may be high.


Right felts can only be said helpless, it is really since staying in the comic circle, and it is too monotonous.

Today, I plan to plan to eat, just see the spring dishes that the Ninja School just stepped up.

If the right is not remembered, this time the seven knives have a task.

I want to come this time, Lin Yuyu should have not come back yet.

Therefore, the right trocked directly with spring cuisine, some of them were eating, the province's spring dishes she went home to hungry.

Have to say, although the right bucket is extremely cold to the enemy, but the people who have the village are good.

As a burst of aroma fluttering.

The right trocard and spring dishes did not wait for how long, the grilled string on the grill was good.

The barbecue boss quickly wrapped the grilled skewers, respectfully gave it to the right fight.

"sorry to bother you."

The right bumbled and smiled and took out the money.

The barbecue boss wants to refuse, but the right battle moves very quickly, put down the money and take the spring vegetables to leave, and will not burn the boss to refuse the opportunity.

On the street, the spring cuisine looked at the grilled string in the right hand in the right hand.

In particular, I saw that the right bucket has eaten a stromal belly, but also can't help but swallow a water.

Seeing a soup of the spring vegetables, the right squat not only feels a little funny, nor is it a teasing, directly dividing a large half of the spring.

The spring is immediately excited to take a lot of grilled skewers, and the beauty eats.

Right fight and the spring vegetables are walking on the street in front of the street, walking towards the position of the spring.

"If you can eat too happy every day!"

"It's really, I don't know what my sister is busy every day, such a delicious meatball is not eaten."

The spring vegetables drums, and the meatballs are chewed on the mouth, and they are ambiguous.

"Your snack goods, eat carefully to eat your stomach every day."

The right battle helplessly opened, followed by the voice, and the face was revealed:

"The reason why the village is so prosperous is because the ninja such as your sister is trying to work hard in the dark, so you can eat the meatballs."

But just this is still not enough!

Want to make the fog hidden villages, then you must solve it is the problem of war, and the stability between five big fortune is too fragile.

According to the normal practice, there will be a role of a role in how many faces will have, so the so-called prosperity is funeral.

The only way to solve this problem is that it is just a unified tolerance in the right.

Long-term pain is worse than short pain, directly in essence to solve the roots of the war!

Of course, these words are naturally not said, just thinking silently in your heart.

Spring is listening to the front of the right battle, some seem to know the small head.

After all, there are most of the great attention of spring vegetables, all in her hand.

Most of the fog hidden village building is a multi-storey multi-storey architectural main body of tower types, which is naturally designed to prevent moisture.

Therefore, the small alley in the misty village is very much. If the person who is not familiar with the environment, it is easy to lose in the misty village.

The spring cuisine walked several small alleys with the right bounar, and some of them were somewhat stunned.

Right bumper reached out and smashed the temple. I knew that Lin Yuyu was so many roads from the position of the benefit. I didn't send the spring cracked home.

At this time, the right bounce seems to have some low day to Ning, come on the road from the left.

At the same time when I saw the day, I found a right to my right at Niki, I was busy with this direction.

"Right"! "

On the day, I ran to the right, and my face was rushed to the right, and my face was so funny. At the same time, the Yu Guangyu was puzzled with a spring dish.

"Is it come back? This is the sister of Lin Yuyu, called spring dishes."

"How is the task completed?"

Seeing the day, Ning, the right battle was slightly lit, and his face with curious look.

"Big Brother is good." Spring is looking at the day, especially looking to the eyes of the eyes, and the face is surprised by a silk.

Lin Yuyu is a sister of the profit?

On the day, I looked at the spring cuisine, slightly a little dumb, although I have long heard that there is a sister, but the day is the first time.

When he heard the second sentence of the right bou, the day revealed a decadence on the face of Ning.


The spring cuisine walks in front, and the day after Ning is followed by the right to the right, the task has taken the task.

"Is it possible to defeat the ?"

Right, I looked at some decadent day to Ning, and laughed and opened.

"Sorry, right people, let you down."

Although there is no blame of the words of the right trick, the day is still low, and the face is with a look.

Originally, the strength is still a self-confident, but when seeing to help, I am awakened to Wanhua, and the sharp changes.

This not only makes the day in Ning.

"If you lose your self-confidence because of a failure, this is not the day I know, Ning."

"If you want to become a strong, you need not only just strength. If you fail, it will become stronger."

"If there is no confidence in the victory of the battle, what is the meaning of your efforts?"

Right, I saw a look at Ning, and the voice opened.

To the right, let the Japanese people can't help but feel the spirit.

Because of the defeat of Unechebra, the heart is full of decadent and confused emotions at this moment, like the clouds in the sky are generally dispersed.

That's right!

Work hard to cultivate stronger, isn't it to challenge and defeat the real power?

If it is just because of the hands of someone else, let himself stop caught. So, hard work is not a joke!

At the same time, the day, Ningxing suddenly conscious, the reason why it is confused, because it is not willing to be unwilling to defeat the hand!

The next time Yischo Saso will help!

What's more, your goal is not only on the two people who are helped and Naruto.

On the day, the contemporary housekeeper of the family is a supreme, it is really to defeat the goal!

Thinking of this, the day, Ning, I couldn't help but grip slightly, and I burned my fight again and again.

On the day, Ning's change, the right bumper feels the first time, and nodded.

In the right to the right, it is a bad thing to defeat in the hands of Unechebra, which is not necessarily a bad thing for the day.

Although the right to think, although I think so, my face is still unhappy.

Really, this time I have to win the guy of Yuxi.

This incident seems to be the battle between Ning, Sasuke and Naruto.

In fact, it is the case of the right bumper, the thousands of hand and the Unexpected three people. Although the three have not explained in advance, but it is a bit photo.

After all, the tricks will not have a victory between three people, let the disciples who do three people teach out, and they are also a little thoughtful.

However, the right battle thinks, the guys who taught between the killer, also lost in the hands of Unechebra, but uncomfortable emotions not only returned a lot.


This task, let the right to feel unexpectedly: the long-door, the long-gorge, the Wan Zhiwu, the Wanhua, Wanhua, Words!

This may perhaps because of the emergence of wood leaves, disruption of the original plans, but with the strength of the long door, it is the possibility of escaping at all.

"Interesting, guess what? Or feel wrong with it."

On the face of the right side, there is a face of the face, and the corner of the mouth is revealing a smile.

Sasuke is now the remaining seedlings of the Yishabo family, Sasuke is killed or written in the eyes, and Yuxi Bao spots will not be good.

The endurance is so big, the right fight can be the place where the impension is hidden, and the door is not allowed to throw a fish bait.

But now, the long door seems to be aware of.

In this regard, the right fight is not concerned, because it is a positive.

If you want to go further, you can only get the kaleidoscope writes of Unechebra.

Unfortunately, there is no trial of this time, then wait until Urshi Bouf spot appeared next, it is the time to completely prepare it.

The right boused was looked at the front, and the eyes were flashing in the depths.