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Chapter 370, Illuminate (ask for a monthly ticket!)

Soon, spring cuisine went to the door.

Lin Yuyu is so much receiving the news, and it is standing quietly at the door.

At this moment, Lin Yuyu is wearing a light red dress.

Lin Yuyu is not ugly, the brown-red hair is equipped with a light red kimono, and it is a bit complement, adding a soft and stunning feeling.

In this moment, Lin Yuyu is full of murderous, greatly despite.


There is not much feeling of right, just feel that now, Lin Yuyu is bright by the benefit. After all, Lin Yuyu has a relatively soft in front of the right embarrassment.

And the days, Ningxing and the spring cracked, but also stunned.

Spring vegetables are still some, after all, is a sister of Lin Yuyu.

It feels the most obvious natural is the day Ning!

Lin Yuyu, a member of the seven-knife, and other members of the seven knives have always been a bad contact, fierce feeling, he can have passed by this group of guys.

Today, I saw that Lin Yuyu was worn by the lords, soft look, so that the day would not be a little doubt by people in front of the forest.

Spring dishes saw Lin Yuyu, and his face showed a happy look. I took the past, and I was ready to hold Lin Yuyu.


Lin Yuyu saw the spring vegetables in one hand, holding a grilled skewers, full of greasy, body gently, easily avoiding the hug of spring dishes.

I found that I didn't hug, and the big eyes of spring cuisine were full of obstacles to forests.

"A right, thank you for sending spring cuisine, trouble you."

Lin Yuyu is directly ignored by the resentment of the spring and dishes, respectfully facing the right battle.

"Just like it, I didn't expect you to come back in advance, yes, you are very good looking at it."

Right fight Haha smiled, and the forest is praised by Lin Yuyu.

"Lin Yuyu is from the benefit." The day of the day is Ning, and it is also whisned.

The greetings from Ningji, Lin Yuyu is just cold, and it is two extremes compared to the face of a pair of enthusiasm, and two extremes.

On the day, I will smoke my mouth, this difference is too obvious, too obvious!

"Sister, you don't say hate and ..."

Spring is a dissatisfaction, look at Lin Yuyu, but he has not finished.

Lin Yuyu turned his head by Li, smiled and looked at spring dishes, and his eyes contained the murder of the silk.

The spring cuisine immediately reached out to cover his mouth, and the big eyes were full of innocent expressions.

"Trouble, right, big, send spring cuisine, so late, if you don't dislike, or leave it together, eat it in the next home?"

Lin Yuyu is collected from the spring vegetables, re-exposing the gentle look, and looks at the right.

"Haha, no need."

Seeing such a passionate forest rain, the right fight hit a haha, and the two of the rumors were swayed by the two people.

See the movement of the right fight and the day, Ning.

Lin Yuyu is stood at the door, and it is a unfortunate look.

"Sure enough, it is some inconvenience."

"But what is usually, you can wear it."

Lin Yuyu turned to the house, while thinking of the right fighters praise her and suits the beautiful thing, Lin Yuyu was revealed by the face, whisper muttering.

Spring is next to see my sister, a deceased look, my face is helpless, and a little adult.

"It's really not to understand the matter."

The spring dishes pick up a meat and put it in the mouth, and the face is immediately enjoys the feelings.

the other side.

The right bumper left Lin Yuyu from the short-term, and the day, Ning is slightly turned to leave.

Just finished the task, the day, Ning, naturally go home to rest.

As the day, I left in Ning, and the right bucket walked towards the site of the village center.

This time, the right thing has been studying, and there is no need to return to the commencement.

"I don't know, didn't you go back like a beauty?"

Right fight and squatted his hair, followed by the route in memory, walking towards the place where Mercantals live.

Although the place where the right fightened foot is in the beauty, but it doesn't live a few times.


After running a few bends in a row, the right bumper appeared in front of a room with a light blue house.

Going to the door, not waiting for the right fight, the door has been opened.

Take a white loose long service as the United States, the green eyes look at the right fight that is preparing to knock on the door, first in the eyes, and then a smooth smile in the eyes.

"The right fight is so late, I don't know what is going on?"

Illuminated with the United States, the face is put on the face.

In the face of the sudden asking of Ming Ming, the right fights will not know how to answer, with a little embarrassment on his face.

Seeing that the right bucket is a bit embarrassing look, laughing at the beauty "".

"I thought I had forgotten this place to live."

According to Meills, the door is completely opened, and the eyes are in a secret, and the open mouth.

After that, I turned into the living room.

The right bumper coughs and hides the embarrassment of yourself, followed by the living room, while handling the door.

At this time, I saw the table in the middle of the living room, and I was putting a few hot vegetables. The air is filled with vegetables.

Looking out from the kitchen, I took a tableware in my hands.

"If you don't eat, eat it together."

Take the beauty to the table, put the tableware opposite.

Although I was a relaxed, I was in a way, but with the movement of the bending, the slim figure was still faintly revealed.

Right to touch your stomach, although I have a bit baked on the way, it is obvious that those things can't be eaten.

Right is not polite, and I will take it directly to the beauty of the beauty.

I have to say, although I have passed for a long time, the right bumble is still not like to sit in the knee, so I sit directly.

According to Meiti, I saw the right tou, I took my own dishes, and the green eyes flashed slightly, and my face was overdone.

Originally, the right boused thought that the two face to face, perhaps some embarrassment, but the result is precisely, the atmosphere is extremely harmonious.

Or, like beauty, it is good at adjusting the atmosphere!

During the course of eating, photographing the things that happened this time, as well as some government affairs.

This kind of chat, naturally will not let the right fight this big straight man feel the atmosphere.

Not long after.

The dishes on the table have been removed, and most of them have entered the right belly.

"I didn't expect to be so delicious as you can."

The right bumper touched the stomach and praised it without a trip.

"The right trick is good."

"After all, my dream has been becoming a shadow, but it is a qualified housewife."

Like the beauty, laugh, revealing the charming look, and reached out and gently pulling the hair in front of the right eye.

For a while, a charming charm is emitted under the beauty of the United States, and the white face exudes fine porcelain gloss in the illumination of the light. The blue mutter flashed in a bright smile.

When you look at this moment, you can't help but feel a slight.


According to the beauty, take out the light blue handkerchief, and pour it before the right to the right, go to the right battle.

Look with a charming smile, lifting the blue handkerchief in your hand, gently wipes an overlooking oil.

At this moment, the distances of the two are extremely close, and the right hopes can even be clear, from a faint fragrance that is scattered on the beauty.

"Is there a girlfriend?"

Looking at the body seems to have some stiff right fights, suddenly curious.


Right fight is very honest.

What's more, even if there is really, it is not in this era.

With a smile, there is nothing to do with the beauty.

Suddenly, the action on the Mei Ming was a meal, followed by the body and returned to the original position.

"The tableware on the table is troublesome."

Take the beauty of the beauty, laugh and look at the right, turn around to walk in the second floor.


As the door is closed, I will lean against the door, reach the position of the chest, and the face is red.

At this moment, the first floor in the living room.

Right, watching the tableware posing on the table, can't help your eyes.